No disrespect to the people whose photographs appear here. We all age, admittedly some better than others, but youthful looks aren’t everything, although Munguin says he hasn’t aged a day in ten years. (It’s all the good living he does.) Tris, on the other hand, has aged 50 years in the 10 he’s worked for Munguin’s Republic.

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Angela Merkel, head of the opposition Christian Democrats, the CDU, speaks at the Lower Saxony Christian Democratic Party's annual general meeting on July 9, 2005 in Emden, Germany

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Image result for young shirly williams

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24 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW”

  1. Whey-hey, AOY come early! From the top – Eric Burdon, Tony B Liar, Angela Merkel, Shirley Bassey, Lizzie Queen, Nigel Farage, Sylvie Vartan❤️, Vera Lynn, Billy J. Kramer, William Hague, Shirley Williams, Alex Salmond, Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr). I’m struggling with the last one – Jason Donovan? Aye, it’s when you get to my stage of decrepitude you realise most of your future is in the past😁

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  2. Just shows that the old one about the conveyor belt applies.
    We join as a bouncing baby.
    The fresh youth.
    The well preserved.
    Fall off the end.
    That’s life.
    So why all the bother of politician’s being so pedantic about their beliefs.
    Why can’t we all live in peace and good health?
    I suppose it’s the ‘TAP DUG’ syndrome.
    Copied the doris file, makes you wonder when the media are going to start on his little foibles.
    Already small things from the EBC site that is bringing on the pressure on them, NO TV tax, unless you continue to do as we tell you.
    Some of the pictures show that if you’re lucky you get the well preserved look for a bit longer than most.

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    1. I think that successive government and in particular the English Culture Secretaries, have held licence fees over the head of the BBC management on their comfortable salaries and expenses regimes.

      Until now it was the size of the rise that mattered. But now it’s the very existence of the tax.

      It’s one of the few things that I can say I agree with the Tories about. They are only copying the USA system of public subscription for their PBS

      If you have to have a state broadcaster, it should be small and relatively cheap.

      Good genes, lots of water, no smoking, little alcohol, moderation in food, staying away from sunbathing… and an exercise regime that keeps your body toned.

      That’s the answer… says Munguin!

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  3. I imagine that abolishing the TV license tax,which functions in a similar way to Vehicle license tax (just another tax which disappears into the London treasury black hole),will not apply to viewers in Scotland.
    The mandarins will explain,very slowly and deliberately,to BoJo about the value to the British state of the BBC in Scotland.
    Given the choice of not paying will result in an exit stampede by most Scots.
    The answer to longevity is not to die young.

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  4. On the tv tax.
    Do you realise that Liniker the ex footballer collect 12 Thousand colour TV licence tax contributions to talk football to the EBC viewers for Match of the Day.
    This is transmitted to Scottish tax payers on a Saturday night and is a football game from englandland.
    Scottish football bares no comparison to englandland football.
    Just received my invitation to renew my TV tax from the AA company owner, I don’t have a tv and don’t contribute, ignored the first letter, filed in the bin, 2 weeks after I got the other, put it in the bin as it wasn’t addressed to me, maybe I should have returned it through the mail as ‘Not known Here’.
    I did receive an email from Africa saying there was a problem returning the excess charge I had paid for my TV tax and to just send the details of my bank account and the EBC would return my money.
    This one I’ve kept on file as part of my defence when they take me to court for ‘Not Watching the Propaganda’.
    I do have a look at their website on occasions and the use of the superfast internet by the EBC is pitiful , they still have reports of Derek McKAy on it from weeks ago. Today they have an article about the new Scottish ‘Chancellor’ and manage to repeat the story within that report.
    then have the gall to say ‘You can trust the BBc’,
    Aye Right.

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    1. I see Donalda MacKinnon is leaving. Usual blether : ‘… we have all worked hard to deliver on our commitment to audiences in Scotland, and we have succeeded.’.

      Aye right. The dwindling audience sees it differently.

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      1. Yep. The fact that of the four countries, Scotland has the lowest incidence of licence fee paying suggests that Donalda has failed dismally to do what she promised… ie win back the trust of the Scottish people.


        I see she is retiring at 60-. Nice that the BBC pays pensions generous enough to allow her to retire a full 6 year before state retirement age.


        1. I agree, my thoughts as well.
          I hear the wee bit about her having children and wanting to do something else.
          Then thought, IF she’s retiring at 60, her children must be adults by now.
          My impression was she was much younger as the picture of her must have been taken a Looooong time ago.
          Must be a civil service pension, Final salary scheme she’s on, with the retirement age set, pity she’ll have to wait 6 years for her pocket money state pension, she’ll be retiring on half pay, £90,000 a year and the 10k state pension will just be as I say pocket money.

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  5. Did she jump or was she pushed?
    It’s possible that at 60 and with a bob or two in the bank she wants to put her feet up.
    It’ll be interesting to see who is her replacement.

    Talking of replacements…


  6. Then and Now

    priti Patel also denied that she was closing the door behind her on immigrants after her parents came to the UK from east Africa to run a shop, saying they would have qualified under refugee route because of their persecution.

    Would they have I think not
    Lots of immigrants claim
    Persecution. And the Torys are
    The first to disbelieve their
    Story’s .

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  7. Martin Rowson just posted this:
    The whole world would change into a much better place
    If Dominic Cummings was shot into space,
    Sans Oxygen, Ground Control, even a rocket
    Simply unstable rocket fuel poured in his pocket
    And a blue touch paper shorter than the late Ronnie Corbett…
    Then just watch that wanker whoosh off into orbit
    Seeking out new life forms & civilizations
    And scaring the shit out of alien nations.
    Nor will he return, ticker taped into glory,
    For re: Immigration (if you are a Tory)
    His fate, now an alien, is quite elementary…
    The cunt is obliged to burn up on re-entry!

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