It has, at least in large part, to do with race, colour, religion and making loads and loads of money.

Did I mention, it has to do with colour (color)?

Now, why does that not surprise me?

My thanks to Danny for sending it.



  1. Well put together, that clip. Just one factual inaccuracy that I spotted, towards the end – net immigration to the US is actually down, and it’s not all because of the hostile environment, it has to do with an improving economy in Mexico – this is what I’ve read, but not fact-checked.

    The narrative and myth of vast hordes of brown people who are also rapists, murderers and thieves trying break through a weak border to “infest” – yes, Trump actually said that – the US is part of the Nazi-style demonization and scapegoating of a minority. Now they are trotting out people who claim they are victims of crime by illegal immigrants, conveniently ignoring the fact that crime rates among immigrants are lower than they are among people born in the USA.

    But then, the kind of right-wing authoritarian mindsets and movements led by charismatic, demagogic, nativistic, nationalistic liars with a cult of personality behind them – tend not to be big on facts to begin with.

    People in the resistance to them inadvertently buying into aspects of the opposition’s propaganda is like unconsciously triggering aspects of the Cringe that may lurk in neglected corners of Scotspersons’ psyches…

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    1. He also lied about the figures in Germany.

      But that is how you put fear and hatred into the minds of people who blindly accept what someone like him says.

      And Cameron used the same sort of vocabulary, as did Farage, so the UK is no better.

      Thank god we have a decent government that recognises the need for immigration and seems to care very little what colour someone’s skin is.

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  2. Off topic, concerning the news today in the National that Scotland is not to be represented on the board of the nationalized LNER railway, that rabid independentista who sometimes writes under my name is advocating denying the LNER running rights in Scotland until we do get represented on that board. (Just as a matter of interest, I wonder who is involved in running the Belfast-Dublin railway.)

    With a vote of Parliament behind it (which would be nice, but possibly not guaranteed), the Scottish Government would put Westminster in the position of having to overturn yet another piece of Holyrood legislation. I – oh, alright, I admit it was me – am pretty sure that Westminster would back down rather than risk another fight, and publicity-generating disruption to passengers (disruption which a majority of Scottish people would both understand and approve of).

    It doesn’t matter whether we are “allowed” to do that or not – regardless, we could tie up the regime in litigation, force it to override Holyrood yet again – or cave.

    I also make the point that when the regime tears up the devolution settlement and says, in effect, “devolved powers be damned”, then we are equally entitled (politically even if not legally, and even that is questionable) to say “reserved powers be damned”.

    The regime’s petty spite in denying us a seat on that board is in fact an opportunity for us to punish it. Nemo me impune lacessit – it’s time and past time to make good on that.

    We also need to deny that lying wee (insert choice of expletive HERE) Mundell any status in our relations with him – urgh – other than as a particularly unreliable and mendacious Tory MP of just one constituency in SW Scotland. And may hell slap it intae the people who voted for him there, preferably before the next election.

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    1. Well, here’s the thing. Scotrail is the most efficient railway in the UK.

      The East coast line, privatised has been a complete disaster. Having had to bail out two separate private organisations, the English Transport Secretary… he who is responsible for all the fiasco going on in English Rail… intends to re privatise it for a third time.

      So yes. Agreed. Motion in parliament. This isn’t being petty, but the English transport blokey has proved he couldnt run a piss up in a pub, so let’s have some sensible input from Humza.

      As for Mundell. It was reported at one time that Her Strong and Stable Curtseyness would no longer deal with Nicola and all contacts would henceforth be with Mundell.

      It wouldn’t be unreasonable for Nicola to say that she would no longer see him, and that he could see one of her ministers.

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        1. If Caligula could appoint his horse as Consul then surely Nicola could appoint a fox or a badger as Minister for English affairs.

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      1. A Minister for English Affairs appointed by us sounds like a great idea to me! No one should represent us who hasn’t been elected or selected by us – so no more Fluffy the Intrepid Defender of Devolution – and no one should represent anyone else to us that we have not agreed to.

