It seems to me that the  BBC is trying to make Jeremy Corbyn look like a Russian spy, just because he doesn’t accept, without question, Theresa May’s explanations for the poisoning in England. Was the hat blurred by photoshop (or something) to look more Russian? Or is the BBC still not very good with cameras and pictures and televisual stuff when it puts a photograph onto a backdrop of Red Square?

Now me, I haven’t got a clue who is responsible for this outrage on the streets of a quiet Engish town, and I really have no opinion.

How could I?

I know nothing about nerve agents, who has them, who can get them, where they are stored, how dangerous they are, what are the effects, how long they last, etc. I know nothing about the victims’ relationships with Putin or the Russian state. I know next to nothing about British relations with Russia.

What I do know, though, is that I don’t trust the British government.

Not ever, but especially not now, when they desperately need a distraction from the mess that is Brexit, health, prisons, law and order, state of the roads, the worst pensions in the world, 10,000 extra deaths this year in England’s hospitals, the mess that is their social security system, their computers that don’t work, people dying in the streets, being fined for not having homes, swept off the streets so that royals don’t have their posh eyes soiled by the sight of them,  and from their seamless borders that are technically impossible and illegal under WTO rules… and so on and so forth, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.)

What I do know too, is that Tony Blair told us that Iraq had WMDs and that they could hit British Troops in Cyprus within 30 minutes. They had pictures. They monitored them daily from outer space. Proof positive. Dossiers, they had. Ask David Kelly… oh wait, no, you can’t.

The Tories (with shared Privy Council information) agreed with him. The Liberal Democrats, with the same information, did not. (The SNP had no Privy Councillors at the time, not having yet been in government, and could therefore not be consulted.)

No one cared what Kennedy thought though. The big boys were up for another war, which Blair had already promised to George W Bush, and which would cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and maimings, devastate economies and see the birth of ISIS with all that that meant.

And who was right?

Chic Kennedy was. There were no WMDs.

What I do know is that I wouldn’t trust this government of pathetic useless fourth raters to look after my wild mice for 10 minutes while I went to the corner shop!

Now maybe, they are bang on right about this. Maybe Putin did cause himself and his country a pile of grief to get rid of one man with nerve gas that could and would immediately be traced to its development in Moscow… and just before the world cup. Maybe he wasn’t satisfied with all the polls that showed him winning the upcoming election by a country mile. Maybe he thought he’d show the Russian public what a hard man he is. Because they don’t already know that.

Maybe he just couldn’t think of another way of killing this bloke from the few thousand different ways that are at his and his secret service’s disposal. Maybe he thought it was a good idea to use something that would point straight back at him. After all, he is an arrogant bastard, right?


And who knows, maybe just for once May has made a right call, instead of, as she habitually does, getting it disastrously wrong. It has to happen sometime.

I’ve no time for Putin. He’s probably as much of a murdering monster as they say.

I don’t know. How could I know?

And, given his narrow and ignorant attitude to Scotland, I’ve no great time for Corbyn.

But he is right to be sceptical about what May says. That is what an opposition does, or should do to any government, never mind the most incompetent government ever. Be sceptical. Opposition should demand that the government think twice.

Not that May’s government ever even thinks once.


May visits Salisbury. Ooops, my bad.


Equally, I’ve no time for May and I will not buy into the “patriotic Brit” crap that is being thrown around at anyone who dares to call her out on this as if she never gets things wrong.

Maybe she’s right, and maybe she’s not. How would we know? But why would we trust her?

In photoshopping a Corbyn picture to make him look like a Soviet, the BBC has proved yet again that it is simply a tool of the Westminster government, and it has done it pathetically to try to make the rightly sceptical Corbyn look like he’s a Soviet. That’s not what the BBC is there for.

Yet another reason why we should stop funding it.


  1. If Putin had wanted this guy dead he had five years to kill him and he did nothing. Skripal was in a Russian prison, this gave Putin the perfect opportunity to make the guy disappear, permanently, with no one around to question what happened. So why would he wait five years in the hope Skripal could be exchanged in a spy transfer and then wait, what is it … another 8 years, before making his move. This is not what I’d have expected from Putin. He is not usually so slow off the mark.

