I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the job of trying to control this virus so that health services can cope, and all the attendant admin, is incredible. I’d not want to be responsible for it, but for goodness sake, who on earth thought it a good idea to announce that desperately needed equipment from Turkey would arrive the day before it was ordered.

OK, it gets the medics and the press off your back for one day, but can the oncoming and utterly foreseeable ridicule be worth it?

As I said, being a health secretary at the moment can be no fun no matter what country you live in and I don’t envy Handcock his job, but come on you guys.



This is a spoof. There probably isn’t anyone who’s daft enough to really think this… or is there?


I’ve been keeping in touch with Abu in Malaysia. He and his family are doing well.

He sent me this article, which is most informative, and asked me to share it with you.  You may like to have a look.


56 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. I see that cretin Williamson is back on TV again.
    I seem to remember he was relieved of command as “defence” secretary when he threated to send an aircraft carrier (minus aircraft) to the South China Seas to take on the Chinese navy.
    Where do the Tories get all these morons from?
    Loved the second video……Lights on but no one at Home syndrum.
    She should have been the Tories Health Secretary,would probably have made a better job of things.

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  2. Yes. All the rejects are in that Cabinet.

    All the dead losses that were too extreme or too stupid in the past, have got in.

    It says something for how incredibly thick Grayling must be to have missed out. A staunch Brexit BritNat, incompetent par excellence … you’d have thought de Pfeffel would have grabbed him. Maybe he has BO.

    Williamson, Patel, Shapps. All got the sack for being incompetent liars. (I assume that Grayling never got caught lying.)

    They seem to get them from the better English public (private schools).

    They’ll probably rope in Willie Saxe Coburg Gotha soon.

    Minister without portfolio, but with a shed load of money.


  3. Dear Tris,

    Thank you for putting up the article. Informative and scary at the same time. I cannot stress how damaging this infection/pandemic is. Some of the younger ones (me included) thought that we may make it through, god forbid, if we were to catch it. After reading, this virus is far far far damaging in the long run and it places you might not thought it would be.

    My friends and I are only shaking our heads when watching, hearing and reading the UK’s response to the pandemic. This is surely criminal. We have shortages of PPE too, but it was/is manageable. No doctors/healthcare workers have died from the lack of PPE here. Heads will have to roll after all of this is over.

    I have bit my tongue over this but Nicola Sturgeon has to go eventually. Yes she does a great job over the crisis and all, but this pandemic has shown the urgency of being independent as fast as possible. Scots have given her the mandate time and time again. And yet we are out of the EU. If we are not out of the UK within the shortest time frame possible, we will be stuck in it forever. We might as well vote for Tories because at least we will be heard.

    For those who say that we should carry on slowly slowly slowly, all I can say is that I am a Schroedinger’s Scottish independence supporter. I can wait and I cannot wait for independence. Take your pick. But pick carefully because now I can level against some that waiting for independence actually costs lives. Or at the very least, the Croydon ones have been proven to be slightly more important than yours.


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    1. Can’t agree with your comments about Nicola ABU. Sure, I’m quite certain most of us on this site want independence as soon as possible, but I have every confidence that she will lead us to our destiny in the shortest possible time frame once this pandemic has passed.
      You only have to witness the increasingly hysterical attacks on her by the M.S.M, and by some so-called independence supporters, to realise her value to us all. Whatever faults she may have, and none of us are perfect, she has shown way and by far through recent events, that she is the most capable leader in the U.K, and by the continued calm and controlled manner in which she has dealt with events, she is the person to guide us to our goal, independence.

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      1. I think, Alex, that she possibly one of the best leaders in the world in a crisis.

        But surely the people have to see that to pursue this now would be to lose it. And we cannot afford to lose.

        Election next year with independence in the manifesto is a must.


        1. Reassuring, Alex, for independence supporters at a distance like us – Abu in Malaysia and me in Bulgaria. We get the MSM refrain but rely on sites like this – and contributors like you – for context, perspective, and what’s really going on. I’ve waited a lifetime for independence, and if we believe the ‘allotted span’ numbers. I’m now into ref’s time so it had better come soon.