        Still, I think we (that’s we Scots) should refuse to recognize Mundell in any capacity whatsoever other than as Tory MP for Dolce & Gabbana. My reasoning: if he were an ambassador of the Westminster regime to Scotland, we would have summoned him to come and explain himself many times before now. Hauled him over the carpet, as the saying goes.

        On Clause 15, Mundell failed to produce promised drafts, promised a debate on Clause 15 – and we all saw what happened. For misconduct of equivalent gravity, an ambassador would expect to be sent home, if he didn’t succeed in blaming it on a Third Secretary.

        There is no point whatsoever in trying to deal with someone who is incapable of negotiating in good faith. We know the regime lies pretty constantly anyway, but Mundell has a shifty unreliability and a frankly pathological problem with telling the truth. Not that I’m saying he’s as bad as Trump, of course, but you still can’t trust a thing the man says. Mundell’s smirking pal Lidington is another pea from the same pod.

        We should have zero tolerance for misbehaviour from the regime and its minions. For minions like Mundell and Lidington – give them a briefing of things we will no longer tolerate – lies, bad faith and unsupported allegations, basically – and in any future dealings, end the discussion immediately a lie is told, and demand that the Westminster regime send us someone who is qualified and authorized to deal.

        Then we would look at that person and decide whether they will do, in the same way that ambassadors to the UK are required to present their credentials to the Court of St James’s before they can be accredited. We are going to have to set up our own mechanism for that eventually anyway, so I say – do it now, and let’s start with the representatives of the English (sensu lato) Government to ours.

        We deserve better than shysters like Mundell. We should be beyond caring whether or not the Westminster regime believes it has the power to send anyone it likes to boss us around and lie to us – and simply be determined not to cooperate in our own humiliation.

        We should be beyond caring what it says in the devolution settlement too – and never mind the legalities, because Westminster evidently doesn’t. Yes, reserved powers be damned. We should simply do what is best for us, and let the regime try to fight us – if it can be bothered, if it thinks it can win, if it has the resources, if it has the brainspace – and once one fight is done, then we pick another. Actually, we should be keeping as many of them going as we can. The regime is weak. The harder we can push it, the better for us all – including our friends in the rUK.

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        1. That’s a pretty complete analysis of the situation.

          For fairness, the post would have to be Minister for dealing with UK affairs. That minister should then be the Scottish minister who would deal with the likes of Muddle. (Who’d want the job?)


  3. Why not call it the Minister for International Affairs and treat them as just another country?That would put the cat amongst the pigeons.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I feel my suggestion is better – having the (English-appointed) SoS for Scotland report to the (Scots-appointed) “English affairs” minister is both more accurate & fun 🙂

        On unrelated news that’s our first 30C day of the year (June again). This weather site is about 2 miles up the road, sadly it’s been falling apart (the measuring hardware) in recent years but still gives you an idea of the last month or so : http://stormtrack.co.uk/ We’ve had under 20mm of rain since the end of April, looks like another 1976 here, althought that’s nothing compared to 2011!

        Some of you may remember my outdoor hydro tomatoes which I took a punt on putting outdoors on 3 May? Well I’m not going to get any ripe fruit for end-June (impossible I reckon in England) but early/mid-July looks like the start of the (rolling) crop. Each pot is drinking a litre of nutrients/day and rising. I may actually take a piccie & send it in 🙂

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Vestas,

          Call me a fool, but having actual working weather sites ought to be a tad important? Giving up on them is just a convenient denial?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well what doesn’t work is his wind speed indicator (got blown off the roof) and sometimes in winter his rain gauge stuff freezes.

            To be frank its not bad for a home-based weather station (£200 or so at the time IIRC) after 10 years 🙂

            Its normallly within a degree or so of temps here (Glenfield) although we’re on the downslope of a hill so it can form a little microclimate which is warmer.

            Liked by 2 people

        2. Yes, that’s a good suggestion…

          Oh yeah, send pics…

          I have a feeling these tomatoes are going to be the most expensive ones on the planet…


          1. I’ll get around to photos.

            Not sure why you think they’re going to be expensive? Hydroponic stuff is pretty cheap.

