Thanks to the man in Dundee

I received an email from Panda Paws yesterday.  It had an attachment, but the email said:
I’ve written something and normally I let you decide whether to post it, which to be fair you always have, but I don’t want any modesty to prevent you from posting this. A wee thank you for all your hard work and I hope the links work!
To say I was touched would be the understatement of the year. I was also rather reluctant to publish because it would seem big headed of me… but on the other hand, it seemed churlish after PP had written it to “spike” it.
So here is what she wrote. I can only say that I’m flattered by the contents. Although clearly, Munguin is complaining that I should have been attending to his supper instead of reading compliments by his head proofreader and West Coast Correspondent (unsalaried).
Here is the article…
By Panda Paws
The commentators on MNR are an erudite bunch and so will recognise the (para)phrase “I come not to bury Tris but to praise him”.
This should not be taken as an excuse to stab him online multiple times but merely as a rhetorical device to open my blog entry and sound a wee bit more cultured.
I don’t know how you found your way to MNR or its predecessor Munguin’s Republic but for me, it was via Wings blogroll which also directed me towards the Wee Ginger Dug – woof!
For a while I lurked just reading the posts, then commented anonymously, eventually commenting under my real (ehem) name Panda Paws. Or Ms Paws to those who don’t know me. And before long it was my go-to blog, the one I felt most at home in and that is in no small part due to Tris Price Williams and the lovely atmosphere he has (virtually) created.
Plus of course, the learned and interesting folk who post below the line, present company excepted.
This is not to embarrass Tris but to offer my appreciation.
Well Done Applause GIF
The Tories think that if something is free, it is not valued. Well, it’s not often they are right, but they are wrong again.
Of course, it’s free for us but it is likely Tris will be paying something in running
costs and as someone who occasionally wanders above the line I know, there is the time
commitment too. It’s not easy to find things to post and keep us lot entertained though heaven knows Brexit is providing enough material to run an army of blogs. But who’d want to read that all the time!
All Our Yesterday’s seems to draw the most comments, though my personal favourite is Soppy Sunday. The beauty of nature to soothe us during the ugliest of political times.
MNR doesn’t have the huge readership of Wings but, my, we’re a diverse bunch of regulars.
For a fairly wee blog, it has got huge international reach – Switzerland (Terry), USA (Danny), Australia (Kangaroo), Mexico (Roaming Junketeer), Malaysia (Ebreah) that other Panda (France), John in Bulgaria, John in the Western Isles… and that most foreign of parts, Edinburgh (Conan and Niko)– sorry a wee Weegie joke.
Apologies to any far-flung readers I’ve missed out.
So what is the point of all this wittering? It’s to show my appreciation for the time and effort Tris puts in on our behalf. Regular readers know that Tris’ mum and his best friend haven’t been well and yet he’s still managed to find time to post.
And of course, Munguin is a total slave driver so Tris can’t have much spare time.
Cheer Applause GIF by Peanuts
So I hope I speak for many when I say thank you and long may the blog continue to flourish. Apparently 2019 is its tenth year too!
My dearest wish is that the blog that supports Scottish independence won’t be needed any more because it will already have been achieved.
But the blog that provides us with jokes, reminders of the past and lots of cute animals and stunning scenery, may it continue for a very long time.
Clapping Applause GIF

93 thoughts on “Thanks to the man in Dundee”

  1. PP, as I say to my friends on facebook – MWAH!

    Your praise of Tris is something he well deserves, and I know you hope as I do that the burying bit is long postponed.

    Thanks for everything, Tris! And extraspecially the photies of our long-armed furry cousins on Soppy Sunday.

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  2. PS I hope no one is offended if you aren’t named atl, I was making the point about how many folk were abroad. And no the Isles aren’t abroad but apparently John has been there from the beginning and Tris wanted him added.

    To Ed Freeman, Andimac, Matronatrix (that’s not spelt right!) , Douglas and others too many to mention, I loved reading your comments.

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    1. Everyone is important on here, of course, whether you are from here or elsewhere.

      The comments make the blog. There’s be much less point in me doing it if no one bothered to comment.

      And, of course, Panda Paws, not only have you contributed with comments, but also with a fair number of articles over the year…

      And you’ve not complained much when the Czech, which Munguin assured me was in the post, was lost.

      So thanks to you too…

      And to all of you.


    2. I think I’m the ‘John’ in question. Born in Skye but now resident in Bulgaria after 50 years of globe-trotting and stints in Africa, South America, USA, the Far East, and Middle East. The constant has been an abiding support for Scottish independence. Often at the cost of accusations by nay-sayers: “If you’re so keen on Scotland, why did you leave?”

      Easy. I couldn’t put up with the performance of the national football team. And the government of the day didn’t help either.

