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Le bouledogue britannique.
It would bring a tear to a glass eye.

I’d have thought it would have been reasonable to call it the spirit of Scotland, given its na….

Oh, wait… you don’t mean THAT kind of spirit? Sorry, with it being Johnson, I though you were talking about drink…easy mistake to make.

OK, well, that’s good. We’re needing a bit of the old Blitz spirit here, as we go without left right and centre , or as we must now learn to expect, right right, and erm, right.

Let’s look forward to tomorrow, that great British Spirit and what it will deliver for us now we have rid ourselves of the evil foreigner and are free to spend our time at the …um discotheque (hang on, you chaps, isn’t that a french word for record library?)

Ah, the good old Express. When all seems lost a pair of breasts will always cheer at least half the population, what what.

And here we are… a whole 24 hours on. And the great spirit, nay, the great British spirit of the Blitz is fairly soaring, along it would seem with inflation.

But do not fear.

For it is only hard-up Britons, perhaps like Sir Peter Bottomley (or Pete Arse-holy, as we tend to call him at the Towers) that will suffer, and after all, he can always send his good lady wife, to wit, Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Bottomley (or Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, PC, DL  to the likes of you and me) out to do a few more shifts at the House of the Living Dead, picking up over £300 a time.

The Queen's amazingly precise morning routine which hasn't changed for 70  years - MyLondon

Also, as I know many of you are loyal subjects of Her Majesty and probably are worrying yourselves sick about where her next meal is coming from or how that tiny little electric fire can heat the 350 rooms of Buck House in these times of soaring costs, you will be relieved to know that her loyal English government is to make a substantial sum available to her in order that her esteemed majesty need go without absolutely nothing in these hard times (which we would remind you have NOTHING to do with Brexit).

The Queen is so frugal 'it would appal Henry VIII'

She has, after all an errant son to pay legal fees for.

In the meantime, and apropos of nothing at all… if anyone wants some knitting patterns (from a charity obviously, because you’ll no longer be able to afford to buy them) you should write to Munguin at Munguin Towers and he will supply them along with knitting needles so you won’t be bored if ever you are having to hang around at anywhere.

Les tricoteuses - furies de la guillotine | Ретро, Модные стили, Женщина

Unfortunately there will be no wool, so you will have to rattle down you current jumper and reknit it…

Aren’t you glad is’s All Our Yesterdays…erm tomorrow?


  1. Water companies in Essex and Surrey warn of an e-coli warn consumers of Water that they will need to boil it before drinking.
    Wonder if that’s got anything to do with dumping sewage into the rivers?
    No couldn’t possibly be as it’s all been planned by the doris.
    Maybe the Spirit will have to be some domestos, other bleaches are available.

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  2. Please please please can we have independence soon pretty pretty please because we’not standing up to Bawris and his nasty little friends and if you’re not standing against them you’re tacitly supporting them because silence equals consent and I don’t consent to be governed by that bunch of wan… onanists and anyway I’m just away into a quiet corner to spit some nails and feathers for the sake of relieving my blood pressure sorry, for “onanists” read “organists”, though whatever organ it is they’re exercising, it’s not their brains.

    There, I’m glad I got that off my chest, aren’t you?

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    1. Exactly like I feel, too!
      When will we hear the starting gun?
      We seem to be quietly accepting everything the Tories throw at us – when will we wake up?

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  3. From Yahoo:

    Energy bills set to rise by 30%

    What happened?

    Household energy bills are set to rise by 30% next year, analysts have predicted. Further volatile gas prices and the potential collapse of even more suppliers could push the energy price cap to about £1,660 in summer, according to research agency Cornwall Insight. Gas prices have been soaring over the last year, and earlier this week were trading at around six times the levels they were at in January.

    ‘A worrying time for many people’

    Energy regulator Ofgem acknowledged it was a “worrying time for many people”. Ofgem reviews the price cap once every six months, and changes it based on the cost that suppliers have to pay for their energy, cost of policies and operating costs, among other things. A spokesperson said: “If global gas prices remain high, then when we update the price cap unfortunately the level would increase.”