            Anyway I’m using two of these outside :


            One tank obviously but I don’t do what they recommend in terms of soil – I use clay pellets as they’re easy to wash off/sterilise each year. The aquavalves are the expensive bit but they last, unlike knockoff copies.

            Inside I grew them using NFT (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nutrient_film_technique) and LEDs. I wouldn’t do NFT and tomatoes again as root rot (Pythium) is an issue & I don’t want to be putting sterilising stuff like Pythoff into high water content like toms.

            Hydro can be expensive or cheap – lots of it is done with the equivalent of some plastic guttering and a water pump.

            Nutrients : https://www.eurohydro.com/floraseries.html and https://www.eurohydro.com/florakleen once a month to keep the pipes clear of salts. If you know what you’re doing with plants you can dial up/down N-P-K ratios as required.

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            1. Oh and those nutrients are suitable for soil too – just half the quantity.

              3 x 1L bottles ought to give you around 200-300 litres of plant food for soil.

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  4. Back on the trains stories. My journey to our meet up consisted of a rather poor bus journey, a wee shot on the Clockwork Orange, and a trip from Glasgow to Perth. The damn train stuck entirely to it’s timetable. Left on time, arrived on time. At the station I got a taxi to the Cherrybank Inn.

    Going back, thanks to Abu, I arrived early at the station and the damn train arrived on the dot. Got into Glasgow Queen Street on time too.

    So, that is not a network in crisis. It is a pretty good public transport network. Perhaps it is just me, but I wouldn’t have cared much if the trains had been five minutes late in their arrival times. It would still have had a comfortable and pleasant, and incredibly safe (second only to air travel the last time I looked), journey.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. To be fair trains outside the SE of England/West Mids are reasonably on-time in off-peak periods.

      Doesn’t change the fact they’re insanely expensive unless you :

      a) have a season ticket;

      b) book several lifetimes in advance.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Vestas,


        I am an ancient Scot with a mygovscot card. Which, for no reason I can see, except the extent of the subsidy, allows me to travel firth on buses, to the north and to the south. Trains, no.

        Quite a weird dichotomy.

        I have always preferred trains.

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        1. I used to (1980s) work for CalMac and one of the perks was you got free train/bus travel across the UK. Due to the “odd” way CalMac did things this was useful (to say the least) for me as I was on the Arran run despite living on Lewis.

          I got two years free travel when summer employment came to an end – all (bar one) of the Chief Stewards were decent guys & felt bad booting people onto the dole for winter. Couple of years of free transport went some way to ameliorating that & hardly anyone would use it – I did 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Last week, Inverness to Kilmarnock, 3 coaches 1 bus, every one on time, clean, quick and efficient. Total cost £1.00.
              Thank you Scottish Government for my Crumbly Card !

              Liked by 1 person

    2. The trains are pretty good in Scotland, for a system that has been underfunded for 40 years and more. Mrs Thatcher hated public transport. Oh what a visionary she was (not).


  5. Caledonian sleeper – got dragged out of my bunk at 5:30 am as the train had “lost power”. Fortunately I had my own breakfast with me (as I’d been told the train breakfast was lousy). I got coffee as soon as we got on the damned Virgin train. Lots of others had to try several times as the coffee machine went on the blink.

    Not sure who runs it and why the h€ll does the Inverness train go via Preston?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently it’s Serco that runs it.

      They say the contract was awarded by the Scottish government, but I thought that all cross border trains were the responsibility of the English Transport Department.

      Give up on Preston though.!


  6. Err..

    To the point of the post.

    That was a fascinating analysis of long term US political change. Quite a chunk of which I did not know.

    Fast-forward to today, we have Donald Trump as POTUS who frankly is not up to ‘stuff’. We have a Senate and Congress that fear saying a word against him. (There are honorable exceptions.)

