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      1. If that is what they do to their parents, what would they do to Northern Irish (well, rather obviously, leave them behind), the Welsh and the Scots?


  1. Will Trump be leaning on Israel to dig up the dirt on Bernie Sanders?
    A difficult one for Israel’s fascist government.
    Do they support a prospective left wing Jewish president or continue to do so for their fellow fascist Trump?
    Either way not looking good for them.

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    1. Bringiton…..excellent observation!

      By the time the California vote comes in on the day of the “Super Tuesday” primary elections (on March 3), it now seems likely that Bernie will have an insurmountable lead for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. So the crazy old New England socialist who is a religiously non-observant Brooklyn Jew, will have a shot at being the first Jewish president of the United States.

      AND SO……this year’s presidential campaign between a socialist Brooklyn Jew and the fascist con-man Trump, promises to be even more of a three ring circus than we had anticipated. πŸ™‚

      New York City (which includes Brooklyn) has the largest Jewish community of any city in the world except Tel Aviv. There is a history of left wing politics in the large and diverse New York Jewish community, but some right wing religious Jews apparently question Bernie’s Jewishness (and his opposition to many right wing Israeli policies); although from a religious perspective, being a Jew is apparently often considered more about culture and ethnicity than religion.

      Anyway, if Disraeli can be considered a Jewish Prime Minister, even though he was baptized into the Church of England at age 12, I guess a non-observant Brooklyn Jew can be a Jewish president. (If something near to a political miracle occurs when the votes are counted next November. πŸ˜‰ )


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        1. Yep. Everyone is thinking about the last time the Democrats went hard left in 1972. George McGovern won ONE state (Massachusetts) and the District of Columbia, for 17 electoral votes. At the time, Richard Nixon’s second term landslide win over McGovern was the second greatest political landslide in American history….after FDR’s landslide victory over Kansas Governor Alf Landon in 1936. Landon took Maine and Vermont for a total of 8 electoral votes.

          But MAYBE it’s not quite 1972 all over again:


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          1. It reminds me of the situation in England.

            Corbyn was a breath of fresh air after the centre right politics of Blair who was only recognisable by the soles of his shoes hanging out of Bush’s backside. He reinvigorated the English youth and membership of the Labour party rose hugely. But while probably many of the young did vote for him, ol;der people didn;t.

            He then provided no leadership on the quesion of Europe and the result was that firstly May, a not up to the job person, still managed to more of less get a majority (with help from an equally un;pleasant Northern Ireland party [because of a sizable bribe], and then the incomparably stupid and inept moron Johnson became prime minister, with a huge majority.

            I’d have thought, normally, that it would be impossible to have such a man get such a majority, but…

            Trump will almost undoubtedly win and heaven knows what will happen.

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              1. Well, Danny, it’s pretty much a carbon copy.

                Johnson is an incompetent lazy moron (being able to recite pieces of the Iliad doesn’t make you clever) and yet Corbyn couldn’t being to beat him in England (where it counts) or, for that matter in Scotland (where it doesn’t).

                Trump is an incompetent lazy orange moron, and yet I predict that he will win hands down against Sanders.

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    2. PS: A popular television political commentator had just read a book about the Nazi invasion of France, and had the misfortune to use a Nazi invasion as a metaphor for Bernie Sanders’ big win in the Nevada caucus.

      Poor Chris Matthews! His mouth often gets way ahead of his brain.


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      1. Jeeeeez… what a terrible thing to say.

        Surely he could have found some other way of describing the result which was, after all decisive. (I think Bernie had more votes than the others put together.)

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        1. Tris……It was an amazing win for Bernie in Nevada. If the far left California vote on March 3 comes in for Bernie as anticipated, it seems unlikely that anyone can beat him for the nomination. If so, his victory and his passionate army of young left wing supporters who hoop and holler at his rallies seem very much like Trump’s unlikely victory over all the other Republicans for the GOP nomination in 2016. Bloomberg and his billions is still out there, but I’d rather have Bernie win than let Bloomberg buy the race. Joe Biden’s last chance to gain traction is in South Carolina next Saturday.

          The moderate mainstream Democrats are in panic mode.


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            1. Oh Niko, I’m not saying that they are not.

              And actually, I admire that.

              But, Neither in England, nor in the USA will that kind of politics ever reach Downing Street or Pennsylvania Ave.

              Decent men both of them, but not the taste of centre to right wing populations.

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            2. Niko……..Yes, I’ll echo Tris’s comment. Sticking to one’s beliefs is a very fine thing for a philosopher. But it’s the business of politicians to win elections. However splendid one’s beliefs, they mean nothing if you don’t win.

              On the other hand, promising what you can’t deliver and then declaring that you’ve done what you promised, in the face of all objective evidence to the contrary, is a political plan that’s worked well for Trump and his mindless minions. So if it would work for Bernie, then who am I to rain on his parade? BUT, I think a Corbyn level political disaster is the more likely outcome.