      I also came across Munguin and Tris through the Wings site and have come to enjoy the good humour and good sense that prevail among the contributors. We can be independence supporters without being unnecessarily rancourous (difficult at times, admittedly).

      I can only echo PP’s sentiments and wish everything of the best for Tris, Mum, Munguin, and every New Republican. Always with our collective cause as the main objective.

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    1. I think it is a nice friendly site, Tatu. I reckon it’s the participants who make it so. Everyone makes their contribution.

      I’m glad you like AOY.

      I enjoy it too.

      I’m always grateful for the contributions that come in for it, and for Soppy Sunday and, of course BJSAlba’s jokes.

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    2. I would like to join in the kudos for Tris. Much deserved!

      I also like All Our Yesterdays, and have noticed that it often receives more comments than Soppy Sunday. Not surprising really, since there’s only so much you can add to lovely pictures of places and cute pictures of critters, whereas old pictures evoke nostalgia and personal stories of times gone by.

      However, I’d have to say that nostalgia is not what it used to be.

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      1. LOL…

        Not that that’s ever been said before, Danny.

        All our Yesterdays used to be a part of Soppy Sunday, but I found that more people were commenting on the old pics than on the nature pics.

        Of course, you’re right… what can you say about fluffy lambs, except awwwww.


        Thanks, Danny! You too, make a huge contribution to the site.

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  3. I visit here because we all seem to be similar-minded people (even the tory now, even if he’s not pro-indy 😉 ) and because you don’t have the many (dubious IMHO) BTL “defender of the site” posters that Wings etc have.

    In fact I rarely look BTL these days on those sites – Wings BTL is like Groundhog Day now except it repeats every 6 hours, Scot Goes Pop is still ruined by BTL anonymous abuse…and so it goes.

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    1. I take the view that we can discuss stuff, even when we don;t agree, without rancour.

      That way we probably learn something, instead of snarling at each other. Works for me.

      And Munguin, of course.

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    1. Off topic again.

      Totally broken hearted to hear of the devastation of Île de la Cité and Notre Dame de Paris tonight.

      I don’t know how many times I’ve sat on a bench there just wondering at the marvellous buildings and soaking up the centre of Paris.

      Coeur blessé.

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        1. It looks completely gutted…

          We shall see what the authorities say when the fire has died down. I’m not sure that it will ever be the same for me though.

          There was restorative work going on, and a lot of the priceless religious statuary had been removed, so not ALL is lost.

          To all my friends in France and particularly in Paris… Je pense à vous ce soir!

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      1. Reports in the Times and Post this evening. Continuing live feed on television here all afternoon. Looks a near total loss from the air, but apparently some artwork was saved. I wonder about the condition of the 12th and 13th century stone walls after so much heat. Surely a disaster for the old stained glass.

        Apparently medieval cathedrals burned with some regularity, and one wonders about how much modern fire safety equipment like sprinkler systems have been installed or could be even be effective in such massive old timber roofing.

        Donald Trump was much concerned and advised “Much act quickly.” He offered technical advice, but apparently no one in Paris took his recommendation to use flying tankers such as are used in fighting forest fires (about which Trump is an expert.) 😉

        Several TV commentators mentioned the opening sequence of the first episode of Kenneth’s Clark’s “Civilisation.”

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        1. PS….Errata: Actually Trumpy tweeted “Must act quickly.” Not “Much act quickly.” That was my typo, although it’s the sort of thing he does from time to time. 😉

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                  1. Well, it’s the usual sort of rhetoric, I guess, Danny. It seems he can string a few words together and make them look a bit like a sentence, which is an improvement on the current holder.

                    Not sure how he’ll do though. I mean he’s sort of a normal colour and his hair looks like hair.

                    Maybe not what the rednecks want…


        2. The Paris Fire Department tweeted a reply, explaining (in French and then in English) that dropping water, in massive amounts, wouldn’t work in a fire like this and would probably make it spread.

          I’d say the “pompiers” probably know a bit more about putting out fires than that idiot.

          In fact, they did an amazing job. At early light it seems that much has been saved. Some of the treasures were moved prior to the renovation work starting and the firemen rescued more of it. As far as I can make out one of the rose windows has been saved.

          Macron has said that it will be rebuilt and opened a financing campaign. Two very rich French businessmen have already donated between them €300 million.

          Thanks for the links, mate.

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          1. Tris…..Seems unbelievable that a rose window could have survived. The heat must have been enormous. Preliminary reports seem to indicate that the stone walls are still structurally sound.

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  4. Well, I kind of agree with everyone. This is an amazingly interesting and addictive web site. I am a tad astounded that it has so few followers. Perhaps you could all spread the word? Y’know, through that social media shit?

