Thanks to Gerry for sending this. (I missed his email, and so the picture missed Soppy Sunday.)


47 thoughts on “PEACE…”

  1. Yeah luvvly would make a nice Swan pie ..yummy

    anyways I must demand its time we put aside our many
    differences and fight our common enemy. Who is more of a
    existential danger to both of our camps than we are to each other.
    Like Greeks of ancient times we need to assemble our political armies
    and as at The Battle of Plataea. All of us march to conans and then
    Duff him up Biff ! Bash ! Bosh ! and then we will have a lasting peace
    in which to resolve our differences in a peaceful democratic process.
    and live happily ever after.

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    1. I’d like to point out to you that, according to legend, swans belong to Her Britannic Majesty and as such the common herd… that’s you and me… make pies with them (and eat them with chips and brown sauce)… at our peril. (Although that particular factoid owes more to myth than actual fact, and most certainly isn’t true in Scotland.)

      I’m relieved to see that at least someone in Labour is aware of the fact that the “enemy” here is the Tories.
      Maybe they are the only hope for the union; maybe they are the only ones who will manage the Uk out of the EU… but it’s HOW they do it that matters. Parties on the left should work hard to make sure that they have as little influence as possible. Ruth Davidson really needs to stop turning on a pin head. She’ll get dizzy. One minute a line in the sand, the next it is erased. One minute free prescriptions are the devil’s work and the next they are a wonderful policy. She’s a walking contradiction.

      Now to marching on Conan’s house… and the big bash boff bit… Nah, he’s got dogs… and he’s probably got a good cellar too! Let’s just go round and have a few jars?


      1. In Orkney, swans belong to the people, not the Crown, so technically you can eat them there.
        As for coming round to my house, everybody is welcome; I do prefer Trappiste beer to wine, but I do have some sparkling wine for the wife’s Buck’s Fizz, and some robust Portuguese red, perfect for my mate Magnus when he comes round with his game terrine…

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        1. All sounds good to me. Munguin will try to control Niko’s desire to do a bit of bashing when we bring him round.

          Maybe he should stick to Prune Juice though…


  2. I still don’t understand anything Niko writes. Is there a user’s handbook? He seems an OK guy at times, but mainly incomprehensible. Tris, fo you have the equivalent of a Babel Fish?

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    1. Niko thinks he is the reincarnation of Bob Hoskins, so read closely to what he says as if he is a Cockney gangster seen through the lens of an Northern Irish unionist cum left wing Cypriot tour guide. Then it’s quite simple.

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    2. LOl. It takes time to get used to Niko’s eccentricity. But there are times when he leaves me behind. Why, even Munguin looks a little cross eyed sometimes… and his intellect is undisputed.


  3. Although I prefer the legend that the Queen owns all the swans, the fact seems to be that she only owns her personally marked swans on the river Thames. That’s what the swan upping business is about. So if you grab a swan from the river, you could end up in the tower.

    Apparently it all goes back to the old days when the aristocrats ate swans, which were a delicacy, and they owned the swans that lived on their property. There was apparently a swan upping SEASON in those days. Anyway, as time went by, the nobility had better sources of food and they quit worrying about who owned the swans. Everyone that is except the reigning monarch who is still doing the swan upping business…….for ceremonial and wildlife management purposes apparently, as swan is not usually served at the palace anymore as I understand it.

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    1. You mean if I went down to see the queen when she comes to Scotland for her 10 days a year, I’d not get a swan sandwich?

      Jeeez. Not worth going then.


      1. Used to eat ZWAN luncheon meat on pieces as a bairn. Pre EEC days their advertising logo was a swan, so obviously I thought I was eating the real deal.

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  4. Am I the only one who isn’t able to “Like” a comment by clicking on the star? I click on the star, and a window comes up and tells me to Log In with Email address or WordPress ID, and a password.

    When I type in the Email address that comes up automatically when I post a comment, it says WordPress doesn’t recognize it. So I can’t even get it to send me whatever password it thinks I have.

    I’m afraid to fool around with it too much, since I’m afraid it might screw up the ID I’m posting with. It does tell me I can “Register” with wordpress, but that seems to be something about establishing my own blog, and nothing (apparently) to do with posting ON an existing blog.

    Oh well, at least I can post messages………..until I CAN’T of course. 😉

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    1. No, your not the only one Danny.

      I think WordPress must make the free version of their blog (which this is…. Munguin isn’t made of money, you know…well, he is, but he doesn’t believe in spending it) so unpalatable that people end up paying for a version that doesn’t have all the glitches.

      Well, they’ve met their match with Munguin. Nothing on Earth would persuade him to part with his hard earned!


    2. Danny. I had the exact same difficulty and then it finally let me in to register without having to establish my own blog. It didn’t let me use Dave anymore however because, surprise, surprise someone else from who knows where got it first. I would imagine someone else has hoovered up Danny as well so to keep the name you’d have to sign out of WordPress and sign in again to like. Also if you press the like number you can see who likes your entry but if you press it again you’ll like yourself which is most uncool.

      I call it the WordPress tombola.

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      1. @ greig12……Thanks for that description. That’s exactly why I didn’t explore the registration options more than I did, because I was pretty sure that it would screw up the ID I now use for posting which is working fine.

        It would be nice to “like” a posting from time to time, but not advisable to press the issue it seems. That business of accidentally “liking” your own posting would indeed be uncool…….LOL.

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  5. I thought it was Lochore Meadows at first but then it occurred to me that the swan wasn’t heading at speed toward the photographer to bully him out of his sandwiches or to attack his dog.

    They can break your neck with one beat of their wing you know, the vicious beasts.

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    1. Oh yes, they can be incredibly fierce.

      I once saw a swan see off two ned thugs that were a bit drunk that waded into a pond they were on. They had young.

      Big heroes, they ended up running like mad for the bank. One of them cut his foot quite badly.

      Shame, I thought.

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      1. As soon as they see my staffie at Lochore they head toward her at speed. She stands her ground while striking a heroic pose only to leg it sharpish when they get within 20 feet and she sees they mean business. I think it’s known as a tactical retreat. Where am I during all this? Well I’m right behind her.

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  6. I once witnessed a swan attack a duckling. First it separated the duckling from its mother and then furtively swam up behind it before trying to peck it to death. Mind you, it was one of those nasty foreign swans. Poor show all round.

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    1. British swans would never behave like that. Dear me no.

      As soon as we are out of that Common Market thingy, we’ll be able to stop these damned foreign birds coming to our lochs and rivers, eating our pond weed and bringing their filthy foreign bird habits with them.

      Rule Britannia, I say…

      OK. I’ll take my pills now

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      1. I knew that swans could exhibit really nasty behavior, but didn’t realize that only foreign swans act that way….LOL.

        As for foreign animal intrusions, I did know that your admirable well-behaved red squirrels are being pushed around by a foreign squirrel, which I recall was once referred to in these columns as nasty gray rats from America. It could be worse of course. You could have American rattlesnakes…..or nasty American swans for that matter. 😉

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        1. Well, as you know, Danny, our strong and stable leader has once again promised to reduce the number or immigrants coming to these shores.

          As she was for the last 6 years, the Home Secretary, responsible for immigration, and has spectacularly failed in each year to make any inroads, we can take it with a pinch of salt.

          However, if she is being particularly strong and stable at the time, and maybe if she holds Mr Trumps hand a little more tightly, she will manage to stem the flow of critters, if not people, into this sceptred isle , this England.

          I’m told American swans are particularly short tempered and disagreeable and paint their faces orange. As for rattlesnakes, I suspect Westminster is full of them. 🙂


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