hungarian stew
Munguin lunches well on traditional Hungarian stew at a picnic on the banks of the Danube.

A while back on a beautiful summer evening a few of us got together and had an evening in a pub in Perth.

John has been saying for some time that at some point he will come to Scotland for a visit, and Abu will be coming to visit next year when hopefully we will be doing some work towards another referendum.

It’s a long way away but I just wondered how many Munguinites might be interested in getting together for a convivial evening in 2021.

Munguin has indicated, graciously some might say, that he would be prepared to put in an appearance, as long as there was a suitable vintage of champagne on offer. You really can’t fault his generosity in these matters.

Any thoughts please let me know.

74 thoughts on “WHEN ALL THIS IS OVER…”

    1. … and if that bottle of wine that’s been sitting in the cupboard is also still extent (sorry nothing stronger down here) … πŸ˜‰

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  1. A get together in 2021 sounds wonderful, a pub in Perth would suit me just fine, provided any survive that long with no business. I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince my pal @JumMurphy to come along too. Please keep me informed of any arrangements nearer the time.

    Stay safe!!

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  2. Is Munguin old enough for champagne ? Actually in any case Munguin can have a wee tickie champagne in a glass with some lemonade.
    What a celebration
    I have copied the words of auld syne and other Scottish songs and poems on to my phone planning for the time when we will be out on the streets singing and celebrating Scotland becoming independent

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    1. Well Terence, Munguin is 10 going on 11.

      But he tells me that that’s 18 in Munguin years and he is therefore perfectly legal to drink champagne.

      Mind you, he’s been telling me that since he was 2.

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  3. Great idea.
    I’m looking forward to the next AUOB march already as well.
    What a great day that will be,to meet up and march on Hollyrood and have a huge party.
    The dream is not forgotten, a free Scotland.

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  4. Woke up this morning and had a look at the face in the mirror.
    Hell,I’ve been out in the garden in the sunshine and didn’t realise how strong the sunshine was,I’m looking so well tanned, need to start using the factor 50,well,before the April Showers come along.
    It’s more like May than April unless I’ve lost track of the time.

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    1. It’s colder on the east coast, Dave., but the sun has been shining non-stop. The irrigation system in the grounds (ie me with a hose) has been in operation every evening.

      It’s almost like the weather was saying… you can’t go on holiday, so we’ll bring holiday to you.


  5. Just read this on Twitter:

    Bit of scandal in the village.
    Local hairdresser has gone down for 9 years for drug dealing.
    Gobsmacked, been going to her for years,

    Had absolutely no idea she was a hairdresser.

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  6. I think you might be able to count me in too. I will bring an unopened bottle of malt whisky, a very expensive one if we are independent before then.

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  7. One presumes Munguin’s bottle of vintage late harvest Tokaji is just out of shot, he’s very considerate that way – no need to make the plebs jealous. Noblesse oblige.

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  8. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/fury-from-dominic-raab-forced-top-civil-servant-to-drop-explosive-claim-that-snubbing-eu-procurement-scheme-on-coronavirus-ppe-was-a-political-decision/ar-BB131ApS?MSCC=1587553879&ocid=spartandhp

    This is worth the time to read.

    It is from top to bottom a catalogue of catastrophic idiotic incompetence.

    No one is saying that this is easy, but it cannot be as difficult as they have made it. Mistakes will happen, but not as many as they are making happen. They don’t know their backsides from their elbows and they lie.

    The only thing they could be definite about was that even though the Permanent Secretary was appearing by video link in front of the committee, he was expected to be dressed in a suit and shirt and tie.

    Must keep up British standards, don’t you know.

    They must think we zip up the back.


    1. Wasn’t them dancing the Hoki Koki then,at least not until now.
      The mandarin speaks a funny dialect, put in some grammatical marks in different places and it reads both ways.
      Straight out of ‘Yes Minister’.
      The media seem to be ignoring the arrival of the the Turkish PPE aircraft.
      Looked up it’s performance and it’s total load lifting is 38tonnes with a reduced range of 1600 miles(nautical),at 400kts, that’s good for a 4 hour trip and its 6 to Turkey.

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  9. I’m not a Piers Morgan supporter by a long way, but this guy is playing a storm over Covid19.

    I can’t see Sir Piers any time soon!

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  10. There you go. Being seen to be strong on Brexit and Britain’s “independence” was more important than the WHO warning that this would be B I G.

    How different from Nicola Sturgeons’s view on Scottish independence.

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  11. Off topic but meh what the hell :

    The French are about to start trialling nicotine patches on health care staff as it appears there’s something in tobacco which statistically appears to reduce infection rates/aid recovery. Clearly they can’t encourage smoking so they’re trialling patches to see if its nicotine.

    It’d be ironic to say the least if one of the biggest killers of the 20th century (tobacco/nicotine) became a “saviour” for a respiratory pandemic in the 21st….

    Personally I think its far more likely that the SARS-Cov-2 virus doesn’t bind as well in smokers lungs because of the tar byproducts inhaled rather than nicotine but I’m no doctor.

    2021 seems a long way away at this time….

