Boris Johnson has been given the full backing of Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack, despite the publication of a damning report into the widespread culture of lawbreaking in Downing Street during lockdown.


Not everyone, it seems, agrees

Gary Lineker 

Hospitals are really big buildings. Nurses and doctors were working really long hours. Some of them, no doubt, left their jobs and, yet, somehow still managed not to have a party after work and follow the rules that they didn’t actually make.


And this from Labour MSP, Pam Duncan-Glancy

Karaoke Party’s till 4am; Fizz; Cases of wine.

Meanwhile, we stood 6m apart outside my dad’s flat waiting for the ambulance to take his body away. Like thousands of others we stuck to rules & grieved apart. The report & their sense of entitlement makes me sick to my stomach.


Andrew Neil

PM Johnson defends alcohol-fuelled Downing St leaving parties and his “leadership duty” to attend them. It’s a new line — and new nonsense. I left the BBC after 25 years during lockdown. There was never any question of a leaving party. We all knew it would be against the rules.



Wine on the walls, vomit, a fight. And cleaners – who weren’t able to see their families – regularly cleaning it all up. But yep, let’s all get on now …


Matthew d’Ancona

Just so I understand it: it was absolutely fine to say farewell to Number Ten officials in person. But not for families to say farewell to their dying relatives in person?


And just for a laugh… who? where?



  1. Funny how every one of them has put “has apologised” in bold. It’s almost like they were just following orders.

    Raab wants to crack down on crime. Shouldn’t be difficult, given his workmates.

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    1. It’s so obvious that it is a concerted attempt to show that the cabinet is behind him, so obviously false as at least two or three of them want his job.


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  2. Strange thing about all those tory tweets, putting “has apologised” all in bold like that, every one of them. Almost looks like they were just churned out from the same central author and relayed from each account.

    Are tory cabinet ministers not capable of writing their own tweets then, or is HQ just terrified that they might not tweet the correct message?

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  3. What I would like to see is people who have been bereaved , who could NOT attend their loved ones funerals , people who could NOT get access to care facilities or hospices to say goodbye to their loved ones , parents who could NOT attend the birth of their children , couples who could NOT get married ALL get organised collectively and DEMAND that every one of the obnoxious despicable politicians who continue to make excuses for this parody of a human being and who recite the mantra of “let’s move on” be outed and ridiculed by ALL forms of media for their CRASS , UNFEELING , AMORAL attempts to divert attention
    I would also like to see the BROADCASTERS , BBC 1,CHANNEL 4 , CHANNEL 5 ,GB NEWS present programmes consisting of bereaved families , doctors , nurses , care home relatives and ask them what they think of PARTYGATE and the despicable tory politicians attempts to ignore and move on

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    1. Can’t disagree with that.

      It’s very insulting to assume that an average person who had to watch someone they loved dying alone while they watched on skype or through a window… would simply “move on” because Johnson apologised in a very insincere way. The assumption is that you could easily get over the loss of someone close in such a short time. Crap.

      I lost my mother while all this was going on. And politics aside, I’ll NEVER get over that I wasn’t there to comfort her. It absolutely haunts me and will always.

      He says that his staff worked very long hours… like NHS staff from the four countries didn’t?

      He clapped for 2 minutes and, now we can imagining him disappearing into No 10 and getting into party mode.

      NHS staff worked till they dropped. I followed several on Twitter who tweeted about how exhausted they were and how they couldn’t help but burst into tears over some of the stuff that was happening because they were so short staffed and so exhausted.

      And at the centre of the operation, they were getting legless and smashed on whatever.

      Can you imagine for a second what would have happened if Mark Drakeford, Nicola Sturgeon or Arlene Foster had been caught getting wrecked with their staff…?

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      1. One small thing about the reporting that is making me cross, is that people keep emphasising that they were partying when Philip was buried.

        I’m not suggesting for a moment that his family weren’t upset at his death, and no matter that he was 99, it’s still a shock.

        What is annoying is that somehow they seem to assume that it was worse for the queen than it was for other people who sat alone.

        I’m not sure if Elizabeth and Phil were in the same palace when he died. I’m not sure if she was with him, or if he was in one of their homes and she in another. And I don’t care. But I wish commentators would try to understand that ordinary people can hurt just as badly as posh, rich, titled and entitled ones can.

