1. India are going to take little England (and Scotland with it) for everything they have freakin got…payback for the English colonisation of their land, and they are best pals with Russia so what’s not to like eh. In 2014 I knew we’d be dragged out of the EU by the English gov/cabal, because the fact they scared people into voting ‘no’ or be taken out of the EU, was a clear sign of their actual intention. However for the pessimist that I am, even I didn’t think Brexit would be this catastrophic. I really fear for Scotland even more now.

    Also India have demanded far as I can gather, that the UK allows in as many indian folk to UK as they want in exchnage for ‘trade’. So that disgraceful anti immigration and racism card the Brexiters played, hmm, gonna backfire big time.

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    1. Yes, India has indicated it expects very many visas to be issued in return for any deals. Odd when you remember that the Brits hold all the cards.

      You’d have thought that they would have been able to tell them to sod off and think themselves lucky that the Brits were prepared to consider trading with them… but no.

      Odd, eh?

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  2. All predicted years ago.
    In their desperation to do deals with anyone but the EU the UK will become a dumping ground for all sorts of dodgy produce and practices.
    Still,that is democracy.
    The UK gets what England votes for.

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  3. I’ve just seen this about Truss:

    “She was the most ambitious person many people had encountered. I honestly believe she was given jobs – ministerial promotions – just to shut her up. Her ambition is, undoubtedly, considerably greater than her ability” – Anna Soubry QC) ex-Tory).

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  4. You remoaners 🤷‍♂️Toxic pests
    Any imagined side effect from poisonous food .
    Can be rendered harmless just by
    Waving the blessed union flag alongside singing a few lines
    Of God Save The Queen.
    And all will be well 🇬🇧

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    1. I’d turn over and go back to sleep, if she was the alternative universe.

      Then maybe when you wake up again, you’ll be somewhere sensible where penguins or orangutans or even lumps of clay rule the world.

      Gotta be better than this.

      I see that we are in for the worst recession for decades and the prime minister and the chancellor are off on holiday, and the prime minister in waiting is handing out insults, in both cases, lies, to probably the two most decent politicians in Britain.

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      1. Inflation terrible thing …
        But mainly for banks no good for peoples dept to get inflated away .

        I mean does anyone believe the Tory’s give a fukc if mr and mrs public can’t afford a loaf 🍞 of bread… I mean really !!

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        1. I imagine not, to be honest.

          Yesterday I saw Lurpack at £4.45 for 500grms (Aldi). Earlier today I was in Tesco and saw it at £5.00 for 500 grms. And I had to go to Lidl tonight and there it was £5.50 for 500 grms.

          At this rate by next week I won’t be able to get it unless Munguin sells the towers.

          With inflation at 12-15% I wonder how they can justify my savings account interest rate of 0.01%

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  5. Edwin Hayward 🦄 🗡
    Kay Burley: “You highlighted a very specific figure, £8.8 billion in savings. How did you reach that number?”

    Liz Truss: “Well, I don’t have the details in front of me.”

    Seriously, can you see Mark Drakeford or Nicola Sturgeon saying that?

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    1. Liz Truss “too many levels of management in NHS”. Kay Burley “Does that mean you want to sack managers?”. Liz Truss “No I want to redeploy them”.

      Doctors? Nurses? Cleaners?

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  6. Trade deal with India? Can hardly wait.
    India the worlds largest DDT producer whose soils and water are polluted with a range of POPs (Persistent Organo Pollutants) DDT, HCH, Lindane, Endosulfan, etc. Permitted levels for pesticides in food and water are far higher than permitted levels here, up to 200x in worst case.
    Could things get any worse? Mmm, if Tin Lizzie wins how about Suella B as Home Sec. and Kwarteng as Chancellor.

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      1. Nadine Dorries, if she has to be employed in cabinet I would prefer her within UK boundaries. Is she still in charge of Ch4 retribution? Ch4 don’t seem cowed by her threats, going by the time they gave to Lynton Crosby’s company and it’s involvement with the defendant in the US bribery case. Sounded a bit like Mark Antony’s speech, a liberal scatterings of “of course we are not saying that Mr Crosby were of any bribery” and such like.

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  7. The rish! says he’s going to store gas during the summer.
    Just a wee problem, iy’s summer now and your government chose to close down the storage facility.
    Coal mines if the locals agree.
    Fracking if the locals agree.
    No onshore wind farms. Too late the central belt is covered.

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  8. Tris, we are incommunicado apart from gere. Seems my email has been playing silly gubbers for days. Evertything looks normal but supposedly ‘sent’ msgs not landing. Hence non arrival of JFAL contributions and personal mail for pqast week. Trying to fix but slow process. If no AOY or SS from me you’ll know why. Not for lack of trying.

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              1. True, our Boris – sorry, no, the blond Boris reminds a body more of one of the more absurd and useless monarchs in history, the kind that drove their countries into despotism and bankruptcy, and ended their lives under the guillotine and in ignominy..


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