10 thoughts on “So there!”

  1. Tris

    The three Tory parties are only interested in SNP bad, they have zero talent, just look at what they have in westminster, zero ideas and are a total joke. It’s also annoying that the yoon media just report this shit without doing a little bit of research and are now upstaged by bloggers who are not only more informed but better writers in the main and they hate it. Typical.



  2. You mean a unionist party LIED and got their friends in the media to spread it in order to smear the SNP and by extension the wider independence movement? Well colour me surprised.

    Still if you employ a former Daily Mail journalist (sic) as your head of comms, you evidently aren’t too bothered about mere things like accuracy.


    1. Hmmm… Yes, I suppose.

      You could only ever employ a Daily Mail reject if you weren’t overly fussed about the truth.

      I wonder what they pay him. They don’t have much money.


  3. Mudslinging is as old as politics. Suetonius *may* have slung shite about each of the first twelve Caesars; who knows? Cicero hated Catiline, and what Cicero wrote is what we know about him.

    Probably went too deep into ancient history there…

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      1. I blessed with classical scholars as readers of the blog Niko.

        I may end up knowing enough to get a first in The Greats at Oxford. If only I had a title.


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