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    2. I went to a funeral as a proxy. My pal couldn’t come over for his dad’s funeral because he lives in Finland; he’d’ve been ok to travel to here, but not back (at the time – Plague Island). I was his best man 20-odd years ago so I went in his place.

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      1. I remember when most countries wouldn’t let Brits, or people who had been here, in. Presumably this was because Britain was world beating in virus at the time.

        It was good that you were able to go.

        There were funerals that had no one at them.


  4. \\bulldog drummond johnson escapes.
    He was appauled by the behavoir to minons, not comparable to burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person.
    He’s learnt the lessons of his life well, ignore and move on.
    What’s the difference between accepting responsibilty for everything and not acceptiing responsibilty for the totality.

    A lot of the report was news to the buffoon, strange that he saw it last week to agree it.

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  5. Unbe_effinglievable. I’m not sure which is worse: the overweening sense of entitlement and the sheer brass neckery that makes those trous de cul think they can get away with that kind of hypocrisy and assault on decency, or the institutions of State – including the supposedly free press – which let them get away with it.

    To believe that this time will be different is to allow hope to triumph over experience.

    When people are toxic, we all know from common sense, if not lived experience, that they are best avoided and got away from, and any legal bonds you may have contracted with them should be dissolved.

    I don’t think I need to say any more, really.

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    1. Absolutely.

      It’s hard to get away form a prime minister, or at least his influence.

      Again, he has no boss. He is de facto president of the four countries.

      And with a majority in parliament (and most of them scared stiff of a general election) he has utter power.

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  6. Correct me if I am wrong in my recollection that the lady reporting on the appalling tragedy in Texas for BBC was telling people fairly recently how glad she was to be away from the vitriolic and threatening atmosphere in Scotland ?
    (I don’t recall the exact words used but those above reflect the general tenor of the remarks reasonably well.)

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    1. Hm. I can’t help thinking that the person in question – UK metropolitan meeja, we assume – is unable to distinguish between raw, unprovoked vitriol and focused, justified outrage at the many outrages perpetrated against and around us.

      If a person is part – however unconscious and unaware – of the Great British Meeja Machine that constantly pumps out a firehose of misinformation and propaganda, they should expect a pretty acid reception from many of us Scots, for good and sufficient reasons on our part.

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      1. I think this person must be a bit over sensitive.

        And not overly bright. Didn’t this person criticise unelected Lords, forgetting that this person’s parent was one and she was, thus, “the Honorable” person?!

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        1. Isn’t it quite strange that someone can inherit the right to styled “Honourable”?

          Did anyone see any reports, interviews or pieces to camera by the BBC North America editor about the First Minister of Scotland’s recent visit ? No, me neither.

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    2. Aye, you’ll be right about that. They don;t have the SNP in Texas.

      I still, after all this time, find it hard to believe what has happened there.

      I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who have lost a kid in that situation.

      19 children and 2 teachers.

      And we’ll get a load of thoughts and prayers again, I suppose.

      Never seems to do any good though.

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      1. Aye, particularly from Ted Cruz – who’s due to speak at an NRA do – along with that utter f**kwit* trump – over the next few days.

        *Aye, ‘mon then. Prove he isnae.

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        1. The national meeting of the NRA will open in Houston on Friday. Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz will be headline attractions. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is also scheduled to attend. Only the other Texas Senator, Republican John Cornyn, has pulled out so far (due to pressing business in Washington he says,) along with Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw (who represents a congressional district in the Houston area,) who will be on a trip to a friendlier area than Texas right now……Ukraine!

          Greg Abbott is running for reelection as Governor this year, against challenger Beto O’Rourke, a former Congressman from El Paso, who mounted a close US Senate race against Ted Cruz in 2018. O’Rourke showed up at an Abbott news conference yesterday in Uvalde (where the shooting occurred.) Ted Cruz was standing right behind Greg Abbott, and (wisely) didn’t say a word during the confrontation.

          Military-style assault rifles and high capacity magazines are banned in only seven states BTW. Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Scotland in his monologue last night.