    On a minor note, the treatment of what most of us would see as refugees being separated and effectively politicized or becoming hostages, is a policy coming from a nut case. To bet the house on the racism of US citizens may be a step too far. There is a pile of evidence that US citizens do not subscribe.

    Lest we forget, the UK’s Calais policy was pretty obscene too.

    On a major note, the desire to replace the rule of law with what Donald Trump thinks, perhaps a moment ago, is obscene.

    There lies a broken democracy.

    Theresa May is not far behind him.

    It is all a bit messed up.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amendment V, United States Constitution, December 15, 1791:
      “No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

      Amendment XIV, United States Constitution, July 9, 1868
      “[N]or shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

      Donald Trump, Tweet, June 24,2018
      “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came.”

      Has he read the constitution? Probably not! Does he know that he’s spouting gibberish (as long as the federal courts are in session?) He doesn’t care! The federal midterm election is only 4 months away now, and Trump is sure that branding the foreigners as dangerous violent criminals who are invading…..”infesting”……the American republic is a political winner for him. He’s a sociopath and a demagogue, and he knows how much his minions hate “foreigners.” So he’ll get crazier and crazier during the months ahead, in confidence of political gain in November.

      The Democrats are acting confident too. But this is the party that managed to lose Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan in 2016 (and therefore the White House.) Not an easy thing for a Democrat to do. So I wish I could feel real confidence in a party that is so adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Not a clue what he is doing… and not open to taking advice from professional officials who DO know what they are doing.

        Added to which, his close team seem to being directed by the scriptures, which is all well and good, but possibly a little out of date in terms of today’s refugee crises, or at least some might say.

        I wonder if these right wing bible belt politicians know the story of the good Samaritan, for example. Or maybe the Sermon n the Mount “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

        Probably not. I suspect their Christianity may have little to do with what I was taught in RE at school.

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        1. Tris……I suspect that the Trumpies prefer Old Testament religion. Jesus was too much of an old softie. He probably liked foreigners……not to mention the poor and downtrodden. 😉

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Conan…….Chilling article! Every time he pulls that flag hugging routine, I have to fight back a gag reflex. He did that stunt quite a bit during the campaign, and the immigrant-bashin, gun-totin, flag-wavin, Bible-thumpin, Trump-lovin yahoos lapped it up like mother’s milk.

              Liked by 1 person

      2. It is sad but true that the Republican Party, 90% at least, are behind Donald Trump. Could, maybe, see Congress flipping but the Senate looks far tougher. Maybe impossible.

        Though to me at least, there seems something wrong with a system where the person that gets most of the votes for President loses.

        There is a storm brewing, one way or the other.

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        1. They system is, I suppose, as unfair as FPTP (but in a different way).

          The seats distribution in Westminster is really no reflection of how people voted.

          In 2015 the SNP had 50% of the vote across Scotland, but it took 93% of the seats!


        2. It will be tough to flip the Senate. It always depends on which ones of the approx. 1/3 of seats (plus any special elections to fill out vacancies or partial terms) are contested in any given election year. This year, 24 incumbent Democratic seats are being contested, with only 9 Republican seats, plus 2 Independents.

          The House is a better bet, but Trump’s support from Republicans seems surprisingly firm.

          The electoral college that elects the president is a strange beast. It still serves one of its original purposes of providing political power to the small states in the election of the president, somewhat disproportionate to their populations. Actually, there are only five times in American history that the winner of the national popular vote didn’t won the election. But two of those times have been in the last 18 years…….George W. Bush (2000) and Donald Trump (2016), both Republicans.

          James Madison is considered the father of the constitution, and he had a certain distrust of popular democracy. In the original federal constitution, only the House of Representatives was popularly elected. The electoral college elected the president, and the state legislatures elected the Senate. It was not until the 17th Amendment to the constitution was ratified in 1913 that Senators have been popularly elected.