    If the reason Feartie is accusing the Russians simply on the grounds that they allegedly have developed some form of nerve agent called novichok then it stands to reason that when Kim Jung On’s half brother was murdered in Malaysia last year Britain should have been the accused suspect and not North Korea. It was Britain that developed VX nerve agent and therefore, following current Tory thinking “the country that develops a nerve agent is guilty of every nerve agent attack”, it was not North Korea that killed Kim Jung On’s half brother it was in fact Britain!

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    1. Logically, yes, that’s it.

      I agree with all you say.

      As I said, I’m not coming down on one side or the other, and there may be many things that we don’t know that May does, but I’m suspicious of the bias of the BBC and the apparent assumptions, particularly given their history for getting things wrong.

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      1. I don’t want anyone to have the impression that I’m a Russian lover or at least a lover of Putin and everything he does …I’m not. However I do believe in the old adage of “innocent until proven guilty.” and this goes for countries just as much as individuals in my view.

        As sad and upsetting as this situation is I can’t help but feel that Feartie is using this to hide a lot of nasty Tory attacks on the people of Britain as well her continued ineptitude over Brexit. The longer this carries on then the less shit she has to face over Brexit. Just like the Colonel though, she can run but she can not hide forever.

        The truth over this attack will eventually come out as well as the actual evidence until such times I don’t believe a word of the tories or their wee lapdogs in the Britnat media or State Propaganda Broadcaster.

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  2. Personally I think putin
    Was behind it but what’s
    Wrong with having some
    Hard evidence to prove it,

    Obviously the Labour/Tory
    Corbyn haters say they stand
    With the Tory government
    Well we knew that before the
    Atrocity occurred

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    1. It’s quite possible he was.

      But as you say, some evidence would be nice.

      Try putting forward in a court of law the argument that May is using and the judge will throw it out.

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  3. As you say Tris, the UKgov cannot be trusted on well, anything really. It all stinks to high heaven, look at the £millions they have just given for their Porton Down dangerous weapons to anything alive factory. Imagine they had announced that before this shenannigans? While voting to take food away from poor children and carry on with their digusting universal credit which is I hear making most people at the mercy of the DWP, homeless! People might have said oh wait on, that’s maybe not fair, but now, not a word against.

    I was a bit huffed by the SNP response to this, but looking at what the media have done and are saying about Corbyn, it was a clever move in fact, I hope! But, with the continuity bill and UKGov power grab, the Scotgov have enough to worry about. as well as dealing with the disgusting Britnat MSPs and Britnat so called Scottish MPs, who are actually and actively working against the people of Scotland, and all while the people are paying their wages, win win!

    You could hardly make it up, though that is exactly what the Ukgov are doing, making it up as they go along.

    Watched a very good film last night. Go to http://www.trulyscottishtv.com and click on ‘world documentaries’ it should come up. All about David kelly. Very good, balanced and interesting. The UK is a can of worms, to saythe least.

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    1. I was surprised to hear the SNP’s take, but maybe Nicola as a PC knows more than we do.

      In any case, foreign affairs are not our business and the attack, horrific thought it was, took place in England, not Scotland, so it may be as well for them to stay out of it.

      Of course, teh extra spending of £50 m on Porton Down at a time when they went out of their way to starve English schoolchildren is a point I should have covered.

      Thanks for reminding me.

      Look forward to the documentary.

      Bookmarked for tonight (after I’ve done Soppy Sunday!).

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    2. Anything Putin does, the UK can do and may well have done already, morally speaking. They have just been better at kidding most of the population courtesy of MSM. The BBC has given up on any pretence of sublety nowadays though……just doing it like Putin, without shame! Jeremy’s cap to hat is latest example.

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      1. Yes. Agreed.

        They needn’t get in a state about how terrible Putin is.

        The Brits wouldn’t hesitate top do the same if it served them.


      2. With Michael Foote it was the “donkey jacket”. Coming from folk who just lurrrrve prinking and pranking and pronking around in silk stockings, black ballet pumps, garters, plumed headgear, perukes,and other fashions 300 years out of date, any comment on anyone else’s appearance should probably be taken with a fair degree of scepticism.

