25 thoughts on “Now IS the time, Tessy!”

  1. Aye it is right enough.
    McConnell, ex FM, says don’t scrap the House of Lords.
    Lord True says we need to tax the over 40’s more to pay for the young. No free TV license for the over 75’s, scrap the bus pass, along with scrap the free school meals for the young.
    Are these people for real, they get £300 a day, subsidised meals and drink, free first class travel and a nice worm indoors place to sleep it off.
    Even the 1922 committee can’t decide on rule changes to get rid of the maybot, fair do’s, we only ask them to run a defunct empire.
    An empire they wont recognise as a thing from the past.
    Aye it is the right time.

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    1. It’s amazing…

      Yesterday we had the Tories complaining that Nicola is obsessed with independence and should be worrying, instead about a long list of stuff that they claim is wrong with Scotland.

      Today we hear that knife crime is at a record level in England and Wales and that their National Security Council leaks like a sieve …

      That’s not to mention the fact that their own party is planning a coup and then possibly an election with only 6 months to go before the next Leave date.



  2. What those of us who favour independence must remember is that a lot of Scots are hostile to that idea because it upsets the status quo.
    They see no need to risk governing ourselves when they are doing quite nicely under Westminster rule.
    Democratic deficits do not register with many and if it does it is viewed with suspicion as a Nationalist ploy to undermine their comfort zone.
    Only when it is clear to them that allowing Westminster to continue running our affairs is seriously damaging both our health and welfare will they change position.
    Brexit has the potential to do just that and they will vote with their feet once that becomes clear.
    The FM is constrained by these facts and must act accordingly.
    We continue to await that event.

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      1. Yeah, the “I’m all right Jack brigade”. Selfish barstewards.
        Unfortunately we have to accept that there are a number of different groupings that share the “No” mantra and we have to work out how to deal with that unfortunate fact. Realising this is the case is the first step in working out what to do.
        Polls stay at 45% or thereabouts despite anecdotal evidence that suggests Naws are moving to Ayes. We seem to have hit a plateau and must work our way upwards slowly. Nicola is stuck as the polls are apparently not moving. I accept that campaigning is required to move polls higher, but Brexit is still uncertain. She has done all she can given the circumstances. Get the legislation in place and if WM wants to, it can challenge in the Courts, it will lose as the Claim of Right was endorsed by WM last year. It seems that glacial is the chosen pace, but we will get there in the end. Hopefully before I’m dead, but I’m a long way short of that at the moment. WM is crumbling in front of our eyes, they just need some more time to achieve their ultimate destruction. More rope please.

        Check this out as a reminder of where we were a few months ago and somethings have changed a bit since then.

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    1. Well put Bringiton. I’m just a foot soldier going around the doors trying to convince people, not only of the case for independence, but of the fact that the S.N.P are doing a great job of governing Scotland. Goodness only knows where we would be if it wasn’t for them, and their policies, which of course are constantly sneered at by those who don’t have a clue what they would do, if by some miracle they were in power. Perish the thought.
      I believe a fair number of those who would still vote No, are indeed ones who are “feather bedded” by S.N.P policies, and it would come as a shock to their system to be living in one of the other countries of the U.K.
      But then, maybe I’m crediting them with some intelligence.

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      1. A neighbour of mine, in his 70s, staunch NO was incandescent this morning abut the Tories wanting to take away the free bus pass for over 60s.

        I was able to point out to him that the Tories couldn’t do that in Scotland.

        I never rub it in with him, because I reckon it would get his back up, but it’s not the first time I’ve been able to tell him something good that he gets, is only there because of the Scottish government.

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  3. We will soon be bombarded with Project Fear the Second and the media are geared up in support. We have to take on board lessons from last time. For example we did not do enough last time to address issues like the currency instead of claiming that the pound was ours as well as the rUK which gave the unionists the opportunity to ridicule that claim.

    We must clarify our future relationship with our neighbours over trading, pensions, security etc. If we make reasonable suggestions they will be hard to refute and query their reason for doing so. . What we must refute clearly is the often quoted claim by unionists that our dependence quest is generated by hatred of the English. We know it is a nonsense but if repeated often enough some voters may be influenced by that.

    There seems to be an assumption even among the most rabid unionists that the SNP would form the government of an independent Scotland and criticise their policies accordingly. We have to challenge them as to why that is the case. Is it because they feel their Scottish branch parties are not up to the task or are they folding their tents and moving elsewhere?

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    1. Yes, good points, all.

      We can learn from the last campaign, and from the EU situation.

      I’ve never come across an SNP or Green that hated the English, but, maybe because the Brits see hating “foreigners” as a reasonable thing (and have used it to great effect in Brexit), they think that it is a motivator in our independence campaign.

      Of course we could use the pound, or we could use the Euro, or we could set up a currency. All three have the potential for problems and for success. A currency will take a bit of time to get established and using the £ or € has the obvious effect of tying our economy to that of another and greater economy.

      On the whole, I’d prefer the € to the £ because for at least my lifetime, I reckon the EU will be more stable than Britain.

      But I’d also be happy with a new currency.

      I’m not nearly clever enough to understand all the ins and outs though.

      One thing’s for sure, we simply cannot lose this next time round.

      Good question at the end.

      I suspect that to an extent they look at the people who the unionist parties have put up for Holyrood and think… Jings…

      I mean Richard Leonard as a Prime Minister of an independent country? Willie Rennie?

      Even Ruth, of the Ruth Davidson Party is dubious. Her temper is far too short, and in any case she is surrounded by fourth raters.

      But in an independent Scotland, pro-union parties wouldn’t be sending their best people to London. They cold send them to Edinburgh.

      Ross Thomson aside, they are a bit brighter than the Murdos and Wells of the Scottish Tories.

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      1. We already have our own currency, look in your sporran its got Scottish Bank notes at least it should have.
        Scottish Banks have deposits with the UK Central Bank (Bank of England) to back up these and other assets. So the Scottish Pound already exists and all we have to do is create a Scottish Central Bank, Banking regulations and a supervisory body. Straightforward and relatively easy. We need somewhere to store our Gold reserves as the world moved back to a Gold Standard by invoking Basel 4 on 29 March and Digital gold backed currencies on 12th April. They kept that under the radar didn’t they. Countries will now be issuing Asset backed Bonds and this could be quite difficult for countries with no assets, such as engerlund.

        I’m rambling a bit, but my point is that the Currency question is not a biggy.

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        1. I suspect that the Brits made a lot more of it than there was.

          But I well remember that Alistair Darling made a bit hit against Alex Salmond over the subject in the first of their debates.

          Talking of these debates… when we have the next one, will it be Nicola Sturgeon v Fluffy?

          That should be too painful to watch.


  4. Er brownlie says

    We must clarify our future relationship with our neighbours over trading, pensions, security etc.

    Wot after hunnered years of
    snp misrule (just had to say that ) you still ain’t sorted
    Out what cash will be the Scottish currency ,

    Wery efficient!!

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    1. Oh hush, ye crabby old thing.

      I mean we might have some Labour rule, but the worry is that Dick doesn’t know what is devolved and what is not, as he demonstrates on a weekly basis at FMQ.

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  5. Of course being totally objective and unbiased as I am, I’ve always looked upon Unionism as a disease with it’s pig thick nonentity Scottish MSPs as one of its many symptoms.

    Independence being the cure will remove them from the body politic.


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