Boris Johnson

I’ve just read that Boris Johnson has been taken into intensive care.

Now, I’ve no time for the man. As a politician, he’s a complete incompetent, absolutely lacking in judgement, almost as bad as Trump. As a person, he’s a downright unpleasant racist, homophobe and overgrown posh boy with a dubious past in dealing with people. An utter clown of a man.

Looking back I’ve had my differences with most prime ministers in the UK over the last 30 years. Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May, but, at a time of crisis any of them would have been a better bet than Johnson.

However, I wouldn’t wish COVID19 on my worst enemy.

So tonight, I wish Boris Johnson, (along with everyone else in the country and across the world who has fallen victim to the awful disease), all the very best in the fight against the virus and a speedy and complete recovery.





Seriously, the people of thE United Kingdom are not in the least unique. Every nation has those who will pull together in a crisis and do good stuff, and they equally have people like the hotel above, or people who buy up all the paracetamol, or toilet rolls who will cut each others’ throats if they see a quick buck in it for themselves.

There are even some who think that they are being stoically British by saying that following the medical advice and staying as isolated as possible is just giving in to it.

Anyway, I suppose they thought that it would be a good idea to make it look like they gave a toss at Buckingham Palace. So they wheeled William out. (Incidentally, he might like to remember that he is a prince of a lot of other countries that aren’t the United Kingdom, and that they might, in Canada or New Zealand, for example, take exception to the fact that he singled out the UK for this unique behaviour.

Honestly royals, you can talk down to us about disasters when we see you queuing for toilet rolls or paracetamol.


And then, there are the un-unique French… eh, what would you do with them?  Hot blooded Latins, queuing in an orderly fashion, taking sensible distance precautions, not panic buying… Enough to go round.

If only they would behave sensibly like hardworking uniquely decent Brits…

Image result for stripped supermarket shelves



You would have thought that it would be hard to find a positive thing to say about  Coronavirus, but to cheer us in these hard times, here we are with a positive story.

It is reported that, with people staying at home much more, there has been a large reduction in the  CO2 readings in many places. Air pollution is also reduced.

In Venice the canals are cleaner and, as these pictures show, swans have returned to live there. I know it’s not Sunday, but we need some cheering, so enjoy.








at risk

So, Munguin wants everyone to take care, but very specifically, if you are in any of the above categories, he absolutely DEMANDS that you take care. He can’t afford to lose readers. 



So, why not Scotland?



And this MAY explain his reluctance to order the closing of pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas. If he ORDERS it, the people who own these businesses may be able to claim on their INSURANCE. If he recommends people stay at home, the businesses have no insurance claim.

Anyway, who pays £25, 540 for an after-dinner speech? If they’ve got that kind of cash to throw away on a third rate music hall act, they should lower premiums.


Ye Gads. Why is this man on tv?  He’s already wished his idiot son on us.


Boris Johnson has slammed the brakes on the Brexit talks because of the coronavirus crisis – hours after his foreign secretary insisted they could go ahead as planned. Oh for an even semi-competent government at this time.


I read that all French citizens have been told that electricity and gas bills will be suspended for now so that people don’t scrimp on keeping themselves warm while they are forced to be at home. Oh, the advantages of having utilities where the state has a majority shareholding.




Given that we are told that we are supposed to keep at least a meter between us, why on earth is the English health secretary standing so close to this woman. He’s clearly making her feel uncomfortable because she moves away from him and then puts her bag between them.

And don’t even look at his trousers.

What an utter creep!

Still, it inspired me to find some good music.









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