I think it goes to show what I thought all along, he’s like a ghost.

Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) - streaming online

Vice President Hopkirk (deceased) needs to get a torch up his backside.

ps: James Felton is hilarious. Give him a follow on Twitter. You get a really good laugh. Munguin bought me his book “52 Times Britain was a Bellend” for Christmas. I rolled about laughing.


  1. I loved Randell and Hopkirk Deceased though I’m sure it would be very date if I saw it now. Didn’t bother with the new version.

    Anyway the Sprog has landed. Despite telling us the wean wasn’t due to the summer, Johnson baby number tbc is with us. The Office for National Statistics will get back to us with how many weans he has now.

    He’s like a character from Shameless with a posher voice and more money. But Shameless is broken Britain and Boris is just Boris.

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    1. Yes the doris is now on paternity leaave with an unmarried mother,who would have thought that after his previous take on the subject.
      Oh that comment was about the plebs not the exceptionalists.

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    2. I was surprised to see the announcement trending on Twitter, even in Edinburgh.

      I thought it was farther away than April, although I couldn’t have told you when. These matters don;t interest me much … and wouldn’t even if it was someone closer to home

      Congratulations, of course, to the parents, but really, I couldn’t care less. I think there was a girl down the road who had a baby last week. That affects me more that de Pfeffel.

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      1. Tris,on the radio they said it was due EARLY Summer, I think it’s premature, summer technically starts on Friday.
        Who’s got the date of the police call to the woman’s home?
        They use an alternative language.
        Just listened to rabb say on the care home death rate ‘We’ve got a plan, we’ve always had a plan,It’s a challenge’.
        Never an untruthful word used, we just don’t know WHAT the PLAN is or was.
        Suspect it may have been something like ‘who cares’.
        Now the figures that were HARD to GET become the normal.

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        1. They didn’t know what the plan was either, but they knew they had one somewhere, in a box, or a cupboard or behind the settee.

          Who knows about the baby. Maybe they lied, maybe he’s premature… With Johnson you never know what it’s about.


  2. Carrie has just had a kiddie to her feckless partner Bozza who’s had a few with his previous flings. How will the work-shy, big-mouthed, lazy, irresponsible Bozza deal with the introduction of a bawling infant into his gaff? How will he react to the competition? Look out for the next sordid episode of “Down in Downing Street”. Now streaming daily on Shitflow ™

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    1. I thought this was well put:

      scott k logie
      Why should I congratulate Johnson having a baby when the only thing him and his lot did after the birth of my 4 kids is lie to them, force their schools to have food banks open up in them, steal their freedom of movement and deny them the opportunity of Erasmus.

      And the rest…..

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  3. See that ned has got another bairn from his 25 year younger
    Courtesan. Shame his divorce ain’t through yet and given he had only been seeing her for under a year she wuz quick to get herself up the duff

    He ain’t sure how many kids he has spread about shame !

    Tales from the estate 🏡
    Yeah the Westminster one
    Ffs hypocrisy don’t cover their

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    1. Can you just imagine what the Mail/Express/S*n/Star would make of this if he was working class and lived in a council house. No idea how many kids to various mothers, unmarried, yet another kid to someone 25 years his junior.

      Prince William recently told us that we must all restrict ourselves to two children, just before he had his third.

      Ho hum!


  4. Off Topic, it seems to me to be good news that the Craig Murray defence fund has smashed it’s original target. So, maybe, he’ll get some hope of a fair trial.

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  5. On topic,

    We have seemed to have moved from covering faces for religious reasons as being unacceptable to covering faces for scientific reasons as acceptable.

    It seems to me that in a plague ridden world covering your face is probably at least a strategy. Whether religiously motivated or from this new-fangled scientific nonsense?

    There was this:


    Just asking for a friend.

    My point being that they protected themselves as well as the could.

    Just a POV, YMMV.

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    1. The Irish government is issuing the same sort of guidance. The Czech Republic did so and had a lower incidence that the Austrians, next door. Dr Merkel has made the same suggestion and they are doing it in France.

      It just seems sensible to me. Not perfect by a long way, but sensible.


          1. Douglas…..The way it works on my computer….Windows PC, with Chrome or Firefox Browser……is that clicking on the Star TOGGLES the “like” on and off. So if I accidentally “like” my own post, I just click on the star again and my “like” disappears. To check it out, I’ve clicked the star repeatedly and it turns the “like” on and off again and again.
            At least one other Munguinite I talked to confirmed that it works that way on your side of the Atlantic too.

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  6. Just thinking about the doris.
    How many days has he worked so far this year? he had a holiday after brexit,then off to the island,then off sick and now off on paternity leave.Oh he doesn’t work weekends.
    I’m using a mask if I’m in a shop, I don’t KNOW if I’m going to pass the virus on even IF I’ve no symptoms as I haven’t been tested. I think it is a sensible stance to take until we know more about the virus.
    Strange thing Douglas, a short time ago it was them yins covering up their faces now it’s ok to go into the banks with your face behind a mask, changes indeed.
    Remember the sign about motorcyclists taking off their helmets in the bank?

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  7. Goodness me.

    I think I wrote an ‘interesting’ comment during the late afternoon.

    I have. apparently, no idea what am ‘interesting’ comment appears to be.

    Well, it is back to the blackboard for me.

    I must read further chapters of:

    {How to engage an audience and hold on to it. A primer for the dull.}

    Thanks guys.


  8. Check out Matt Hancock, celebrating the Daily Hail for having organised £1m of PPE the Tory government has failed to provide.

    Like a restaurant chef praising diners for having brought in a lunchbox (“phew that gets me out of a bind, because I couldn’t be bothered to order ingredients”)

    We don’t have to have children running the government,BUTT unfortunately englandland is happy with the arrangement.

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