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                1. Ernie Zuniga
                  · 1h
                  Joe Garcia, the husband of Irma Garcia, one of two teachers shot and killed in Uvalde, TX on Tuesday, has reportedly suffered a fatal heart attack. Joe and Irma were high school sweethearts and married 24 years. They leave behind four children.

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          1. Very moving from Jimmy Kimmel.

            Credit to John Major (Scotland was ruled directly from England at the time) who took action right away. Within days, if I remember rightly.

            As I’ve said before, I can understand the second amendment, but it seems to me to be way out of date, because of advances in technology.

            What the hell does a teenager need a gun like that for?

            And why, when you can’t buy a beer or a pack of cigarettes, can you buy something that will kill, possibly hundreds of people?

            Thoughts and prayers got tired a LONG time ago.

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              1. I’d like to see them spin that dead kids are an advantage…

                Even the Daily Mail couldn’t manage that.

                Mind you ours would blame it on the EU or Nicola Sturgeon.

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            1. At least, “thoughts and prayers” has become a bitter political meme that is now used to ridicule the Republicans.


              Ironically, military style assault rifles were banned at a federal level for ten years, beginning in 1994. When the ban expired in 2004 (after surviving all constitutional court challenges,) it was never renewed. Today, such weapons are only banned in six states and the District of Columbia. Banned in the states of California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Massachusetts.


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              1. Trafficking guns into the gun control states is big business. The route up Interstate I-95, from the southern states where gun laws are lax into New York City where gun laws are restrictive and are sold at a big profit, is called the Iron Pipeline. Lots of guns are smuggled into California from Arizona and Nevada.

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                1. It won’t let me in, even when I swiftly moved to Salt Lake City, Danny.

                  I get the drift though.

                  With no border controls on states, you can drive anything through.

                  There are massive advantages to this, and some disadvantages…as we have recently found out!

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                  1. Tris……It’s a NY Times article. Probably hitting a paywall. Anyway, as you see, the lack of border controls make state purchase restrictions on guns pretty much a joke. That’s why a federal ban is necessary.

                    I suppose a gun runner from Arizona or Nevada would at least have a problem hiding the guns in a car, since you do have to stop at the California border for agricultural inspection. The Agriculture border protection officials can look in the car and open your trunk, and you may have to throw away fruits and snacks in order to enter California. If they spot anything that’s illegal in California like drugs and guns, then it gets tricky. The Border Protection officials can’t arrest you, but they can call the police.



              2. Yes. I can imagine everyone ripping the whatsit out of them when they say it.

                I noticed that they said that people needed to have weapons to protect themselves.

                They surely must ask themselves what kind of society they have created if people need these assault weapons to protect themselves.

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                1. Yes, the NRA always argues that carrying guns will allow people to protect themselves. Another bit of stupidity is an idea that all schools should have armed guards……or even that individual teachers should be armed. There was in fact an armed school security officer at the school in Texas, as well as other local police officers who arrived and exchanged fire with the intruder. But the school guard and local police probably just carried pistols and were outgunned by the military firepower. Apparently it was a heavily armed SWAT team that finally arrived and killed the gunman after about an hour. The armed school security officer died in the initial gunfight.


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                  1. It’s so very very sad that they cannot see that what is in the second amendment doesn’t, or shouldn’t, apply to anyone, anywhere and any gun.

                    As I’ve said many times before, living in a country where there are very few wild animals that are likely to kill you, makes a ban on guns relatively easy.

                    Farmers can still have them here, but it’s all pretty strict.

                    I can understand that if you live in a place where just outside town there are all manner of animals waiting to pounce on you and eat you, you would need protection.

                    It’s a pity that they are turned on innocent children at school.

                    I just can’t imagine what it would be like to loose your kid to a nut job in a school.

                    I’d be very inclined to keep my kids home.

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                    1. All true! And very sad!
                      It’s ironic that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to provide for national security in an eighteenth century country that had no standing Army and had just fought the British in the revolution. Today, it’s just convenient constitutional cover for gun nuts.

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    1. Major and May (and Cameron) must dispair at what the Tory government has sunk to. May is responsible for pandering to the anti-EU nutters that heralded in Johnson.

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      1. Major and May have made it quite clear what they think of him. Cameron of course is a fellow Etonian and Bullingdon Club member and is presumably bound by “Old Boys’ Club rules”.

