Aamer Anwar’s interview

Reproduced here with Aamer’s permission.

He’s the nicest, kindest guy you could hope to meet, but I’d seriously not like to come up against Aamer when he’s angry… and here, he is angry.


24 thoughts on “Aamer Anwar’s interview”

  1. Unfortunately,this is probably just the start of many such incidents.
    Once the Tories are free from Brussels “Red Tape” health and safety will be a distant memory.
    Not only that but creatures like Theresa May will be the final arbiters in any dispute over culpability so there will be no redress against irresponsible landlords,politicians etc
    Aamer is absolutely correct,when criminal activity takes place,there must be a criminal investigation but no doubt the Tories will manage to dodge the bullet on that one.
    At least a criminal investigation would be more open to public scrutiny and there would be confidence that those responsible would be held to account.
    In Tory England…..no chance.

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    1. But I agree that once they have ditched the interfering Brussels rules it will be back to great British values, and we all know what they are.


  2. This very public disaster where so far a confirmed 30 people have lost their lives is just the tip of an austerity Britain, corporate greed iceberg. Benefit cuts, cuts to services and our ever expanding low wage economy have killed countless more. The vast majority of these unfortunate people have passed without notice.

    When are ordinary people going to wise up to this current soulless uncaring regime based on greed and hate. They are not in our interest and its time they were shown the door.

    The prison door.

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    1. Well, I don;t know how much more even the supine Brits will take before they get fed up with people taking the mick.

      These people are sounding angrier by the hour. The last I heard they had stormed the town hall.


  3. The CPS will brush it all under the carpet should the police charge someone “inconvenient” to the state. eg rich Tories/donors.

    The judicial system in the UK is a joke and has been since the 1930s.

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    1. Oh I’m absolutely certiain thatno one of any import to the government will be held responsible.

      I’m sure they will find a scapegoat who didn’t go to the right school… maybe even a foreigner.

      The revolting Mail joined the Express to put some innuendo that they know isn’t true into thier headline.

      The Express was “Europe”; the Mail “Green policies”.

      And the Sun, never afraid to sink even lower, sent a reporter round to a hospital posing as a relative of one of the injured.



  4. There have to be inquests. Possibly 100+ people have lost their lives. Surely it has to be determined whether that was by accident, misadventure, manslaughter or murder – that won’t be decided by a public inquiry in which the parameters are set by the Government. Pressure must be brought for inquests to be done. A public enquiry will be a whitewash. I’m confident that some of the unutterable bastards who are culpable here have already retained their top-level counsel to represent them at any forthcoming P.I. Watch the Tory establishment close ranks here, folks.

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    1. Indeed but the ultimate “judges” in E&W are the CPS so inquest verdicts are meaningless. If the CPS won’t put a case before a court then the law has no say.

      Private criminal prosecutions are a lot more feasible in E&W than Scotland (where you need judicial authority to even start a case) but you’d need very very deep pockets indeed to successfully bring a criminal conviction in this case. If the CPS doesn’t play ball (and it won’t IMHO) then its game over for state-funded prosecutions.

      I suspect the likely outcome is that everyone from the builders to the council get their bollox sued off them in civil cases. Oh dear the tory wankers in K&C will have to pay (a lot) more council tax. What a shame eh?

      Then again maybe someone enterprising down there has realised that a crowd-funded prosecution in case the CPS don’t do it is a very viable proposition indeed. If the CPS actually do the right thing then give the money to the victims.

      We’ll see.

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  5. Aamer Anwar’s interview,

    Well, he didn’t miss, did he?

    This is the deregulated and messed up Britain that the Tories want. A nation where cheapskate cladding that goes on fire is a judgement call on a spread sheet. A country where the ‘view’ has to be improved in order that the mega rich are not made aware of the poor that support them.

    I would suggest that this might be a long, hot, summer.

    The CPS, as per Vestas post above, may lose any credibility whatsoever. You know, in the next nanosecond or so.

    This has all the potential for a riot.

    And Londoners do that a lot better than we do.

    Just saying.

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    1. May’s visit tonight fairly nearly caused one.

      And seriously, who can blame them.

      All the platitudes are there, but we’ve heard them all before.

      I’m sure the elusive magic money tree that only shows itself when royals or lords or MPs want something, will be mentioned soon.

      Come along you poor people, we’ve been nice to you so far, but we can only go so far. …

      As I mentioned earlier Jo Maugham is getting involved

      Jo Maugham QC‏Verified account @JolyonMaugham 59m59 minutes ago
      Lots of serious law firms want to help. There will be accountability. There will. https://twitter.com/Sarahdotparker/status/875320300732387329


  6. Tories, especially those at the top levels of government, are ridiculous caricatures of humanity.

    Rudd and May are really not people.

    WTF should we have to organize a petition, whilst they wonder what UKIP will make of it?

    They are both beneath contempt.


    1. Farage has been very quiet.

      He was looking forward to a bonfire of regulations on health and safety once we left the EU.

      It seems unlikely that that is on the cards any time soon.


  7. trispw,

    I would like to get a fingertip on the ‘magic money tree’. For the Tories have messed it up.

    My first use of it would be to target anyone, anyone at all, that has assets sheltered abroad. I would confiscate all of their assets both here and abroad. Down to the last farthing. Which possibly includes the PM’s husband. That would be a good use of the ‘magic money tree’.

    That should repatriate a lot of dosh. And take it into common ownership.

    Also, our laws on land should be adjusted so that an estate beyond, say a few hectares, should be subject to death duty taxes at a realistic evaluation of it’s potential. In other words, rich Landlords should be eviscerated. It will not be enough to claim a ‘grouse moor’ is a ‘grouse moor’ when it could be used for other purposes. That includes the Queen. Fighting for that, for they will not surrender easily, might be another use for the ‘magic money tree’.

    Lastly, a modernised Scotland should invest a huge proportion of the money freed up from those that currently control the ‘magic money tree’ and invest it in our future. Some will be wasted, but the future has potential and the past and the present are frankly, disastrous examples to model ourselves on. If I wre in charge, this would also be a use for the ‘magic money tree’. By the time that this became practicable, the ‘Magic Money Tree’ might be re-named ‘The Money Tree’

    Who knows?

    So say I.

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