UMMM, the need for food parcels might be described as a disadvantage…
What’s Ancient Greek for “I probably should have stopped after the first bottle and definitely after the second bottle… Come on Gove, lets go dancing”?

Boris is on holiday, again.


Hallow to you too
Weatherspoons… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

24 thoughts on “MORE RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. And how does Mike propse these EU food parcels be distributed? Pretty damn sure we haven’t got enough trucks for it. Perhaps the tooth fairy could pass them out?

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  2. My sister lives near a huge transfer warehouse at Wakefield.
    When I used to travel down I would count the Malcolm trucks from Linwood on the road, there was a truck coming in the opposite direction every 15 minutes on a 4 hour trip. Didn’t matter what the time was, early morning or late evening.
    The warehouses include CocaCola and it’s can factory, Morrisons and others.
    Strange that if you buy milk in Wakefield Morrisons it could be Scottish bottled or from Cornwall, from chats with workers the trucks are always fully loaded, in both directions, they might be full of spuds on the way down, the load gets sorted into Shop loads for the return, the carbon footprint must be huge on everything.
    The CO-OP has one at Holytown on the M8.
    Strange thing from Morrisons, they stock water softener in all their stores that I’ve been in, just imagine Greenock customers buying water softener.
    That’s the way of moving supermarket goods.

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    1. Aye Dave, I’ve never seen water softener being bought in Greenock but I have seen people buying water.
      I’ll say that again.
      Buying water.
      In Greenock…
      Maybe the stuff from the tap doesn’t have that great taste of plastic you get from the bottle.
      The power of marketing has much to answer for…

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      1. yes i’ve seenpeople buying Perthshire and Manchester water in bottles. Even last week saw a couple buying a case of 12 x 2Ltr bottles, they needed the trolley to move it to the car park.
        Bad news for me as my eldest brother has just told me he’s tested positive so I’ve had to order a test kit.
        This is not over he’s had both jags and still he’s had a positive PCR test.
        Results to follow.
        Does dross keep chickens? if so they were making more sense today than he was.

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  3. Any time we fear the Tories may ever gain a position of power at Holyrood, we need only look at their pool of talent there. Our Government needn’t be so fearful of not winning the referendum. Just give the Tories a platform on which to undermine themselves. Let’s see more of Annie Wells, Douglas Ross and the others in debate. Bring back Ross Thomson. Labour and the Liberals will rush to their colleagues’ aid again, but that stance didn’t do them any favours last time.
    First Minister, please announce the date and make it sooner rather than later.

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    1. Iain,

      I am as desperate as you for independence. I think that the announcement of a campaign to achieve that might come sooner that you think. Whether it will specify a date is above my pay grade, but this damn covid virus, as trispw pointed out to me, is effecting everyones calculations.

      I want us marching, rallying, making the case, etc. But trispw is right. We need a clear run towards independence. (Sorry trispw, I am paraphrasing what you actually said.)

      Perhaps we need to think a bit about how to achieve our maximum impact. For anything less than a win would be a disaster.

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      1. I totally agree, Douglas. We need to win this one, and I wouldn’t want us to hurtle towards a referendum without a good chance of winning. There’s a reason why the London government are saying ‘No’ and that’s because they know they’ll lose to this one. They thought 2014 was the end of the matter, whereas we knew it was just the start.

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        1. Iain,

          Thanks for the reply. 2021 minus 2014 is approximately seven years. Demographics are in our favour, so far.

          The English establishment will cheat and lie and bite and, did I mention lie. I recall the day that our loss of the referendum was treated in a humiliating manner on the steps of Number 10. I do not think I was alone in seeing that as a direct challenge by an idiot that basically wanted to tell England that they had won a great victory.

          Scots? Pfft!

          Cause that’s how they saw it.

          That was not a message that reverberated with me, and I suspect with you or any other person that voted for independence.

          It is what feeds us now.

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    1. Everywhere I susepct.

      Big anti vax demos in London… but I bet there are eejits here.

      The vaccine isn’t 100% safe; some people have had terrible reactions for a few days, even a week… but this guy’s life had been knocked right back.

      Good find.


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