You would have thought that it would be hard to find a positive thing to say about  Coronavirus, but to cheer us in these hard times, here we are with a positive story.

It is reported that, with people staying at home much more, there has been a large reduction in the  CO2 readings in many places. Air pollution is also reduced.

In Venice the canals are cleaner and, as these pictures show, swans have returned to live there. I know it’s not Sunday, but we need some cheering, so enjoy.








  1. Another positive of Covid-19 is that the execrable Eurovision song contest has been cancelled 🙂

    There’s also a lot of NO2 satellite imagery of Europe showing how pollution is clearing. I had no idea Switzerland/Northern Italy was so polluted….

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        1. Ronnie Caroll?

          Is that Katy Boyle?

          Nana Mouskouri is Greek, representing Luxembourg, and Francoise Hardy is French, representing Monaco?

          How does that work?


          1. The representatives for each country didn’t have to be resident in the country they were singing for. Celine Dion won the contest in 1988 representing Switzerland. We had Scottish singers representing France in 1996 when they sang in Breton.

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  2. Greetings Munguinites,

    Just reporting here. My family and I are still fine in Malaysia. We are under a nationwide restrictive movement order. Most seem to understand but I think the enforcement should be stricter (and it will most likely in the coming days).

    Shit will hit the fan around the 27th March onwards due to several incidents that happened in the past 7 days. The Stereophonics’ concert also will replicate what has happened here within 14 days. So take care and stay indoors. Eat/drink and rest well. Follow all the precautions. And pray for the best.

    Take care. I hope to see all of you in 2021 at the very least (and some of you again).


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    1. Good to hear Abu.

      It seems that belatedly, we are moving in the right direction.

      Take care of yourself and your family, and keep in touch.

      Looking forward to our next meeting, as is Munguin.


  3. Also true in China. The satellite photos have cleared so you can actually SEE China rather than a smoke like cloud!

    Lovely cygnets. Take care everyone

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  4. A little local good newsery. My local butcher has a notice up offering to home deliver to customers who need it. He even says he will nip into the shop next door and get milk as well.

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    1. Seeing we’re into all-points bulletins, I can report from Bulgaria that we’re in a state of emergency, pretty much the same as Terry described for Switzerland a couple of days ago. Our we village (pop 350) is pretty much self-isolated anyway. The only entry is by a single-lane bridge across the River Tundja so we could impose total border control very easily.

      If we had a carrier among us, I suppose we’d all have it by now. Neighbourly interaction still goes on, even if all four pubs are shut. The wee village shop is good for most day to day needs, and the nearest supermarket is in town, about a 20-minute drive away. Whoever’s going puts the word around and takes orders for others if they need anything the shop doesn’t stock. Likewise chemist supplies that can only be had in town.

      And seeing we’re in cheer-up mode, one of my neighbours made the very good point that you can now flatten a whole bottle of rakia and drive without worrying about police. Just start sneezing and spluttering and they’ll bugger off sharpish and find some less threatening offender. Not that we’re encouraging drinks and driving. Never any need as everything and everyone in the village is within walking distance.

      Hope all Munguinites are of equal god cheer – and echo the earlier sentiments about taking care of yourselves, and others when you can.

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      1. LOL… I’ll need to try that… can you send me a bottle of rakia?

        It’s good that you guys are keeping safe and all pulling together.


  5. Worried about my wife, who is a night shift health worker and has to use public transport to get to work. My daughter pipes up that she will drive her there and back again. As she hasn’t driven since she passed her test several years ago, I’m now worried about the both of them!

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  6. Compassion. I see Gary Neville, Sky Sports/Manchester Utd, has told staff at his two hotels that nobody will be made redundant, and if sent home, will still be on full pay.
    On the other hand, it seems L.B.J has been economical, once again, with the truth. His, or our, £330bn is not going direct to businesses, but to lenders, who will decide the criteria.

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