        Anyway, the Italians do that sort of thing much, much better, I think. Do beg to differ if you feel like, it ain’t no skin off my nose.

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        1. I think the Swiss Guard are the best.

          I imagine being the police force, army and border force all at the same time, is some job.

          Specially dressed like this:


  4. The only certainties in the whole affair are that the voices of reason and caution are being bullied and beaten into submission and the public are being led to the prescribed conclusion by a willing mainstream media.

    We’ve seen it already with Brexit, it has become the default tactic for the government/establishment to get its way. It’s a diversion and people may or may not fall for it but the illusion they have that will be created by the media will allow the powerful to meet their objectives.

    Now what are these objectives I wonder?

    Answers on a postcard please to:

    I’m Not a Gullible Git Competition
    PO Box 1707

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    1. It struck me just now that one of the reasons I may appear to be so contrarian at the moment is that I do not consume any mainstream, i.e., BritNat, UK meeja at all, other than referring occasionally to pieces that have been picked out by alternative sources. So, I haven’t much clue at all about what the meeja narrative here is at the moment, and am therefore not reacting against it – which I undoubtedly would, that being the reason I don’t consume it.

      Like bad shellfish.

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  5. It seems a remarkably inefficient way to kill someone if you have the resources of a government behind you. Has any thought at all gone into some kind of dodgy criminal/terrorist arms deal gone wrong?

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    1. It’s dirty, it’s blatant, it is a different kind of game from the cloak-and-dagger stuff we were used to during the Cold War. With much greater freedom of movement now, a very public message is being sent: if you get on the wrong side of the Putin regime, you can expect retribution. Putin’s assertiveness – aggressivity – is loved by a disturbingly large proportion of the population there – think of a nation of Brexiteers and xenophobes, add a touch of the Russian exceptionalism / Messianic mission, a tradition of strongmen, dictators, tyrants, autocrats – it’s no surprise that we have what we have.

      I know I disagree with Craig Murray on this – and many of you who are reading this – but time will tell, time will tell. It is a different game they are playing now in these days of data-mining and social media. In the old days, it was spooks bumping off other spooks, basically; now Russia has changed, it’s like – oh, war between gangsters, or maybe more like the Borgia popes. In that light, you can view the attempted murder / homicide of Yulia Skripal as not accidental, not collateral damage – the message is never do anything against the Family (remember that film? ), or we will come after you, and we will get you in the end – you and your nearest and dearest as well.

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  6. Totally off my head with this silly stuff, pictures of people in full hazard suits, masks and just behind are 2 firemen with normal kit, they carry compressed air kit to enter buildings on fire or with unknown air quality, so why were they not wearing same.
    The man is/was a double agent, known fact, could it just possibly be that he is a TRIPLE agent , and a friendly country tried to pop him off, Porton Down is very close to Salisbury.
    EBC this morning commenting on the Russian found dead in London, some say he hanged himself, the man is showing signs of being throttled to death by a dog leash.
    You can never trust any picture in the media now, they can all be doctored to show a different story, even moving film can be worked on.
    Agree the problem for Mother Theresa is we don’t trust any of them to tell the truth, I feel a GE coming in May, with May as leader, they’ll take the chance, nothing to lose but a hard brexit to manipulate with ease.
    History tells us that Churchill dumped the german secondary european troops back to Stalin after they surrendered to allied troops, they vanished into Siberia. The propaganda around Kaityn , blamed the German troops, after the war it was attributed to Stalin, correctly.

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    1. I saw that picture of the guys in these suits and the fireman looking on without even a face mask…

      Ooops, someone will be in trouble.

      If she has YET another election in the middle of Brexit negotiations…


      I can’t even…


  7. Here’s a wee way outside the box sort of thought here Tris.

    I wonder how the Tories and their Britnat press would react if it was found that the Russian found “hanged” in his home was the person who used the nerve agent on Skripal and then hanged himself leaving Feartie with no alternative but to apologise to Putin.