          I remember being scoffed at by a school history teacher all these years ago: “Never in a lifetime, boy, not mine – or yours.” He was good at history and I enjoyed his classes but I’d love to prove him wrong. Sooner the better, on all counts.

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          1. Aye John. As I am sure you are aware, looking from here feels like some one you love wasting away and there is nothing you can do to help. At best you scream. We are already 2016-late, 2019-late and possibly 2021-late. I share your sentiment exactly. Sooner the better.


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    2. Thanks for the article, Abu.

      It is terrifying what is happening, all over the world. But it is scary to be a part of such an ill-prepared country run by a shower of people you wouldn’t let near the organisation of the village Summer Fayre, never mind a country in pandemic.

      I agree that once this is over we must push for independence.

      To quote Mrs May…now is not the time.

      The UK government are being roundly ridiculed for insisting that Brexit will go ahead in December Corona or not.

      Utter madness.

      But we need to get out of a union that thinks the way the Brits do about, well virtually everything.

      If it works, presumably next year, good.

      If it doesn’t, well I hope you’ve got a shed in the garden that Munguin and I can come and live in.

      Because staying here seems to be a bad option.

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      1. Tris, you are all too welcomed here. A pity under dreadful circumstance. And the accommodation will much better 🙂 As you said, all of this is utter madness. Once this pandemic is over, we have a score to settle.


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  4. For the young lady from Jacksonville a couple of points.
    It is as hot in Miami as it is in Jacksonville. Having Mexican inhabitants does not lower the temperature. Y’all need to understand that – it is after all simple science.

    Oh and salt does not improve the taste of everything – for instance it does not improve the taste of grits. Quite frankly my dear, nothing can improve the taste of grits to the point that I could consider eating them. Once was enough.

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    1. What are grits?
      I made something up; “grits,” maybe I heard wrong, it was perhaps grids, possibly short for griddle, as in BBQ, therefore burgers. Had to aggree burgers do need salt. Then felt embarrassed that I’d given as much thought to such a small portion of a spoof vid.

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        1. It came as part of an “all you can eat” breakfast bar selection, while on a canoe/kayak trip I think in North Carolina or maybe Tenessee – the French Broad anyway.
          On the recommendation of the server I took a dollop and he splotched Aunt Jemima Syrup over it – brown pure sugar, not maple.
          I tried one small forkful. It had the texture of Semolina pudding – a dish that I have always loathed utterly – and the syrup overpowered any taste.
          I covered the offending sight with a piece of toast and ate the other components of the breakfast.

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          1. Sounds as if it’s another on going argument between the salters and the sugarers, with possibly the bulk of people caught in the middle thinking, leave the condiments out of it and use it as mortar on Trump’s wall.

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  5. Strange old world,
    The old doris was telling us that the Turks would be coming for us IF we let them into the EU.
    Now we seem to be leaving the EU at the end of the year and we’re pleading with the Turks to help us with PPE.
    Hopefully they are not as nasty as the NASTY party.
    The aircraft sent to Turkey can lift 38 tonnes and fly it 2000 km, so it will need at least 3 trips to get the stuff back to blighty.
    Reminds me of the closure of the Bishopton plant that made the tank ammunition for the army, the government found a Polish company that made it cheaper.
    Wonder how many uk companies used to make PPE and were shut to source the stuff from China.
    So here we are in the middle of lies and false information and they’ve got the cheek to call North Korea a propaganda state.
    You can trust the EBC to show the squirrel stuff,nae fitba until2021, all Nicola’s fault.
    Why are we not a normal country?

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    1. It’s really amusing that the Turks were such a threat to dear old blighted… I mean blighty only a few years ago.

      Seems that they were a bit better prepared for this that we were, so, if 70 million of them had settled here, they’d all be going home by now to escape the incompetent morons that run this union.

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    1. More shouty than Nigella Lawson. Liked the hinted suggestion from Dr Kaufman, doubt whether it’ll catch on though, that the expelled exothemes in a cough or sneeze could be of benefit to others. Suck it up people. I found that thought as appealling as the weight reduction pill that was (is still?) on offer, it was a tape worm segment.

