Note to DonDon: Spider warning (but he’s a cute wee thing).

Orangutan Outreach
1. Welcome to Munguin’s Soppy Sunday. I’ll be your guide today.
2. A discerning butterfly enjoys the beauty of a thistle in a Glasgow Park.
3. Lingtong Tang Dynasty Temple.
4. Well, hello. You fancy a game of beach volleyball or something?
5. I’ve been boarding at John’s Boarding House in Bulgaria. Very good meals and a trip down to the pub every night if I want to. All inclusive. I highly recommend it.
6. Just wow.
7. I’m a white wolf, not that I’m actually white…
8. Bound To Nowhere. Wisconsin.
9. Snapped in Bulgaria, a wasp spider. (Sorry DonDon)
10. Sabino Canyon, Arizona.
Kampala, capital city of Uganda | Uganda africa, Uganda, Kampala
11. Kampala, Uganda.
12. Another Glasgow citizen enjoying the bounty of a local park.
Ancient hanky panky gave modern goats their iron stomachs | Science | AAAS
13. I have this lovely place to live. Bet you wish you were me.
14. Um, no, Munguin. I’m not eating my cub. Don’t tell me Tris doesn’t carry you like this?
15. These leaves aren’t quite the right colour for me.
16. OK, Little Bird, I got your back.
17. I wonder what she’s saying to him…
Greenland-beach | Sea Surf Dirt
18. Off to the beach in Greenland.
19. Kyle of Lochalsh.
20. Luncheon is served.

Thanks to Andi for taking a walk in a Glasgow park and sharing it with us; to Kay for scaring the living daylights out of DonDon, and to John for allowing his lodger to give a good report of the Bulgarian boarding house, and…well

… this literally just arrived from Derek, who also snapped it on a local walk, so thanks to him too:

21. My name is Gatekeeper Tree. I don’t let anyone in!…so you may as well leave…Leave, getit? That’s tree humour!

31 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. #10: Wiki: The saguaro (/səˈwɑːroʊ/, Spanish pronunciation: [saˈɣwaɾo]) (Carnegiea gigantea) is a tree-like cactus species in the monotypic genus Carnegiea that can grow to be over 12 meters (40 feet) tall. It is native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the Mexican state of Sonora, and the Whipple Mountains and Imperial County areas of California. The saguaro blossom is the state wildflower of Arizona. Its scientific name is given in honor of Andrew Carnegie. Saguaros have a relatively long lifespan, often exceeding 150 years. They may grow their first side arm around 75–100 years of age.

    State Wildflower of Arizona:

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    1. Yes, high time the dads got a look in.

      You’ll need to find a useful hum for the neck massage. The cat obviously has, but they are few and far between, as Munguin will testify, under oath!

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  2. Thanks for the warning, tris. Despite its name, that wasp spider really is much more impressive than its cousin that lives in my bathroom . . .

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  3. Pic 17 reminds me how dangerous it is to walk along the rail tracks. I have experienced a few near-accidents, near Dalmally, on Rannoch Muir and another at a level crossing at the Drumochter Pass.
    The trains are faster than you think.

    I am also reminded of the complexity of the rail routes beyond Fort William. I can never get the routes into my head. The Kyle of Lochalsh lines goes on to Plockton, but where does it terminate? Mallaig?

    There is also a line west from Inverness, but where does it go? I don’t remember Ullapool having a station.

    The Inverness to Thurso line wanders all over the place. That journey must take ages.

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    1. A line goes north from Inverness and splits at Dingwall where one branch continues north to Thurso and Wick via Strathnaver and another goes west to Kyle of Lochalsh.
      A line goes northwest from Glasgow via Crianlarich where one branch heads west to Oban and the other continues north via Rannoch to Fort William and Mallaig.
      That’s is. Not too complicated.

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  4. The tale of Tabby the Ludger… he began visiting a few years ago when still a kitten, surprisingly accepted by the residents when they usually chase of any interloper. He seems to be a bonsai model who’s never fully grown up. At one time, he was bigger than Numbi but is now dwarfed – although they are scale models in appearance. At one time, he’d have a feed and a drink and then disappear for days – even weeks – but visiting Kay up the road instead. Of late, he’s become a fixture here again, on the doorstep at dawn when the residents are let out for ablutions.

    He’s therefore for first in the kitchen for breakfast, where at one time wasn’t allowed and he would quickly scuttle back outside where he has his own bowls under the sitooterie table. Now, kitchen dining is the order of the day, with impunity, and the residents join in for their share when they come back indoors. Tabby has now taken up permanent residence, just about, other than joining in the indoor sofa cuddling up. He doesn’t lack for attention when the sitooterie is occupied, though. Any knee is fair game for infiltration and starting up the purr machine. He really is a lovely bloke and more than pays for his digs with the laughs he creates and the trusting kindness he gives so generously. Aye, and we’re all just big softies too!

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    1. He’s a wee beauty. You’re lucky to have him, although, to be fair, he’s kinda lucky to have you too.

      Happily that works out nicely.


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