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      3. Truth and facts are irrelevant. You have to be charismatic and controversial because if the worlds talking about you it’s forgetting the other guy. Todays lies aren’t challenged because by the time everyone’s recovered from the shock at the barefaced cheek we’re on to the next one and joe public has forgotten all about what went previously. Trump knows this, as do all politicians. Closer to home we have Woman who Walks with Buffalo. (a wee nod to Native American names for Danny there) Ruth Davidson constantly lies and gets away with it, having all the integrity of a bacterial culture.

        At least in America there still seems to be some semblance of a working media, ours being…. well we all know what ours is.

        We’re living in a world where the majority aren’t interested enough to educate themselves and are consequently manipulated by the rich and powerful to the detriment of all. The rest of us being left incredulous angry and frustrated. The majority have become complacent and apathetic and I wonder if this is either the death throes of democracy or a necessary stage before people are harshly awakened and have a revolution. Somethings got to give because the powers that be are just taking the pish now.

        Trump strikes me as being more narcissistic than sociopathic but it’s up for argument, that’s for sure.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. True all that…

          Davidson’s latest is that the SNP abstained on a project that would, she says, have brought 16,000 jobs to Scotland.

          Of course when you look into it, it’s all fabrication, but that doesn’t stop the press being on her side.

          I see one of her trusty lieutenants couldn’t get into Marks and Spencer last night for all the people stopping him to protest against the SNPs abstention.

          Well, I thought, at least swhen Miles Briggs sees a constituent, he stops and talks to them, even if he can’t get into Marks and Spencer’s becasue of it. Unlike Ruth you bellows “burly men with dogs” and heads for an Iain Gray Subway

          16,000 jobs in Scotland because of an airport in London?

          How many jobs in Wales, the North f England, Ireland? Cornwall…?

          Wouldn’t small expansions of airports all over the union be a better idea?

          In any case, if there is no deal on Brexit, for whcih they are clearly preparing us, they might as well turn the airports into theme parks, because no one will be flying anywhere, and everyone will be looking for a holiday destination in these islands. AQ week a Skegness; a week at Heathrow.


          1. I can’t help wondering why they think they NEED another runway at Heathrow?

            London isn’t going to be the financial hub it was before the Tories/Little Englanders shot themselves in the head so there will be a massive drop-off in business traffic. Likewise I rather suspect Londoners will be too fucked by negative equity (karma or what!) to be taking many holidays.

            Apart from tourism then why (post-Brexit) would you choose to use Heathrow rather than Schipol (Amsterdam)? Quite apart from the fact its a much nicer airport (and doesn’t have endemic levels of baggage theft) its in the EU. Why fly to London in the first place……?

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Well, I can’t help thinking that rushing this through now, despite it being a problematic issue for both Boris and Theresa, is a pathetic attempt to say that all will be well in the future.

              They convince no one, at least no one who thinks.

              Heathrow has always been a nightmare of an airport. I’ve only used it a few times, when my flights have been booked by work, but I’d far rather use Schipol. or CdG.


    2. Absolutely agree with you.

      And Americans are showing how disgusted they are with Trumps policy (which had to be reversed).

      Mrs May is every bit as bad. Send them home and they can appeal later, was her policy with Windrush… but “home” was on the other side of the world and many of them had never even been there.

      As for Calais… My heart bleeds for these kids, but the heartless Brit Government treated them like dirty.

      How that woman can sleep at night is a mystery to me.

      Irresponsible, incompetent, weak, opinionated, evil *****.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The Congress should. Obama referred a decision on – Syria? – to the Congress (which holds the purse strings, of course). Anyway. It didn’t happen because, if I recall, the House of Representatives refused to vote on it. I can’t remember whether they considered it at all, actually.

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  7. Just listened to a segment of Sarah Sanders – White House Press Secretary – talking about the ahem, ‘issues’ on the US Southern Border.

    I think that she and I speak different languages.

    Hers includes ‘illegal immigrants, illegal aliens’ and ‘expedited removal’. Hers are perhaps weasel words.

    Perhaps illegal immigrants equals asylum seekers, perhaps illegal aliens (?) equals a War of the Worlds scenario, perhaps scariest of the lot, expedited removal is perhaps cattle trains.

