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1. Morning all. It’s Sunday again.
2. Looks like the head tree addressing his/her public.
3. I got a dark side… On teh other paw, I have a light side. <grin>
4. Sit up and pay attention.
aretha the rescue cow
5. Aretha, a rescue cow.
6. Wow, you’re big.
7.  Follow me, guys…
8. This is my best buddy.
9. Oh, hello you. Want to take a pic?
machu pitchu
10. Machu Pichu.
11. Dresden.
buu in blizard
12. Brrrr, it’s a little chilly.
hallstadt aus
13. Hallstadt, Austria.
14. Everyone needs a protector, right?
15. Delaware.
Image result for baby elephant
16. I fancied a drink, but I kinda fell in.
tom bulgaria
17. Another Bulgarian cat, with nice teeth!
orange breasted falcon
18. Orange-Breasted Falcon.
mandarin fish
19. Mandarin Fish
Image result for baby orangutans
20. Bye-bye, you lot. Have a good day. See you next week.

Thanks to John and his store of Bulgarian cat pics.

22 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. awww smashing stuff. It’s all very well that cute kitty looking out at the scenery but where was their seat belt? Loved the fox and it seems a bit of snow doesn’t put wolves off the hunt. A rather inelegant if adorable elephant also cheered me up. But how many cats does John have?

    Dresden looked beautiful and it is all a reconstruction since it was bombed to bits. I’m sure there are some hideous Soviet era blocks on the outskirts but at least the historic centre was rebuilt.


    1. Only two, PP. Numbi and Minnie have both starred in SS and friends’ and neighbours’ cats want to get it on the act. Today’s star is Tom – half of neighbour Kay’s Tom and Jerry pair – audititiong for a role as Red Riding Hood’s granny. “What big teeth you’ve gt!” Tom and Jerry featured a couple of months ago when they first moved as kittens from their original home a few doors away and took up residence with Kay.

      Tom was named after the actor Sellick (Selleck?) because they have the same prominent ‘tache. You’ve also seen our pub cats – Ginge, Bridie, and Tattoo – and the colonel’s Raggle Fraggle who’s now become a part-time pub cat as the colonel is away so much and she’s looking for company. Next week, you’ll be introduced to Genie, a very special specimen who shares her quarters with with Luftwaffe Rob, our itinerant German airline pilot.

      The are plenty more, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that aillurophilia is a precondition for residence in our remote wee rural village. They’re not all mine, fortunately, but we all know them and – like their companions – they’re part of our community and we look out for them as we do for each other.

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      1. “ailurophilia” – is that what its called. Although it was obvious from the context I did look it up having never seen the word before. Your wee community sounds lovely. It’s Selleck and if Danny pops by he’ll tell you Tom is very right wing.

        ” Luftwaffe Rob”

        I really hope you mean Lufthansa Rob. I’d hate to think the Luftwaffe has been reconstituted…

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        1. At one time he was with Lufthansa, but being a pilot and German he was immediately dubbed ‘Luftwaffe’. Like the colonel is really a retired major, but he’s a good bloke and deserved promotion. A perverse sense of humour goes with the aillurophilia and just about everyone has a distinguishing handle. We have the Interpretator, the Dodo Egg, King Korner, Cornish Pasta, Resident Sassenach, Nick Tok etc etc.

          There’s a story behind each of them but space limitations must be observed. Readers can use their imagination…

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      1. I absolutely love that first photo. How come I feel parental all of a sudden?

        As we have gone a tad off topic already may I ask you good people the following, which I posted already on ‘The Herald’ – I know, I know, but someone has to keep reading it.

        I have scratched my head a few times, but perhaps the combined brains of Munguins Republic can tell me whether I lack knowledge or that there is no knowledge to lack. Anyway, after the break, I’ll tell you about another wonderful photograph above.


        “Could any of our good readers point me to a straightforward debate that Gordon Brown has conducted on his views on the breakup of the UK? We seem to receive his words in missives and speeches, but, try as I might, in say the last few years I have not seen him in a challenging debate (on U-Tube or elsewhere).

        I would quite like to see him challenged. Perhaps by a so-called neutral like Andrew Neill in an extended interview with, say Humza Yousaf, in a straight head-to-head. Contrary to the opinions that he is a great orator, if that were his skill then perhaps he’d play ‘winner take all’ every day of the week.

        If he believes what he says, then he should be capable of dealing with it in a debate.

        Anyone got anything that points to his willingness to debate?”

        Any thoughts?


        Hope the baby elephant was OK. Who hasn’t made a prat of themselves!

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        1. I don’t think that he’s everr done a face to face.

          They churn him out every so often and he repeats the lies he told the last time in front of a friendly audience.

          It would be good to see him answer some questions.


  2. Lovely photos,as always on a Sunday.
    My better half always looks forward to seeing them.
    Since we are going off topic,when I think of BoJo and Cummings,Napoleon Bonepart comes to mind.
    He said he would rather have a lucky general than a clever one.
    So,the question for Cummings is:
    “Do you feel lucky punk?”

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    1. I think he probably feels VERY lucky. He’s running the country his ay, with a cabinet he approved, while the fat lazy slob that is the nominal prime minister lazes about in government mansions…


  3. Life successfully reaffirmed – for which many thanks, Tris and others.

    This week, I particularly loved the piebald dug. I loved too the redwoods – I’ve only been to see the redwoods in California once, but they are, literally, awesome. One of my life’s peak experiences.

    Hallstatt – another place I’ve been to on my wanderings through Austria when I worked in Vienna. Munguinites may already know that Hallstatt gave its name to the Hallstatt culture, dating back to about 1200 BCE. A major reason for its central role is that Hallstatt is home to the earliest known salt mine in the world, and indeed salt production there continues to this day; although the original salt mine is closed, I understand that the Hallein mine, which is still working, is the oldest continuing salt mine in the world. Something like that, anyway. And the other fascinating thing about Hallstatt that the people we’re talking about were early Celts.

    Lemme see now – a quick google, and avoiding Wikipedia, leads me to, from Celtic World, entitled “Celtic Cultures: Hallstatt & La Tène”; and here’s a somewhat dismissive one from ThoughtCo. entitled “European Iron Age La Tène Culture: Evidence for Celtic Migrations into the Mediterranean”:

    La Tène shares an Alpine environment with Hallstatt, but it’s in modern-day Switzerland, at the head of the Lac de Neuchâtel, about half way between Geneva and Bern.

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  4. The Frauenkirche in Dresden is a great example of the rebirth of the city. It’s hard to believe now but during DDR times even the historic centre was a bit of a dump. Some of the outskirts are a bit run down, but the people are really nice and it’s a great place to visit. As is neighbouring Leipzig.

    Interesting to see a picture of Hallstatt, an old home of the Celts whose domain stretched from Galicia in Spain across Europe to Turkey. Celtic place names are common, such as Vienna, Rhein, Belgium and Kempten.

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      1. Yes. I saw that. Interesting that two of the main periods of Celtuc material culture were located in the Alps at La Tène and Hallstatt. A far cry from the Western Isles!

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  5. Sad Lorry – my late father worked out of the Dunfermline Depot for BRS and drove lorries just like it. He normally covered the London route but managed to wangle a trip to Birmingham in 1969 which just happened to coincide with the Pars playing West Bromwich Albion in the Cup Winners Cup. Result was 1-0 to the Pars – happy days.

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