So, Fintan O’Toole has really nailed it with this one: “The difficulty for other governments in dealing with Boris Johnson is to figure out whether he is lying or merely ignorant.”


[Image description: front page of the Mirror newspaper, with the headline "Public sector pay fears. A betrayal of our NHS heroes."]

Well, I hope it’s not true, but I wouldn’t put it past them.


So, what’s the message here from the English transport secretary for English workers?

We’ve put the buses on again for people who aren’t chauffeur-driven in ministerial lmos, but you shouldn’t use them because it’s REALLY difficult to be 2 meters apart on a tube train or on a bus, but if your place of work demands that you come in… you’ll have to use them, but I definitely don’t recommend them… hmmm.

A friend of mine is 29 and has a customer facing job in a town 17 miles away from where he lives.

He has no car.

When lockdown comes to an end in Scotland, as it surely will, he will have to  take a bus to his work and connect with people all day.

OK, you say, he’s 29, what’s the problem? Well the problem is that he suffers from chronic asthma. His girl friend is terrified for him.

So whatever message Shapps was trying (and failing) to get across I can only  say, thank goodness for our government. For Mark’s sake, and for everyone else like him who has a chronic condition.


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29 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. I don’t much doubt it, Robert. It is Tory answer to everything.

      They also gave themselves a massive pay rise. Somewhere around 17% if I remember. Ordered that the Commons and the Lords bedone up at eye watering costs, and ordered the Buckingham Palace be refitted.

      I wonder if they would be stupid enough to cut down on the NHS after getting people out to clap for them.


  1. are they any non customer facing roles Mark can ask to be (even temporarily) transferred to in his work? Employers have a general duty of care to their employees health. Disability (asthma qualifies) is a protected characteristic in the Equalities Act. His employer is legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace for him. The problem will be if there are no other non customer facing roles what adjustments would be reasonable. Protective shields around his station as they have in supermarkets would be an example. If he’s a member of a union he should speak to them or if his work has an occupational health unit get referred to them.


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    1. Thanks, PP. He’s the manager of a coffee shop but it’s very hands on from what I can see.

      I’ll make sure he get that. Thanks.


      1. right that makes it more complicated. It could be argued that there are no reasonable adjustments that could be made due to the nature of the business.

        there’s a non exhaustive list of types of RA.


        Also depends if his employer is a chain or a sole trader as what’s reasonable depends on the size of the employer and the costs of changes.


        If he gets on well with the owners best try to sort out something amicably.

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        1. Thanks PP.

          If he is recalled to work, I’ll be on his side and fight his case for him in needsbe.

          I can imagine that his employers will be sympathetic. He’s a very hard worker.


  2. The London press claiming that their arrr number is low and that the number of new cases is less than 30.
    Let’s wait and see how things look after a 2 week cycle period of the virus.
    Lockdown has,and outside England,still is keeping a lid on things but we should be seeing over the next few weeks whether there are consequences for Johnson’s decision.


    1. I know it has to be done at sometime, and that there will be an increase when it happens, but it seems to me that the figures are still too high.

      Speaking only for myself, but there is NO WAY you would get me on a tube or bus in a crowded city at the moment.


  3. Strange media this morning.
    “24” new cases of infection in London.
    4000 in Newcastle area.
    14 million already had the virus and hence clear to go to work.
    New antibody test is 100% accurate at detecting antibodies,”100%”.
    Yesterday I heard a virologist say that the test needs 14 to28 days from the infection day to detect antibodies with that accuracy,but 100%, can’t believe that of the human body.
    The virologist says they’re starting at the wrong end.
    Minister says that the recruitment of 18000 trackers by MID MAY,has recruited 1500,have we heard this stuff before?,yes all under control from No10.
    Last week the “Expert” couldn’t give any details on the ethnic death rate,this week we can get told 25% were diabetics and lots of other details BUTT are they onto the ethnic data,NO.
    Then we have doris and the bidy in out clapping for the Heroes,only to have in the background the chancer will have a pay freeze for them for a few years. Hypocrites.
    Oh,you can now car share with someone not from your household, They’re having a joke surely. The idea is that the sharer sits in the back as far away as possible and WEARS a MASK.

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    1. Ah, but, when Nicola Sturgeon suggested wearing a mask, that lot, and their slavish press said that it made no difference.

      I don’t believe anything they say.

      And where is the Russia report?

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  4. Personally I thought Shapps
    Briefing was just a propaganda
    Stunt for the Tory party.
    Seemed to be totally irrelevant
    To an update on The covid Crisis .

    The Torys have made their choice but then they were always going to .
    More people are going to die
    Just a bit more slowly .
    The rich man must be kept in his castle at all costs .

    The little people well screw them they are expendable..

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    1. Yep. Dave said that the UK gove has said if you car share you should sit in the back and wear a mask.

      Could someone tell me where to sit on the bus?

