I’m mindful of what my friend, Bruce, said in the last post, and I want to make it very clear that I’m not disrespecting the United States of America in this post. No more than I would disrespect the marvellous people of Hungary by calling Victor Orban an odious right-wing, racist bucket of cow dung.

But a man who locks up little children, separating them from their parents, and makes them appear in court alone and working in a foreign language, is lower than a snake’s belly. I won’t show him respect.

And that’s not his only failings. He’s a racist and a sex pest who brags about what he gets up to because of his money and position… I could go on, but you know it all already.

I know he doesn’t represent the people of the USA. Not the ones I’ve met anyway. He’s an embarrassment to them.

So America, no insult to YOU or yours intended.

Just one word. Please keep the protest peaceful. We’re better than violence.

Met in England by Liam Fox, the man you’d cross a continent to avoid, and in Scotland by Fluffy, a man you’d traverse the universe to avoid.  Seems he’s getting the real works.
I think there’s going to be a shortage of orange ink, crayons and paint buy the end of this weekend.


police camp beds.
While Trump and his entourage are being wined and dined on the very best that the Brits can afford, and Trump is put up in palaces with four-poster beds and all, the police who are there to look after him in England, were made to sleep in this last night. If you can afford to crawl all over Trump, you can afford enough space for the police that if they stretch in the middle of the night, they won’t be in someone else’s bed.
Aww, isn’t it sweet? No, you’re right. It’s sickening.
Seen in a Dundee cake shop. Just not sure I’d want to eat that.
Nice peaceful protest from these young hooligans.
Nigel Farage is running after Trump like a waling adolescent after a boy band. Poor Nigel was apparently turned away at the US Embassy, despite sobbing his little heart out.
Tell him one has gorn ite and won’t be beck until he’s well and truly in Scotland.
The Brits really like me… he said. No, really we don’t, you dumb ass.



  1. Jamie Ross

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    If the Queen has any game about her she’ll have already gone to bed saying she’s not feeling great, ready to deploy the old thermometer in the teapot trick in the morning.

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  2. Andrew Hunter Murray

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    Dear America. We have your president. If you do not send us $30,000,000, in unmarked bills, by 2000 hours BST on Friday, we will let him return to you.

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  3. Tris: “I’m mindful of what my friend, Bruce, said in the last post, and I want to make it very clear that I’m not disrespecting the United States of America in this post. No more than I would disrespect the marvelous people of Hungary by calling Victor Orban an odious right-wing, racist bucket of cow dung.”

    Love it!

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    1. Yep. He couldn’t get the Russian prostitutes to pee on him so he’s offered Tessie a deal if she’ll stroke his buttocks.

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  4. From the Huffington Post:
    One former staffer says an example is the way the President continually takes up valuable phone time attacking the Scottish First Minister. She has made clear her loathing of his politics, and her predecessor fell out with Trump over his golf course developments.

    “He totally hates Nicola Sturgeon. He spends lots of his time bitching about Sturgeon. He loathes Salmond too. But why spend so much time talking about Sturgeon in a phone call with Theresa May?”

    Guid yin Nicola.

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    1. LOL… and the Daily Express headlined his “snub” to her by refusing to meet her?

      Like she would have met him.

      She stripped him of an honour given to him by Jack McConnell. She pretty much loathes him.


        1. Probably she is, Jake.

          Another feather in her cap. And she played a blinder by being at Pride today when he was in the country. How he must hate her more.


  5. The Times reports on his interview in The Sun, where he blasts Theresa May’s Brexit plan. If she persists in such a soft approach, she can say goodbye to a trade deal with the USA he says.

    He is also displeased with his reception in London.

    So far, he has not commented about the problematic English Baroque architecture of Blenheim, or (history buff that he is) opined about the War of the Spanish Succession.

    There’s a story that when Churchill hosted General Eisenhower at his birthplace Blenheim in WWII, he asked Ike if they have anything like this back in Abilene (Kansas……Ike’s boyhood home.) Casting a deliberately long glance at the surroundings, and apparently reflecting on the tendency of bawdy houses to be overdecorated, Ike replied that there was in fact one such “House” in Abilene, but his mother had made him promise never to go there.