        I’m not sure what May could have done. She was under huge pressure to deliver Brexit, even if she thought it was the wrong thing to do.

        I think her problem was that she wanted to be Prime Minister and this was her only chance. She took it, made a mess of it and will always be remembered for that!


        1. May can get tae as well. Mind how she was responsible for the “hostile environment” and the vans with placards telling people to go home? She’s no better than the rest.


  7. So I say to the judge I takes full responsibility but insists it never occurred to me the gatherings i attended broke the law.

    And I assured the judge of my regret
    And contrition on my unlawful action.
    And that it will I promise never happen again.

    Err !!can I go now Judge ??

    Unfortunately the reply from the judge was those immortal words.

    Take him down…

    That’s the down side if being one of the little people .

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    1. LOL.

      Unfortunately the judge was at Eton with him, so he didn’t say take him down. He said “I’ll meet you at Whites at 8.30 for a spot of dunner!”


  8. “Delivering to the British people…”

    Is that de-livering as in Prometheus, or simply as the latest Amazon warehouse? That (Amazon) would be a more useful purpose for No 10, and definitely so for the Hordes of Louse property. More and more I get reassured of the correctness of my early-70s decision to emigrate. The plague scuppered the annual pilgrimage to renew auld acquaintance, but I don’t think I’ve really missed out on much. Other than the plan to meet Munguinites in person. A partygate-style hooley at Mynguin Towers is still something to look forward to.

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    1. I sure as hell don’t know what they delivered for the British people.

      One of the things I note is that they keep on telling us that they have had world beating everything… including stupidity.


  9. Saw a clip of his performance in westmonster followed by his assistant an englander mp, If that’s the quality no wonder dross isn’t there or any of the others.

    Oh by the way there’s a war on, you can still buy a big single slipper on the net.

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  10. Sunak the comedian

    He gives a grant of £400 but fails to reduce vat o he gets back 20% of it instantly it’s spent.
    The old 3 cup trick.
    The energy price will reduce when the buffoons nuclear energy plan kicks in.

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    1. I haven’t seen what he’s offered, but honestly £400 doesn’t seem a lot for people on low incomes whose electricity has quadrupled in price.


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  12. Just watched the chancer say on martin Lewis interview that the grey report had no bearing on the statement today, Aye Right.
    Linked up from B&Q store.
    Got the impression Martin was getting gas lit on the standard relies.
    Can’t do everything
    Doing our best
    World problem
    Waited until ofgem gave their latest estimate

    Didn’t look good when asked what a single mum on £18,000 a year was going to get in her new low energy house, answer the £400 minus the extra fuel charges, road tax, national insurance rise, no uc for her, she didn’t mention the child benefit but then neither would I that’s to support the children.

    Flannel and lies..

    Bet he wasn’t in B7Q for some nails

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    1. Nooooo, Something to get us talking about something other than the Grey report just the day after… We never thought for a second it was a distraction.

      We all knew that it was from the bottom of his heart, just plain decency and goodness.

      Right, that’s it sorted.


  13. I can’t understand the people who say we should ‘just move on’ from the Johnson scandal. How can you move on? Do you forget that Johnson himself partied, encouraged his staff to party, lied about it and continues to lie about it? He is a liar, a drunk and a cheat and he is in charge of the country. None of us can move on and nor should we. There is too much hurt and too much grief among those who lost relatives and friends and could not be with them die as Johnson and his staff partied.
    Shame on the Tory party which continues to support him. They are all beneath contempt.

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    1. It’s so insulting that he thinks people who stood outside hospitals or care homes peering in through windows while their parents died could get over it because Johnson has said he’s sorry.

      No 1 …He’s NOT sorry he did it. He’s sorry he got caught.

      He actually doesn’t give a stuff about who you lost or the circumstances of it.

      Secondly, only a moron would think an apology would work to make people move on…. Some people married 50 or 60 years and couldn’t be with one another at the end?

      Move on?

      Don’t be woke?

      He needs to move on.

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    2. Have I Got News For You
      Vatican investigates possible miracle as UK government inexplicably finds £10bn for energy bills just 24 hours after the Sue Gray report.