    But Sarah Sanders is a lot less insane in her language than her boss.

    The agenda seems to be that fellow humans can be described by our hero Donald Trump as about to
    “infest” the USA.


    Someone famous ( Tony Benn, (I know) ) once said that:

    “… the way the government treats refugees is very instructive. It’s the way they would treat the rest of us if they had a half the chance.”

    That is, indeed, instructive. (Didn’t realize that Tony Benn had said anything I agreed with. Strike one.)

    That, oddly enough is Billy Bragg on Question Time. (Didn’t realize that Billy Bragg had said anything I agreed with. Strike two.)

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Billy Bragg has been in favour of Scotland being independent since around 2000 or so, when he realised New Labour = New Tories.

          He’s a nice guy, met him once at some Labour do in the early 90s (was there through work rather than choice), not my cup of tea but I like his music well enough. Also apart from Ry Cooder he’s the only person I’ve ever seen play rhythm and lead guitar at the same time on an acoustic guitar. Deserves a +1 for that even though he’s not in Ry Cooder’s league 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. There was rather a lot that Tony Benn said that I agreed with; there was also a great deal that I didn’t agree with. 🙂

      He and I shared views on royalty and nobility and inherited influence.

      We differed a lot of the EU

      But he was an interesting man, and his diaries are a great insight into politics during his active years.

      As has been noted here, immigrant Trump is trialling out on his redneck public, these ideas, and it’s going down a storm.

      They all need to remember that the natives of the North American continent don’t look much like Trump, or Saunders or indeed Obama.


  8. So Mr Librarian,

    What did you think about the issue at hand?

    The point being:

    “… the way the government treats refugees is very instructive. It’s the way they would treat the rest of us if they had a half the chance.”

    Seems to me to be true.

    Your “views”, rather than your incredible library.


    Liked by 1 person

  9. Silence. Conan the Librarian?

    The Library is shut or going shush. That are two quantum states. As someone once said, Schrodinger I believe

    – that the cat is, until the box is open, either alive or dead.

    It impossible to prove one or the other.

    Currently, Conan the Librarian rests in that limbo land.

    We can expect a pretty little video, which will bust that dichotomy.

    C’mon Conan!


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Conan,

        Bit of a failure of a comment. Dugs have nothing to do with it. Diversion is, probably, your best strategy. Bit Trupian, to be honest.

        You sir, are still in limbo land.



        1. I have no idea what you are after Dougie. A comment on how hateful the right wing administrations of the US and UK are? See the link to the Irish Times I posted earlier.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ah! A comment from Conan the Librarian!

            Dear Conan,

            would you like to reply intelligently to my post of 13:38 rather than be a wise ass as at 13:49?

            You marginalize yourself by failing to engage directly.

            I think that is mainly why I am annoyed at you.

            Debate does not consist of pretty pictures. It consists of you and me going hammer and tongs about the facts of the situation. Something you avoid.

            I get it. You think it is incredibly clever to find an alternative viewpoint. I accept that. In one out of two cases I agreed with you!

            What I do not accept is when you go out of your way to find evidence against what you, allegedly, believe in.

            It is ridiculous, it is, half the time, counter-factual and quite why a ‘good guy’ such as you thinks it is necessary to support the Union?

            Explain yourself.


            1. I try to be succinct as possible when I post.
              Billy Bragg is in favour of Scottish independence so I posted something from his own mouth, if you thought that was a smart arse comment, well I can’t affect that.
              As much as I like posting on here I only have so much time to do so. Walking the dogs is not a responsibility I shirk even though I’d like to (two aggressive wee dugs on leads plus walking stick plus painful shoulder).
              I despise Trump and all his works, and that Dougie, is ALL I’m going to say on this matter.

              Liked by 1 person

  10. 16:16,

    Conan thinks I am a nut. Conan can’t speak, quite strange. If one thing humans do it is argue with each other. Where is Conan the Librarian?

    In a silicon chip?




    1. That was too cruel. But Conan the Librarian has to come off the fence of humanity and Trump.

      Just saying.


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