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      1. Gave up halfway through. Those of you who did manage to persevere to the end, did she eventually have anything startling to tell us? Credibly startling, that is. I suspect some kind of nonsense. My BS antennae were twitching as soon as she so forcefully drew our attention to Wuhan being a 5G testing ground.

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        1. You probably saw all that we were supposed to see, the glossed pouty lips and the hair flicks. I was expecting a Nigella heaving chest moment, it didn’t happen. Maybe being kept for the sequel.
          Bit shouty and ill informed, kept shouting that the Chinese scientists (eye roll) had only sampled the RNA not the DNA. This is a RNA virus, it doesn’t have DNA.
          No startling revelations.

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    1. I’ve just had a discussion on Twitter started by some dick tom or harry Tory MP about… ah, if you’d been independent, how would you have coped now oil is at a negative rate?

      They never give up trying to sell us their bloody union.

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        1. Well, its not the SNP just. It would hae been whoever was in government in Scotland.

          So it could well have been Labour.

          Although clearly not the idiot Leonard.

          I can’t guarantee how they would have coped, but this much is for sure. The Brits have made a worse job of it that almost anyone else in Europe. In a table I saw recently Britain was 20th out of 20.

          The 2014 campaign was not dependent on oil. Oil would have been a bonus, but it wasn’t necessary.

          How does Ireland manage?

          How does Denmark manage?

          How does Iceland manage?

          Are Scots so stupid that they can’t run a country without posh Eton and Oxford boys telling them what to do?

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        2. Well, it’s not the SNP just. It would have been whoever was in government in Scotland.

          So it could well have been Labour.

          Although clearly not the idiot Leonard.

          I can’t guarantee how they would have coped, but this much is for sure. The Brits have made a worse job of it that almost anyone else in Europe. In a table I saw recently Britain was 20th out of 20.


    2. Shit and that shower of numpties in Westminster have just sold £12bn of gold last year, to make the export figures look better.

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  6. But there is a “Happy Ending”, Bush jnr, Obama in GITMO and Soros heading there after extradition from Switzerland.

    Won’t be long now until the rest of them go there too. More popcorn please.

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      1. That looks like a planted question.

        That Trump would be able to talk about it off the top of his head and get her to repeat that it happened under Obama …


        1. It could well have been a planted question, I don’t know. Nevertheless, the Deep State tentacles are everywhere and exposure is slowly dripping out. The coming arrests, when they are made public, will shock everyone who hasn’t been paying attention.

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      2. I’m smelling jobbies with this vid nailing Faucci Kangaroo
        The editing of the video was slanted, Trump was shown to be nearer to statesman, in control and coherent. Faucci clip looked like something Winston in 1984 was forced to watch, and they missed stating the facts;
        The American biological/virology lab, Fort Detrick, had been reprimanded by the CDC, was under investigation (poor management and unsafe practices), eventually closed last year 2019. Incidentally there were rumoured leaks and some samples were unaccountable.

        Covid 19 is one of the RNA virus types, they have a known ability to jump species, unlike DNA virus which is unlikely to jump species. The SARS virus is also RNA. Perhaps the CDC felt the need to continue research into RNA type virus

        Dr. Buttar has had his licence restricted, some say he should have been struck off. His patients are required to sign a form stating that they understand his practice is operating outside of the mainstream. It could be Dr Burrar has a grudge against the medical boards. A link below;

        My behind the spin and bull detector says, that things are looking bad for Trump running to an election year. He needs three things,
        1) somebody to blame for this crisis.
        2) a major distraction
        3) any cock and bull story to show him as good to people who won’t check details, to get 50% plus 1 and over the line.

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        1. He also desperately needs people back to work instead of sitting idle on furlough, the economy to pick up, stock market to get back up there, and unemployment figures to go back down.

          At the moment that is looking a bit unlikely.

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          1. Getting people back to work too early will probably prolong the pandemic and push the death toll figures even higher.
            Brick bats abound, tanked economy, bodies piling up, employment figures, decisions decisions. He needs a cushion, people to blame might soften the blow. He has the WHO “fingered” for not treating this virus serious, “I knew it was a pandemic before anybody was calling it a pandemic.” The WHO is a foreign body he’ll be looking for people to blame at home USA.
            The similarities between the shenanigans, stateside and Westminster are disturbing. The most impressive, for me, is the size of the big, shiney brass necks.