    1. “A band wearing black pants, red coats with gold detail and black furry hats ”
      No, not the Rolling Stones, the band of the Irish Guards…

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    2. Ha ha… Yes, Danny.

      I think we were all warned to steer clear of these places.

      Thanks for the articles. I was particularly struck by the poll he announced that showed him to be more popular than Lincoln.

      Now there’s a think. I didn’t realise that they did polls back then.

      Still… what do I know?

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      1. Seems to me that he’s referred to that “better Republican than Lincoln” poll before.
        As for his knowledge of history, he famously talked about Andrew Jackson being a Civil War era figure, and at one point oddly described Civil War abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who he had obviously only recently heard about. There seems to be a possibility that he thinks Douglass is a living person, who “IS being recognized more and more.” 😉

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          1. Yes Tris…….I’m really disappointed that while at Blenheim he didn’t take the obvious opportunity to give us his views on the War of the Spanish Succession (“which I understand is going very well for England” he might have said.) It’s well established (and a source of endless amusement and media comment) that when he starts a comment with the words…..”some people think that”….or “some people don’t know that”…….it’s absolutely certain that he will relate something that HE didn’t know but was just briefed on. Frederick Douglass was obviously one such incident; another one was “some people don’t know that the Korean War is not over……it was just suspended by an armistice that ended the fighting.” Clearly, someone in the White House decided that he should learn that before getting deep into Korean diplomacy.

            He literally knows almost nothing outside of everyday personal experience, and (like Dubya in a way) is totally lacking in intellectual curiosity. At best…….he’s an upper grade school or middle school level child, with no desire to go to high school. Exactly the sort of thing that appeals to the fanatical Bible-thumping foreigner-hating know-nothings of modern right wing Republicanism. If memory serves, there were times in the campaign when he would explain to the rabid audiences at his rallys that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and that there was a time in the past when black people voted predominantly Republican. I would bet money that he was surprised when someone on the campaign staff briefed him on that.

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            1. LOL. I love the description of the president as an “upper grade school or middle school level child, with no desire to go to high school”.

              So perfect for him.

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          2. Frederick Douglass was sought out for comment after Trump pointed out how popular he has become and what a great job he’s doing.

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  6. The, somewhat sensible, post war order appears to be about to get smashed.

    A POTUS that has the fragile ego of a two year old, a Prime Minister that appears incapable of leading her party, an internal opposition in her own party that for frankly ideological reasons, and not good ideological reasons, thinks that destruction equals creativity…

    Theresa May appears to have alienated both the USA and the EU, at the same time. Wow! What a politician.

    I doubt that there are any ‘fun times’ ahead for any average person in the whole of the UK. I suspect that this is Burns’ “bought and sold for English gold” rephrased as “fire sale, right here, right now! Roll up and ruin us.”. The UK has isolated itself from any protective alliances.

    It is the butterfly effect writ large, a minor xenophobic rash was boosted by newspapers, became entrenched, led to Nigel Farage, and the rest is history. Rather than challenge the extreme right, the right embraced the far right. And so, onward to isolation. But that is not a credible position in today’s world. We will be picked off by far larger trading partners, our UK independence will be a joke.

    That is my case against Westminster.

    I’d play you ‘The Animals’ – ‘You got to get out of this place’ – yet again, but you know that. Huh?

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  7. Does anyone know the oddball in the 9th image dressed as a leprechaun holding a placard mentioning Farage and Jesus Christ?

    Is this the nutter who used to interfere with marathons and sports events in protest at something or other?

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      1. There was/is a defrocked priest who used to dance in a mini-kilt in front of athletes at major events. He was protesting about a myriad of issues which were never fully clear to the non-insanse public.
        It’s a deeply unsettling thought!


        1. I’m pretty sure he died a few years back. Can’t remember much about him myself but I remember he screwed up an Olympic marathon (or walking event) in maybe Greece?

          Anyway I think he’s dead.

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  8. OT. Just read:

    Joseph Rowntree report
    Poverty in Sco has fallen.
    Poverty in Eng & Wales has risen
    Poverty figures in Sco used to be highest in the UK before devolution
    Since the SNP came to power they have fallen significantly
    Since devo in Wales, they have risen

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