Dennis Skinner at his best (credit: Conservatoffs on Facebook): LabourUK

Government advisors baffled as Boris Johnson's pants keep catching on fire  | NewsThump

23 thoughts on “CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE”

  1. The panto season opens early in the mother of all pantomimes, just as they go on their extended holidays.
    In the house I was brought up in repeating a known lie was rewarded in a suitable manner.
    Not much of a punishment for the flounder or the mp, maybe they should take it in turns to be asked to leave the chamber or refuse to go until the flounder turns up to correct the record.
    Why the speaker just doesn’t move on from the first question that isn’t answered, he should simply say that the flounder has to stay until the questions from labour and the SNP are answered, he would soon get fed up with the overtime, he only works one hour a week.

    I suppose that the speaker wants his day job in the lords so doesn’t upset the person who will give him his place although the flounder is really abusing the speaker and the mps.

    The panto will continue until the tory party do a Brutus.

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    1. Ruth Wishart was wondering, as I have, what is the point of the SNP being in the chamber in England.

      No one listens; the prime minister and his cabinet lie and the MP for the 18th century uses racist terms… then when someone points out that Boris Johnson is a liar… something which has been noted by his school, and every employer he’s ever had, she gets thrown out of the chamber.

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      1. I 100% agree, the world in it’s entirety know the man is a liar, & every word used by Dawn Butler was true, so why did all of the Labour people sat there on their backsides not walk out with her, PLUS all of the Scottish Mps, from all parties. But especially the SNP & Plaid should have walked also, if NOT even the opposition party can get a straight answer from that man, there is no way in hell, that the SNP will ever succeed.

        For them to still even take up seats in that den of corruption beats me, with everything this far right fascist Tory party is doing & has done since 2016 in particular starting with the Brexit vote, WHY ARE THEY STILL THERE?

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        1. I agree.

          The Labour, SNP and Plaid (and others) people should have left the chamber. What Ms Butler was saying was so patently obviously true, shown time and again on videos. What use is a parliament where the executive can lie time after time, breaking the ministerial code, with no reaction from Speakers and no way for ordinary members to show contempt.

          I can understand that there has to be some kind of rules system about people’s behaviour, but when a minister or any other member consistently lies, it’s high time for the rules be changed so that the parliament acknowledges what the people already know. Johnson is a lying whatsit.

          Johnson has been sacked from jobs before for being a liar. He’s irresponsible, almost childlike in his behaviour. NO wonder the world laughs at the UK.

          I have for a long time considered whether there is any point in our MPs attending this nonsense. The problem is that elected MPs who don’t go could be accused of letting Scotland down… and the only voices that would be heard from Scotland would be the likes of Ross and Bowie. Not really representative of our views.

          But certainly as a demonstration of contempt for this behaviour yesterday, all opposition MPs should have left with Ms Butler.


    2. I’m afraid it wont make any difference Dave. Lying is now endemic amongst the Tories, and has been proved on many occasions, not just by the L.B.J, but also his cohorts. Worse, despite many people exposing them as liars, they get away with it, and I’m afraid this scenario is set to continue. And, as I said a few days ago, with my recent experiences in England, people there seem quite content to let them get away with the lies. Despite the damage it is doing to their lives.

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      1. If you (and I mean by that, one) and one’s friends read the Daily Mail or Telegraph (or worse, the Express), or only watch the BBC, they aren’t hearing the worst of what’s happening.

        I noticed (in the petrol station!) headlines in the Tory press saying that the shortages in shops were due to the Track and Trace they have in England, pinging too much and requiring people to stay isolated (and therefor off work).

        The are calling it a pingdemic in the way they like to do. It’s probably what everyone is saying to themselves as they shut down the ap.

        But, at £37 billion, I expect that their ap works… and if it is pinging like mad and telling people to isolate, that will be because they are potentially infected by the virus.

        We also know that there IS a real problem with distribution because of a shortage of drivers…

        This is for a multitude of reasons… and of course some will be to do with Covid, but many are also to do with the fact that, having been treated like **** by members of the population 0s well as by Patel’s Home Office, and given the crap wages, many people have gone home.

        Also, for various reasons, drivers from the continent no longer want to bring loads to Plague Island.

        What used to happen: A driver, say from Poland, would bring a load to, say, Coventry. No way was he going to drive an empty lorry back to Poland, so his company would have arranged for him to pick up a load to bring back… but that load might have to be picked up in Cardiff.

        His employers wouldn’t want him to drive from Coventry to Cardiff empty… so they would arrange for him to take a load there.

        So continental drivers were working domestically in the UK, which was fine until they weren’t allowed to do that any more.

        There’s also the fact that drivers used to be paid reasonably but over the ears wages have dipped and now… its a hard job on overcrowded and poor roads for lousy wages.

        Go figure…

        Still, a pingdemic is easier to understand for the hard of thinking.

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    1. I don;t mind the heat, but Johnson rips my knitting…along with his ministers.

      The tigers are lovely and may make an appearance on Sunday…


      1. Well it was supposed to be cooler in the East. My back garden which tbf is a bit of the suntrap, was 36 degrees at 2pm! Or in old money roughly 98 Fahrenheit. At 10pm inside my house was registering 24 Celsius!!! Too darn hot…

        Ella and Cole had the right of it. I think the Amurs deserve a place and a further viewing on Sunday 🙂

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        1. The towers are fitted with fans of course to keep Munguin at a suitable temperature. He occasionally allows me the use of one.

          I think its a pity we can’t store up all this heat and use it in January to save on the heating bills.


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