The New Railway Station and Museum…

The work on the front is coming on apace…

a new rail
The new station, opened only a couple of days ago.
a discovery
RS Discovery and the museum.
a disc museum
Hmmm… a white lorry and the museum.
a dis ms
The fencing is still up to keep people out, but it is looking good.

12 thoughts on “The New Railway Station and Museum…”

  1. O/T just browsing through some of your longer comments threads and was wondering if WordPress allows a simple way of getting back to the Top or to Home?

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    1. Kangaroo, I’ve got extensions on my browsers that give me a pair of up and down arrows which I put at the bottom right of my screen. I find them very handy. With WordPress, being taken right to the top is not always an advantage, though; I try to remember a key word – who said it, something in what they said – that will let me use the find function to get back to it.

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  2. As my friends from Perth always said, “City of Discovery. Discover how shitty a city can be.”

    That was in the 80s. Haven’t been in Dundee for about 25 years, do must have a look.

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  3. The old station building was an eyesore; I hope they fixed the leaks in the roof of the canopies over the platforms, though, not just put a fancy frontage on. I heard that the building over the station entrance blocks sightlines down from the High Street / Nethergate, but I haven’t been able to get down to check… it seems a shame to tear down one eyesore that got in the way (the old and much-unloved Tayside House (Subed.-check facts), which looked better as a pile of rubble than it ever did inlife), and then put up something else to impede the view.

    There used to be a freeway that got in the way of the view down to San Francisco’s famous Embarcadero, which is naturally enough right on San Francisco Bay. When the freeway was famously destroyed in the Loma Prieta earthquake, it was decided not to rebuild it, mainly for that aesthetic reason.

    In Dundee, it’s a pity they didn’t move the bus station over there – over the top of the rest of the station, maybe – and run the local buses past it too. Having the railway station, the bus station, and the main local bus interchanges so far apart – and not even a shuttle bus between the three for the benefit of the decrepit and enfeebled like myself – is a real pain in the posterior which no V&A offshoot can assuage.

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