    Costs driven up

    As energy prices – combined with a shortage of labour – affect businesses, higher costs are already being passed on to the consumer. The Office for National Statistics said that one in 10 firms has hiked prices amid a higher-than-normal increase in the cost of materials, goods and services – with construction, services and manufacturing firms the worst hit. Sectors including car retailing, toilet paper production to high street fashion have released warnings over price hikes.


  4. The picture clearly shows that the palace is badly in need of an interior decorator. The carpets are ugly and threadbare, the furniture is in need of reupholstering, and there’s cheap bric-a-brac scattered everywhere. And since the central heating is not up to the job, do any of the fireplaces actually work? Or does her majesty think that the fancy masonry alcoves in the rooms were put there to house little electric heaters? Finally, if she insists on carrying her old black purse around the house, perhaps funds could be allocated for a fashionable new handbag ?

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      1. Deep in the forest of the Balmoral estate stands a “tea-house”, where Her Majesty likes to picnic when on her Highland holidays.
        Probably her humblest property, this is more evidence of Her Majesty’s sense of taste and decorum.

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      2. DonDon…..I agree! Without a hyphen, it doesn’t look right at all! So I looked it up before I posted. Turns out that both Merriam Webster and Collins agree on the non-hyphenated version, so what is one to do? 😉

        OT but linguistic……….I’ve been annoyed at the constant use of “normalcy” in the current press, as in “What we need after the Covid pandemic is a return to normalcy.”
        I had an English teacher who taught us kids that “normalcy” is not a word. That the correct word is “normality.” She would explain that Warren G. Harding had made a fool of himself during the presidential campaign of 1920 by frequently using the phrase: “Return to normalcy.”

        So in honor of my old English teacher, I’ll never use the word “normalcy.” However, Merriam Webster now says normalcy is OK, and lists “normality” as a synonym. But the debate goes on. I found this internet reference:

        OED is quoted from 1929: “If ‘normalcy’ is ever to become an accepted word it will presumably be because the late President Harding did not know any better.”

        OED gives the author as G. N. Clark, writing for the Society for Pure English:

        “Normality” means the state of being normal.
        “Normalcy” was used by Warren G. Harding in his 1920 election campaign called “Return to Normalcy.” When pointed out that the word was a mistake, Harding said he couldn’t find the word “normality” in his dictionary…..In the 90 years since Harding misspoke, the term “normalcy” has become widespread (in the USA, at least) either as an example of a mistake or as a valid synonym for “normality.”
        I suggest not using “normalcy” unless you know what you are doing, because it is still seen by many as a sign of ill-education.

        Wiki says that Harding did insist that he found “normalcy” in his dictionary. So that’s the word he used. :

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        1. Language moves with the times… well, some languages do.

          At least you had a word added to your dictionary because your president used it.
          The OED actually added the word “gobsmacked” because it had been used by a popular tv games show host Cilla Black.

          Oh wait…Covfefe to you too…

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          1. Tris……Yes, covfefe is surely in the dictionary now.
            And sadly, Joe Biden has started using “normalcy” a lot. Like screeching chalk on a blackboard to me and my old English teacher 😉

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        2. I like normalcy, it rolls easily off the tongue, being much easier to enunciate than that jaggy word ‘normality’.

          I’m going to use it from now on. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

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          1. Greig………Glad you like it! 😉 “Normalcy”does have a unique sound to it. And you’ll have the fun of using a controversial word that’s been used (or maybe misused) in the States since the days of Warren Harding……LOL.

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    1. Danny, she has already been authorised to spend £375 million to upgrade her wee ‘but and ben’ called buck house.
      That’s $500million of the USA’s currency.

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      1. Dave…..At least that should be enough to get the central heating up to snuff and get rid of the electric heaters in the fireplaces. 😉

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    2. Fortunately, the taxpayer is currently making VASTLY expensive alterations to her Buckingham Palace home and she is living in Windsor castle full time while these repairs are done at a cost of £350 million a year. I think it’s 5 or 6 years they have been working on it. Munguin could have re-carpeted the Towers for that kind of money!

      But please, don’t feel bad for her maj. She has as I say, Windsor, but she also has Holyrood, then there are the houses that she inherited from the family rather than the tax payer…Balmoral, Sandringham and many other smaller ones that she’s probably never even visited.