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            1. I see he’s already fired the bloke who suggested that the drugs he’s been pushing as cures, should be used with caution.

              I suspect that when you have governments chosen from a small pool fanatics, they are unlikely to be able to cope with something big.

              In Johnson’s case that was a bunch of hand picked “Get Brexit Done” Tories with not a thought in their heads but Brexit. In Trumps case an ever declining number of his “friends”.

              Most people with real political skills wouldn’t want to be associated with that kind of government.

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  7. Glad that Abu and his family are OK.


    If your reading this Abu, best wishes from me!


    Had no idea that you signed in here as ebreah!

    In times like these, indeed always, it is kind of a joy to have met someone like you.

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    1. Douglas,

      Thank you for your wishes. I think Malaysia has finally done it. The numbers are looking good for the past few days. Hoping Scotland will be in the same stretch very very soon.

      The feeling is mutual. Can’t wait to get back to Scotland; to meet all of you again and to push for the last leg. I am too certain it is will be soon.


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  8. Are we witnessing a fallout?,handcock getting the blame,the fall guy for the submariner pm.
    PPE being sent to the EU by uk manufacturers and uk collecting from Turkey,empty aircraft sent and still there.

    EBC report
    Deaths in England and Wales have risen sharply above what would be expected, hitting a 20-year high.
    The Office for National Statistics said there were 18,500 deaths in the week up to 10 April – around 10,000 more than is normal at this time of year.
    More than 6,200 were linked to coronavirus, a sixth of which were outside of hospital.

    SKY report
    Coronavirus deaths 41% higher than government’s hospital-only figures – ONS
    There were 1,662 deaths involving COVID-19 in England and Wales registered up to 10 April that happened outside of hospital.

    The oil futures prices are falling because traders have purchased loads of oil with the intention of selling before it actually arrives anywhere. The problems is where do you store the stuff IF you can’t unload the tanker?
    This happened before in a similar way during the oil crises , tankers were sailing at very slow speeds and getting diverted to new destinations.
    A friend was an electrical officer on board a super tanker,he spent months on it,going from the Gulf to Texas,diverted to South Africa when near Texas,only to be sent to Amsterdam,all at2 Kts.

    Do you really think we couldn’t do better for ourselves?

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  9. It seems to me that the Scottish Government is not gilding the lilly in reporting deaths either directly or indirectly related to COVID-19. I would like there to be a test conducted on everyone that has, sadly, died to more accurately determine the spead of this disease. Did they just die, or was the coronavirus a contributory factor?

    I am a bit fed up with being told what the Westminster Government wants us to hear. My mistrust rating for Westminster is at a second to midnight.

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    1. Agreed.

      It should at least be possible to swab-test anyone suspected of having Covid-19 when they died.

      Swab-testing everyone who dies (regardless of cause) shouldn’t be that hard either.

      Scotland might have a chance of getting that done soon, England has no chance this side of June.

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  10. Wee wullie frae Keltie in the parliament.
    I don’t disagree with his sentiment,give the front line staff the same allowance as the armed forces in the front line,£29 a day.
    BUTT this is the same person that was pushing how successful the cameron government had been reducing the deficit, and having a 1% pay rise cap on government workers and benefits.
    Smoke and mirrors I’m thinking, they’ll all forget thinks oor wullie.
    Seems that the magic money tree has opened his eyes.
    So there we have the lords going to claim their £300 a day to work from home and the mp’s getting an extra £10k, well well money seems to be grown from trees,magic or otherwise.

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    1. In a political world filled with hypocrites, Willie Rennie would be fairly far up the pole, if only anyone knew who or what he was.

      The leader of the 5th largest… or, put another way, smallest, party in parliament.

      Seriously Willie, just stay in bed, or dig yer garden, or take up knitting or something.

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  11. Well, the op-ed does say ‘Random Thoughts’


    For no obvious reason this entire thread made me remember this:

    And especially the line:

    “I get all the news I need from the weather report”


    I get all the news I need hereabouts.

    No, it doesn’t rhyme.


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