Random thoughts…


a security
Probably best check the security on Trident?
a salaries
So, that’s fair then.
Ruth condemns Corbyn for wanting peace?  Jeez, we all wanted peace, you silly woman and these leaders worked for it.
Are we president
Strong and stable worries me….
…firstly because if I had to choose anything tat was NOT strong or stable, I’d choose May…
…and secondly, I’m a bit worried about its origins….
…and thirdly, because I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing it.


Much better to get their grandfathers to vote. They’re not so worried about the future.
Damn, I suppose now he’ll be going back to England for a bit of bloodthirsty killing of the weak and defenceless.



16 thoughts on “Random thoughts…”

  1. I see Alex Massie over at the spectator is saying
    Corbyn should not allowed to rewrite history
    appropo his support for peace in Northern Ireland.
    Er no thats only allowed for the Torys.

    Torys suggesting giving rights too workers
    and at the same time blocking their ability
    to enforce or claim said rights alongside
    instant dismal.

    If Labour have got it right on workers rights
    as the Tory must admit and energy freezes.
    you have to ask what else have they got right.
    imitation only legitimise your opponents.

    as new Labour proved for the Conservative
    right wingers

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  2. The trick that the Tories are pretty good at perpetrating is to convince “working people” that they (working people) are part of the elite they represent.
    This allows them to sell the idea that anything which involves colective action will undermine their (working people) hard won wealth.
    This will only last as long as working people can afford to pay back their debt (wealth).
    Brexit will definitely put an end to cheap borrowing and along with it,the myth that the Tories represent the interests of working people.
    Another reason why the Tories have decided to call a premature election.

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    1. That’s a good point.

      Make them feel that they are invited to the party, even though they are only really here to wash the glasses and vacuum the carpet.

      And then there is the inevitable British “snob” thing.

      I suspect that the chaos which follows Brexit and the inevitable harshness of the economic policies that will have to follow will slash the Tory dream. But yes, well after she has managed to win another term of her strong and stable mismanagement.


  3. tris

    I do feel all dirty and abused been on to Der Sturmer aka Daily Mail
    website why ? to peruse this

    Your right to time off if a sick relative needs care: Theresa May targets Labour voters with the launch of a revolution in the workplace

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4505416/Your-right-time-sick-relative-needs-care.html#ixzz4h8ll5f7e

    Given it was just a moment ago when

    A Conservative MP who opposed the introduction of the minimum wage 10 years ago is renewing attempts to water down legislation that makes it illegal for workers to earn less than £5.73 an hour.

    In a private member’s bill to be tabled on Friday Christopher Chope, backed by 11 Tory colleagues, will propose the house amend minimum wage legislation and enable employees to opt out.

    Andrea Leadsom called for minimum wage and maternity pay to be scrapped for small business

    No minimum wage, no maternity or paternity rights, no unfair dismissal rights, no pension rights—for the smallest companies that are trying to get off the ground, in order to give them a chance.

    The Tory scum may make outlandish claims for Socialism in our Time
    But their vile greedy self interested grasping natures will in the end triumph
    its in their dna.


    1. They will not triumph. It is in our DNA that they will not triumph.

      Gonna get it through your head that voting SNP, which I do, is as much a vote for socialism as voting Labour used to be?

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        1. But don;t you think that largely (not exclusively) the SNP is a fairly intentional and socialist organisation.

          It wants to be part of Europe; it welcomes immigration; it helps out the poor from a meagre resource allotted to it from London.

          I’m not sure that there are any right wing policies in Nicola’s agenda. But if you see any, point them out.


    2. I wonder what happened to small businesses making it because they provided a good service? Not because they were allowed to have slave labour.

      I’m all for helping companies get started, bu it should not be at the expense of what we have not accepted as basic human rights.

      Out of the EU there will be nothing to stop them though, and a big majority will mean that anything Labour or the SNP says, is as of nothing.

      And we won’t even be able to escape abroad.

      Good old warm, decent, fair, human Tories.


  4. Yeah. Niko is a lost cause. He won’t see the light until he’s in the tunnel and the train is almost on top of him. Shoulda coulda woulda didna vote for indy. Whoo ooo splat. No more NHS, care services, free prescriptions. Pay at point of need or stay in the gutter.

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    1. Well, we’ll try to rescue him from the unpleasantness and uncaring state of “our united kingdom” and the proposed “strong and stable” erm “government” of Mayhem.


    1. LOL. Yeah, I can see that being promise, but like everything else that we are hearing… about housing for example and time off to look after your relations… I don’t see any of it being funded.


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