27 thoughts on “World Penguin Day”

  1. Penguins are just magic.
    They are so pure dead brilliant that if they hadn’t evolved somebody somewhere really needed to invent them.
    But they’re not invented or fabulous, like mapa mundi creatures… so serious question…when were they discovered and/or entered into zoological catalogue?

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    1. Danny I see the GOP voter
      Suppression strategy is gaining ground at the Supreme Court
      Thanks to the extreme right wing anti democratic and anti
      constitutional GOP appointed
      Judges .

      Time for term limits I suggest

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      1. I would agree with time limits. It seems that a Supreme Court judge can be more powerful than the president in some issues. And I guess they can sit for 40 years…

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      2. Niko….Tris……The Supreme Court has become so politicized and the political climate so polarized that term limits have been suggested. Seems to me like a good idea for the people who interpret the constitution. An eighteen year term for the nine Justices would mean a new Justice on the court every two years……two Supreme Court appointments for each presidential term and one Senate confirmation for each two-year federal election cycle.


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    2. Add Faroes and probably Greenland to that list.

      I love the Nordic nations, but whaling?

      To be fair, it is traditional food in these countries and Japan excepted, their populations are between relatively small and tiny. So, if they are whaling to eat a traditional food, they probably don’t kill that many.

      But they make sport out of it in the Faroes. And that is every bit as sickening as bull fighting, fox hunting and dog fighting.

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  2. Wow OT
    Just received my voting card for the Euro elections.
    Laughing at an Oxymoronic quote from sir roger scruton, nee Scroton perhaps.
    ‘Conservative deep thinkers are being Demonised by the maybot’.
    Worth a laugh that is.
    Chocolate Penquins are an acquired taste.

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    1. Yes, got my card today too…

      I see that Farage has rejected Coburn.

      Labour will be disappointed. Remember how they cheered when UKIP won that last seat.

      Conservative deep thinkers… bwa ha ha ha ha!

      P P Pick up a Penguin…


  3. There are Penguins in South Africa around the Cape and up to Simonstown.
    Beaches are closed for them but you can go down wooden stairs to beach level. They come over and look at you, thinking all humans look alike.

    Some have left the beach area and live in peoples’ gardens


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