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          1. The reality of the trick is.
            I come to Munguin Towers and take away a tonne of stuff,
            I sell it to a trader,
            He sells it back to me,
            I take it back to Munguin Towers,
            I charge you world price plus transportation.

            The reality is they are charging us enhanced electricity rates , generated by gas taken from the Scottish wells and charge us the rate for gas turbine generation.
            We are self sufficient in Scotland, Nuclear, Torness,hydros wind and solar.
            We export One GW 24hours a day through Hunterston DC link to Algelsey.
            Our fuel costs are virtually nil, wind, water and solar, nuclear is hard to price as they hide the details. We need them to produce the new hydrogen bombs that the flounder has ordered.

            The cheek is charging on top extra networks charges for a network that we paid for and they sold off.

            The chancer has little idea of life at low income.
            I will get more help than my sister who is older than me.
            She lives ina house not in the d band or below so she doesn’t get the rates help.
            I am better off in fluid cash than her.
            I pay tax on my company pension and will continue to be taxed, the company pension allows me to run my vehicles.
            Hard luck if you’re working a zero hours job and on uc which varies as you earn, not paye, they take the uc down.

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            1. I remember a long time ago an uncle of mine complaining that when he first got his own home he was told that in the long term electricity in Scotland would be very very cheap, because it was produced by water.

              That worked out well!!

              We are all worse off than we would otherwise have been. Inflation 10% pay rises 2-3%. People unable to fill their cars up. (Maybe this is Johnson tackling global warming?)

              But many of us can take it on the chin.

              Some people cannot.

              Your sister should get £300 on top of her winter fuel bonus this year, and then every bill will get £400 credited to it… and now it won’t have to be repaid.

              It must be a huge worry for people working part time and barely making ends meet.

              Still, the prime minister has said he’s sorry, so you all have to stop being so woke and get behind him… or so they say.

              I’d not mind getting behind him on a cliff.


              1. She lost her husband earlier this year, lives in a big bungalow and is currently at £2400 a year, the cap is going up £800 but she’s already using more than the cap, the extra will certainly not put her in easy street.
                Found her lat week sitting with the heating off and a blanket, she’s terrified of the winter to come

                She’s now seeing that she won’t be able to stay in her house long term and will have to downsize, more expense..

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                1. It’s probably he last thing she needs to do at the moment, losing the house she shared with her husband.

                  It’s outrageous that anyone should be sitting at home cold and wrapped in a blanket.

                  I’m so sorry this is happening to her.


    3. Lorelei King💛
      My husband died without me because I followed the rules – while they partied. I sat alone at his funeral with only seven other people in attendance because I followed the rules – while they drank until they vomited. #NotMovingOn


    1. Exactly, but remember that the bloke with the wig, what’s his name Fabricant, thought that doctors and nurses, porters and ambulance medics got together after a hard covid day and got blootered in the staff rooms… and that teachers inschools were doing the same thing, so what should the people running the country.

      Frankly, I now begin to understand why they are making such an unholy bloody mess of it, from Brexit to Covid to Ukraine.

      None of them can do anything because they are permanently drunk.

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      1. If only he didn’t have such an anti-Scots independence mindset, then I could agree with much of what he says.
        But not until he takes his hardline views elsewhere.

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        1. Absolutely, but when he talks sense about something I like to hear it, even if most of the rest of what he says is, at the very least, not my view!


  14. Kenny Anderson
    Just to be clear, these additional tax revenues are going to be generated from the Scottish economy. There was already an additional £3.3 Billion per annum coming to the Treasury due to high oil & gas prices before this further £5 Billion from Scotland is counted.


  15. All init together
    Jim Pickard
    latest from the Commons, Tory MP Richard Drax (who has an estimated fortune of £150m) accuses chancellor Rishi Sunak of “throwing red meat to socialists” with his energy support package

    Mp worth £150 million who got his money from family inheritance of an iseland that had african salves that we bought from his family for effectively £3m in todays money.
    No shame.

    Where’s has gove gone to?
    Collect more columbian marching powder perhaps or….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha … you mean Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax?

      He of Eton and Harrow?

      I should imagine he’d rather we all starved and froze.

      All except his servants…

      Gove does a disappearing act from time to time.

      Columbia seems altogether possible.


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