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  5. Well I’m a Fifer born and bred and we all know that Dundonians ur just Fifers wi thir brains cawed oot. We’re no guid at giving compliments and we’re even worse at takkin thum. Not that it’s usually a problem cos we don’t get many any way.

    I just come here when there’s nothin guid oan the telly which is fairly regular.

    Anyway, all that aside, you keep writing it Tris and I’ll keep reading it and we’ll just leave it at that withoot ony o this pattin oan the back nonsense. As for that Munguin well if he gets too uppity just tell him naebodies indispensable and I’ve heard that Sweep’s fed up bein a sidekick and is looking for a promotion. 😉👍

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    1. Oh! You are a Fifer?

      That explains it then 🙂

      Though what you say at the end, about Tris writing it and you reading it, I’d back in spades. This is some seriously interesting analysis. More in a Frankie Boyle way than a Professor Curtice manner. Still…

      Dunno why the numbers are so low, if a mere Glaswegian such as I, finds it entertaining and compulsive, I’d have thought that many across planet Scotland would have seen the light. Perhaps you have to have a media presence, like WoS, Scotland goes Pop! or Wee ginger Dug to hit the mainstream?

      Perhaps if we keep it a secret long enough it will turn into a beautiful swan?

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  6. Thank you Panda Paws for expressing the appreciation and gratitude that I feel, and by the comments what we all feel, for the time and effort Tris puts in. And let us not forget the deprivation that Munguin will have endured, though probably not stoically, whilst you Tris have been distracted by WordPress.
    I am a relative newbie to this site but the site has quickly become one of my go to areas on the internet for a measure of tranquility. After a visit it often feels as if I’ve listened to a radio play. Characters come in and out to enlighten, entertain but do not create a threat or disturbance. A mixture of Alan Bennett and Bill Forsyth?
    Thank you Tris.

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  7. As I was being foreign in a foreign Edinburgh pub yesterday, I only saw this a few minutes ago.
    What can I say that hasn’t been said? Some of on us on here took up blogging when the Scotsman comments site became too risible to continue posting there, but Tris is probably the last person who has kept it going.
    Lang may yer lum reek Tris.

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    1. Well, y’know Conan, it’s Munguin and his whip that does it. He loves being a media mogul of leisure.

      Aye in “all our yesterdays” there was John and you and Subrosa and of course our Spook and Niko… and so many others …

      Even Niko’s last post was 9 months ago (incidentally, featuring you, Conan)

      James Kelly at Scot Goes Pop is still writing great stuff…

      Cheers mate.


  8. A worthy tribute to our Tris,
    well-deserved, graciously writ.
    Panda Paws, you’ve said it all;
    I really couldn’t better it.
    But gladly I’ll join in your praise
    to he who brightens up our days.
    So, Tris, we think that you’re a star –
    big thanks to you for MNR!

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  9. Sorry I’m late in joining in here, Tris, but yes a big thank you for a really pleasant, homely site for us independistas. I visit most of the others regularly, but sometimes it gets a bit fraught, possibly due to frustration to be fair, but it deters a lot of people from joining in, I think. However, we know we can post up here without being judged, whether on serious issues or for a bit of fun, ‘soppiness’ and nostalgia which is great for old codgers like me.

    Hope all is well on the home and friend front and things are settling down for you all. I know how hard it can be to keep things on an even keel sometimes while trying to carry on as ‘normal’. Take care.


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  10. Sorry I’m late. I had a day off t’internet yesterday.
    Just to say I entirely agree with Panda Paws .
    Tris, you’ve created a special little place here and you keep it welcoming, warm and tidy.
    It’s no small thing and no small effort.

    I’m glad to hear you’re mum’s home.

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  11. Greetings, civilisation!

    Reading the tributes was like a walk down memory lane back to the days of the Spook, Grahamski, Fifi La Bon bon, Nico, SM3,Indepemdemcce Now and Rufus etc and as far back as when Conan had a 32 inch waist.

    The fact that so many have chosen to comment in whole-hearted agreement with the brilliant Panda’s words of wisdom says it all. It also shows that there are more readers than just the ones who comment. I think at the start there were four followers but Munguin soon fixed that and the word spread.

    For one reason or another I spend most of my days in a warmer climate but whenever I log on here I feel at home and among friends. Hope to go to Dundee in December to visit the museum . I hope your lovely Mum will be fit and well soon and send her my love..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks John. They were good days. It was of course Spook that got me started and I rather suspect he drummed up our first readers from his vast following…

      Even Birdie Boy read the blog for a while.

      I look forward to meeting you in December, mate. The museum is impressive on the outside, rather less so, I though, inside, but we will manage to get a bite to eat there.

      I’ll send Mum your love John. It will cheer her. She used to love it when you flirted with her.

      PS: When exactly was it that Conan had a 32” waist?


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