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    1. …and replying to myself I wonder if this is why the Chinese are now seeing people without symptoms repeatedly testing positive after having had mild cases of Covid-19/being asymptomatic. Full blown disease doesn’t happen.

      China has one of the highest percentage of smokers in the world…..

      Interesting times as the saying goes.

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    2. That’s interesting, Vestas.

      I gave up smoking years ago.

      I’d hate to have to take it up again.

      Ironic if, as you say, the lung killer actually helps slay a respiratory virus.


      1. The Caird hall would be FAB
        I think I would bring a bottle of Port
        Nearly all the great Port houses we know of today were once Scottish , amazing ,so many Scots went off to Douro Portugal and started wee businesses sending the stuff all over the world.
        A nice 40 year old tawny to share with Independence friends would do the trick
        In thon wee glasses

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  12. From your header.
    When this is all over do we think it’sjust going to go back to where we were?
    I was out for a walk today,neighbours are out gardening, socially exclusioning,BUTT, when you chat to them I detect a change in attitude to ‘LIFE’, what’s all this clamouring for possessions.
    Maybe the nice weather is a factor,no Spanish holidays on offer,no cruises. MORE to life than that.
    Just a small sample but the numbers working from home who now realise the daily grind of travel to work and back, expense of travel, they’re getting by with less, enjoying basic foods,what’s not to like.
    The genie of ‘NO MONEY’ is out the bottle, they can create as much as we need.
    The chancer’s grants of 80% pay sounds great BUTT it is to be TAXED at 19%,as it is to be treated as UNEARNED INCOME.
    The old tory thing ,Ts&Cs apply.
    Surely we in Scotland can become a more socially acceptable country than our next door neighbour.
    I’m looking forward to the AUOB rallies to restart,the feeling of being part of a great mandate of the people is manifest in all who attend, even Manky Vest must know it.
    By the way I enjoyed the walk even IF I was on my own,didn’t feel like I was.

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    1. I’m pretty sure that nothing will be quite the same again.

      As you say, they have had to find new ways of working and using the technology available people work from home pretty as well as they do at work.

      Of course, lots of people will want to get back to how it was, but, I think it will be a while before many people feel comfortable crowded into a car or football stadium or a plane.

      Much of that will fade with time, but I think not all of it.

      My neighbour is getting married in July and had planned to go abroad, but philosophically now accepting that the honeymoon will likely be at home… after a very small wedding… saving thousands and thousands of pounds.

      I’ve been gardening and washing Munguins limo today. It’s great to be outside and the air is noticeably fresher.


            1. Nice one, Terence.

              I’m always so impressed by the number of people tweeting that they came here 1, 2, 10, 20 years ago, and never wanted to leave… and didn’t.


        1. Vestas.

          I kind of think that nothing will be the same. As the generation(s) that lived through this, and off the top of my head:

          There will be an expression, nay a psychological definition, of the need to hoard.

          There will be a physical need to always distance, up to and including a Salem witch trial which will paint any contact as wrong.

          There will be an increased view that travel ( especially but not exclusively) between our countries (Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland and England) should be restricted. Unless, of course they are of Royal blood.

          And finally,

          Me meeting you with a jolly slap on the back and a pint in my hand? I do not like upsetting folk, and, rightly, that would probably, possibly upset you. Are you being agoraphobic? No, you are being sensible.

          This COVID-19 virus is a game changer, to an extent that we have not yet, started to figure out.

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    1. Great, Alan.

      I haven’t really considered when, yet.

      If there are going to be people coming from abroad… Abu, Kangaroo, John, and possibly more, we’ll have to try to co-ordinate it.

      But it’s early days yet.


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      1. Thank you both, Tris and Dani.
        I was doing some ferreting about on the geolology of Hungary I found it fascinating. The country has a whole mix of rock types I wasn’t expecting to find basalt even though your image looked to me like columnar basalt, I was expecting to be wrong. But no, due to “anomaous thinning of the earths crust” volcanic extrusion occurred , in and around Lake Balaton. Makes for some good soils and in turn wine.
        I had a search using HegyestΕ±, some of the rock images were unmistakably columnar basalt.
        I now know more than I did this morning but my main lesson again was learning how much there is to learn.

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        1. I learn that every week on here, Alan. But a lot of it doesn’t stick with me, I’m afraid.

          Balaton was utterly wonderful. I have some photos somewhere besides that one. I slip them into SS bit by bit, including one of my pal Dani.

          Of such places, memories are made.

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      1. Latecomer again to this topic, but early start today. Just coming up 5:30 am here – and what a great start it is. Wonderful to see such a positive response to holding a plenary gathering of Munguinites.

        I had a trip to Scotland pencilled in for Aug/Sept – and still do – depending on how travel restrictions, lockdown etc pan out. That was before the pandemic hit and I’d suggested to Tris that it would be good to meet Munguinites while there, sink a few pints and get to know each other in person as well as online.

        That obviously became a non-starter as current circumstances developed, but now that readers have been canvassed on a 2021 event, the response is hugely encouraging. Don’t joke about the Caird Hall; we may well need it!

        And if I get back-to-back annual trips to Scotland, all the better. Might even manage a wee rehearsal this year if I do get there.

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