      Or the train that is so packed you are really luck not to have your face in someone’s armpit…?

      As you say, people will die. Unfortunately, it will be ordinary people forced to take trains and buses to work.


  5. Today’s ‘Well they would say that’
    Very little progress on brexit talks with the EU says the UK.
    I’m doing the same with the sales person from Aston Martin,he’s not selling me a car for a pound,won’t listen when I say I’m taking all the risk.
    We do know that there will be upgraded customs posts in Northern Ireland as a result of brexit.
    Eu have a court case against the uk for not adhering to freedom of movement during the Transition Period.
    Crash out in December.
    Just a reminder IF you’ve not run your car for a while you might find the battery is not up to starting the engine.
    Friend left me some milk last night and his CAR which wouldn’t start again after driving it half a mile to my place.

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    1. Awww. Poor wee UK.

      I’m betting that Truss’s talks with the USA are going seriously badly.

      They will be asking for stuff and the US will say, no, sod off, and Trussy will say, Oh well, what ever you say… and off she will sod.

      Going into talks from a position of weakness… like even Trumps people can see the Uk will be pretty desperate.

      Sorry about the Aston Martin though. That’s pretty bad of them.

      Yep. good advice in the car. At least half an hour’s drive should charge it up.


    2. “Eu have a court case against the uk for not adhering to freedom of movement during the Transition Period.”
      Yes, Dave, indeed they do.
      They’ve also got one about tax havens and off-shore banking. Seems we’ve been tardy and delinquent in that area of fiscal responsibility too. Who’d ave thunk it?

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  6. Jake too many things for the doris to do as he’s busy planning the crash out by the usual method,do nothing,after all it’s the weekend.
    Notice some small changes in the usually supportive media.
    Tonight Sky was broadcasting an interview with an englander who’s father died in a care home, she said the doris must be held responsible along with whoever issued the statement that care home residents were not going to get the virus.
    Saw a few pieces from untruthful and jack that Nicola’s being political during the crisis by planning for a new referendum,I hope she is.
    The Scottish tory mps voted against a bill stopping any reduction in food import standards, clearing the way for chicken a la chlorine. Don’t they represent FARMING areas?
    It’s hard to keep up with the faux pas government.

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    1. I’ve said from day one that deals made for after Brexit will all be on the terms of the other country

      It will suit America, Japan, Australia, etc to have trade deals with the UK, but the UK is desperate for these trade deals.

      It’s like when you go to buy a car or a suite or a house, you have to be able to walk away… and the Uk can’t.

      Johnson, who is clinically obese, is having a war on fat.

      What happened to individual freedoms that the Tories bang on about?

      I wonder if he is going on a crash diet… Somehow I doubt it.


    1. The meat trade in America is controlled by 4 major companies who provide feed ,young and collection for slaughter and packaging.
      The farmers have to use high intensity housing,cattle never see grass, chickens can’t walk as they are bred for huge breasts,pigs live indoors.
      Industrialised food production based on subsidised corn in a country that denies it has subsidies.
      What do the english actually own in their country?
      Car manufacture?
      They’ve sold off the family jewels to the highest bidder.
      Their country is falling apart,visit places like Bournemouth and see.

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      1. Wasn’t it Harold MacMillan who talked about Thatcher having sold off the family silver?

        They have nothing, and really, apart from water, neither do we.



  7. Tris
    Westminster have made a total arse of it. They needed to leave the message alone but caved in to their mentalist back benchers again and now people down south are confused or don’t care. What a total shambles. The SNP have been far from perfect but at least the message is consistent, makes me glad I don’t live in Ingerland.

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    1. Everything that they have done that is in the least bit good, they have ended up copying from Scotland or NI, after having criticised it.

      They are criticising the SNP for working on independence …well damn me, there’s a surprise… but it’s teh party that is working on indepedence.

      One of the reasons the UK is the shit show that it is, is that the UK government cancelled all preparations for a any kind of medical emergency to pump all their efforts and time into Brexit.

      And it will go ahead regardless … or the far right wing will revolt.


  8. Taking a reverse back in time and politics, to a speech by Enoch Powell, Dec, 1976, A fishing prophecy. ( I found it on YouTube)
    he,s talking on the EU subject,
    But that is not what I found the most interesting,
    In his long speech he mentions, no nation can be bound against its will, and goes on to talk about Scotland and having a right to repeal the its treaty.
    This is more important to all of us than any referendum, sometimes it is what they do not tell you at Westminster rather than what they lead you to believe,
    They have made us believe we need a referendum, they have made us believe we need to ask permission, we don’t,
    Where are the important legal minds?

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  9. Fintan O’Tool may be in doubt about whether Johnson is either lying or ignorant.
    We here in the Unitedish Kingdom of Scotland know that he is both.
    This has been the hallmark of English aristocracy for millenia and that they see no reason to change.
    Some Scots agree.

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