1. What are the chances of this wee video being made COMPULSORY viewing for the likes of a certain Mr. Oliver Tris? 😂

    A wee bit o Scottish history in 4 minutes … no bad at aa!

    THIS is the sort of history everyone at school SHOULD be learning aboot NO the history of hoo the English fought abdy just to ruin their country then run awa.

    Interestingly enough THIS anniversary comes only a day or two after the anniversary of the Amritsar massacre or the Jallianwala Bagh massacre as the Indians call it. No need to tell anyone who was responsible for THIS massacre either … eh Tris?

    1. I have an English friend who would agree with Arbroath1320, though he would point to other atrocities that we did in India, which incorporated Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka at that time. It was he who opened my eyes to just how atrocious British Imperialism actually was.

      There is an interesting book about a chap called Younghusband (eponymous), who nearly took over Tibet. It is by a guy called Patrick French who appears to have made a name for himself – this was allegedly his first book and is pretty well fascinating. And horrific in equal measure.

      The British are not to be admired, IMVHO.

      Read that and weep, alternatively “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee.”

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      1. In all honesty Douglas I don’t think there is a country in the world that the corrupt toxic British have “ruled” over where there has NOT been an atrocity from Australia to the U.S.A. from Scotland to South Africa they have been intimately involved in atrocities across the globe!

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        1. Fair comment Arbroath1320,

          It is a hard thing to accept, but all the story books I got given as a child and the red maps of the world were really:

          “This is us exploiting the planet”

          I came across a group called ‘The League of Empire Loyalists’ who would have preferred us to continue, fortunately they had no traction. I read a huge number of Acts of Parliament about us backing off from that. The ‘white’ Commonwealth was let go first, then, as I recall India / Pakistan, and then a straightforward cascade. The map was no longer red.

          There is an enormity of propoganda that supports the status quo, or even our history that is the absolute bollocks the status quo is built upon.

          (Except perhaps the Royal Navy busting the slave trade.)

          It is so easy to be pulled into a ‘by jingo’ mentality. I got caught out twice. On the Falklands I never changed my mind. On Iraq, I couldn’t walk away from an interventionist position – which I initially had – quicker. Watching me vault on Iraq would have got me a 10 in gymnastics 🙂

          What I like about hereabouts, MNR and Scotland in general, is that folk appear to me, at least, to have a lot more independent thought? Like, they think for themselves and are a lot less influenced by what they are telt. Which takes us back to that map of the world, on that classroom wall…

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  2. Had Bonny Prince Chuck limited his ambitions to being King of Scotland instead of King of “Britain” it might all have been a very different story.
    A lesson there for future Scottish politicians perhaps?

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    1. bringiton,

      Perhaps you are right. I find most of the ’45 rebellion a bit beyond my comprehension. Did we really get to around Derby, folk throwing their jewelery into boxes and fleeing London?

      I am not at all sure that the outcome of that – a win for the Jacobites – would have been a victory for you and I right now. It might have meant that we could have avoided a lot of guilt for interceeding crap that the UK did.

      Or perhaps not. This was a country run by the elite, and the elite are, by definition, wrong ( or so say so now) . It is only in the very recent past that I am allowed to say that. In the bad old days, this would be viewed as insurrection, which would imply that my head and my body would part company. Times were brutal, times were hard.

      Frankly, I look to the future, in the inane hope that it will be better than now or the past. There is zero evidence for it, it is a mere wish.

      Though you, and others around here give me hope.

      Thanks for your forbearance.

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