      She probably thinks these holes in the wall are meant for children of the lower orders to climb, but they come in handy for hiding her errant OAP children when the authorities come looking for them.

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      1. Tris……I read that since Balmoral is family owned, George VI had to buy it from the Duke of Windsor (at fair market rates) after the abdication, since he (the former Prince of Wales) had personally inherited it from his father George V. Otherwise, it could have been passed down outside of the ancestral line of the monarch.

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          1. Tris …….I saw a couple of articles about George VI’s purchase of Balmoral and Sandringham from his brother, and how it became a contentious part of the overall financial negotiations between the brothers, including the Duke’s future allowance (presumably from family income) after his abdication and removal from the civil list. For purposes of calculating his yearly allowance, the Duke in 1936 had estimated his personal net worth to be in the neighborhood of £90,000, but then negotiated his sale of Balmoral and Sandringham to the King for almost £300,ooo. The King thought he had been deceived in the negotiations.




            1. How the other 0000000.000001 live, eh.


              The Queen Mother was always a spendthrift. It’s said (although I don’t know if it’s true) that she never wore the same clothes twice.

              It is certainly true (because I met a woman who worked in the palace) that she ordained that she must have fresh flowers in every room of her mansions/castles/palaces that she was likely to visit, every day.

              And we are not talking about a few flowers in a vase. We are talking massive bouquets.

              And they had to be changed every day.

              Utter waste of taxpayers’ money… when some people don’t have enough to eat.

              Repugnant people.

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              1. Yes Tris! I’ve heard that the flower arrangements of royalty and aristocracy could be enormous. I remember it was Lord Clark in “Civilisation” who described his own aristocratic Clark family as being among the “idle rich.” He said: “[while] many people were richer, there can have been few who were idler.” He then went on to point out that not only were the “top people” in the old British social hierarchy not only not the brightest people in the world, they weren’t even all that well educated. He said that the aristocratic girls in particular were poorly educated and mostly excelled at flower arrangement.


                  1. Tris…..I do clearly recall Lord Clark saying that the aristos were expected to know a little music and play piano.
                    It does sound that if Margaret was up on her French, you with your piano skills and she would have gotten along famously. But maybe not the overseeing servants part. 😉

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                    1. LOL, Danny… damn, I missed a chance there.

                      She was so much older than me that a marriage would have been made in heaven, would it not. She liked younger men too… as Roddy Llewelyn would attest to.

                      Then I could have inherited all these places she had…

                      Mustique, eh… just the place for a guy of my simple tastes.

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  5. The news from the big flounder is that ‘Levelling Up’ is a Ten Year Programme.
    No hurry then doris.
    Question time chair lets the cat out the bag, the ebc select the audience to suit their agenda, non bias my arse.
    The toilet paper manufacturer has asked for electricity supply to be made permanent so that they can ensure supplies, don’t panic, corporal jones.
    As usual this government delays action until it can actually agree that action is needed, no decision to make, it’s your fault that things don’t work.
    The telegraph is saying that truss will be the next pm as she has negotiated 80+ deals around the world.
    Alpha Cen tory, a parallel galaxy.

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    1. Liz was the dick who said that she would sit the Australian trade minister down on a hard seat and not let him out of her office till she got the deal she wanted.

      Now maybe she thought this was the right way to do trade deals, or maybe she just thought that Australians were foreign and so wouldn’t be able to understand and English that wasn’t Waltzing Matilda.
      Anyway, it went down badly.

      And if THAT was the deal she wanted, maybe it’s as well they have moved her to the FO.

      Somehow seems an appropriate job for her.

      Liz Truss FO.


  6. Hard to believe that englandland is only fourth in the European league of dirty power stations.
    It has been announced that Drax power station in Yorkshire is No 4 in Europe.
    This is the Bio fuelled station that has to burn COAL to keep the young trees alight.
    The other units at Drax are being paid £4000 per MWhr to burn coal imported from Poland.
    The Ofgen experts are telling us that they’re predicting a 4% headroom of installed plant over demand during a Normal winter, you better hope we don’t have a hard one.

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  7. “rid ourselves of the evil foreigner”

    Well indeed just look at the first picture, a Mexican taking the job of a English bulldog. 🙂 Shouldn’t be allowed…

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