              Bernie’s call to a socialist revolution that burns down the American political establishment seems to be as much at war with the Democratic Party as the Republican Party. His hatred for the Democratic National Committee in fact goes back to his treatment by the Democratic “establishment” when Hillary took the nomination in 2016. So he pretty much hates the so-called “leadership” of the Democratic Party to its core.

              James Carville is a political consultant who gained fame as Chief Strategist of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992. Louisiana born, and known as the “Ragin’ Cajun,” he’s the nearest thing to a “mainstream” Democratic media spokesman that we have these days, and he’s apoplectic about a Bernie candidacy. His contempt for Jeremy Corbyn and British Labour socialism knows no bounds. This interview got a lot of play on TV. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what Carville is saying, (that’s the “Ragin’ part,) but British Labour does take a beating. πŸ™‚


  2. Love the song cartoon.
    It’s raining,
    It’s pouring,
    The old man is snoring.
    It’s raining into the basement.
    Yesterday I heard the R4 news from propaganda HQ.
    It stated that there had been 4 new people found in RUK with a positive for the virus.
    Missing from the report.
    1) In englandland.
    2) The positives had just arrived from the cruise ship passengers from Japan.
    Looked this morning at the websites.
    The Bus drivers were shown WITHOUT protective gear on the early editions.
    This mornings editions are carefully selected to stop the driver being shown.
    The bus would be a 50 seater and guess what, the driver could be on the School trip today with 50 school pupils, talk about containment, there were 4 buses, 4 drivers.
    The talk is the Health and Safety concerns about the driver wearing protective gear and driving the bus took precedent over HIS health.
    Are these the best talent we have to control the spread, looks like a Dad’s Army plot.
    So where is doris?

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        1. I’m not sure that Mr Cummings isn’t capable of plotting.

          He managed to run the leave campaign and, albeit narrowly, they won, at least in England and Wales.


  3. Hmm…

    I have money on Bernie Sanders both winning the democratic nomination and becoming POTUS. Separate bets.

    The downside of the first bet is that the Democratic Party is beholden to money. My bet is that the democratic voters are not. So far, so good. However, we have the richest man on the planet interjecting his cash to buy an election. Mayor Bloomberg was a very late to the party. A ‘wild card’ for whom the democratic establishment broke every rule in the book to allow him to enter the contest. It is not at all obvious to me that democratic voters will be conned by this. The voters are not the party.

    I think that super Tuesday is a real thing and whoever ‘wins’ that has a real prospect of having a majority of delegates. A majority, rather than a plurality, means that super-delegates don’t get to vote. A plurality means that internal machinations mean that Bloomberg may win and that there is, in all probability, a schism in the democratic party which will cause a fundamental re-alignment of US politics.

    So, even at the challenger level, there is all to play for.

    Assuming that it comes down to the two of them, Bernie Sanders – v – Mike Bloomberg then the latter has far more dirt in the closet than the former. Bernie will be attacked for being a democratic socialist and, well, Bloomberg will be attacked on numerous fronts, for example NDA’s, stop and frisk , accusations that he is much like Trump in sexual shenanigans and more.

    So, on balance, Bernard Sanders wins.

    But the head to head against Trump is fascinating. Trump, we fail to recall had a manifesto for the people and it turned out to be an utter lie, unless of course you were a billionaire already. Tax breaks for the super rich are the way to go baby. There is zero evidence that tax breaks for the rich are beneficial to anyone other than the top 1%.

    The latter bet, that Bernie can beat Trump, seems to be maturing nicely. However Trump will pull out all the stops and, if Bernie is to win, he has to attack and keep invoking FDR.

    I actually think that the USA could be a force for good on this planet. Indeed I admire numerous Americans from oor Danny, to Krystal Ball to Kyle Kalinski to, kind of obviously AOC and Bernie.

    This is the USAs last chance to denude itself of the idea that money is politics and politics is money. That ain’t any sort of democracy worth a candle. Indeed it is an oligarchy.

    Meanwhile back on planet Scotland, we are all supposed to think Nicola Sturgeon is a surrender monkey.

    She ain’t.

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    1. Yes, well, Danny said, he would rather Bernie, than Mr Bloomberg buys the nomination… and possibly he could buy the presidency. I think he’s way richer than Trump, what with being a successful businessman…

      I just can’t see Americans voting for a socialist, even a democratic one.

      I’m not gonna bet, but it will be interesting to see the outcome.


      1. Surprisingly enough when it gets down to a policy for policy debate, people in huge – 75%+ proportions – agree with what Bernie is saying. That is pretty much the case on Medicare for All, minimum wage and green new deal. To be clear, that is 75% of the electorate, not self declared Democrats.

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          1. If I lose my bet, and I won’t cry over it, there will have been a transfer of power from the US electorate to the US oligarchy ( in this instance, oligarchy equals personal billions of bucks). I am at about 50 / 50 on whether that will happen or not. Does 50 / 50 remind you of anything local?

            This is probably the most important battle that the US has to resolve in the 21st C. And it has global ramifications.

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