    There again, if I remember correctly, the Russian found hanged was once upon a time a close ally of Putin and was head of one of their banks. If Putin has pissed this guy off then perhaps he did the nerve agent thing, hanged himself and left the case open so Feartie had a clear run at blaming Putin over the nerve agent thingy.

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    1. The comparison between the reporting of the two cases is worthy of note. In the case of Mr Skripal and his daughter, we had a ‘fully formed’ explanation presented to us almost immediately, but in the case of the Russian emigre found hanged, the reporting has been quite sketchy.

      As the blogger has made clear, I have no idea what has happened in the case of Mr Skripal, but, I think that, at least, HMG is being opportunistic in using this incident as a way of diverting attention (a variety of the ‘throwing a dead cat on the table’ ruse, as a way of fomenting agitation against Mr Corbyn (and a squad of Blairites responded on cue), as a way of implying a lack of ‘patriotism’ by the FM, and, probably a variety of other things.

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    2. I suspect that if that WERE the case, Arbroath, there would be some sort of D Notice (do they still have them? If not whatever superseded them) slapped on it.

      She really can’t afford to look that inept.

      OK OK, I know.


  8. It is quite significant that so many of us are cynical regarding the official versions of events and if we cannot trust the UK government it’s about time we looked for an alternative. It might also be cynical to suggest that after showing herself to be ‘strong and stable’ in kicking Putin’s arse that an election will be called on some flimsy excuse. The sad fact is that it might work!

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    1. Yes, it might work. Perhaps because the Labour Party can’t make up its mind what side it is on, on anything much.

      So she’d get all the red white and blue lot behind her, and of course the orangy ones too.

      I’ve got an alternative to the rubbish government that we don’t believe.

      It’s in Edinburgh.

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  9. The whole thing stinks!

    Why was a detective sargeant the first responder?

    He was obviously alone in his patrol vehicle otherwise there would be at least two contaminated police persons in hospital. Wait he couldn’t have been in a patrol car, it was his private car that was taken for testing.

    Why does he appear to have been patroling in his private car, was he even on duty?

    Why would a report of two people slumped on a bench get such a response?

    Were these practice runs?



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    1. Very good questions, John…

      If I saw someone slumped on a seat in the park, I’d assume they’d had a bit too much, or were just tired… not that they required the police.


  10. The tories need a huge squirrel to distract the plebs & get some good old fashioned English hatred going. The Israelis REALLY need to make Russia look bad as (for the first time in decades) if they try to bomb Syria/Lebanon then they have an opponent who WILL shoot them down and has superior airpower.

    Now to an outsider it appears its been virtually impossible to be a member of the UK cabinet (Lib/Lab/Con, matters not) for over two decades unless you are also a member of the “Friends of Israel” grouping.

    I’m also somewhat suspicious that given “novichoks” are persistant nerve agents (if indeed they exist) why the only third-party affected was a police officer (house cordoned off etc) but yet the restaurant staff are advised to wash their clothes. WTF?

    Israel has more chemical weapons than the UK/USA/Russia put together & they have motive.

    I expect another (Russophobic) squirrel this Sunday to feed the plebs…..

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    1. Oh and even our (very tory, tabloid reader) builder said this morning “Its bollocks isn’t it, all this Russian stuff?” After I explained the Russians had him in jail on an 18 year sentence & could have killed him any time they chose he’s even more convinced its crap. This is your typical middle-England tory/ukip voter so if he’s not buying it then nobody is.

      The other builder spent 23 years in the army & had been in both Gulf wars – last one in full NBC kit at times. He called bullshit on it day 2 of the hysteria.

      The lies aren’t working this time.

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    2. More really good points…

      Wipe your hands with a wet wipe?

      Flush it down the toilet? Put it in the bin?

      Send your clothes to a dry cleaner? What? Dry cleaning staff are immune?

      No no no. None of this works for me.


    1. Excellent article, Niko.

      They never ask where the money comes from when they are stuffing it into their coffers.

      Question: Why are we deporting American, Canadian and some European academics, people we desperately need in out universities, and people with businesses, and all these multi-billionaire Russians get to stay?

      Nothing to do with massive bribes, I mean donations, to the Tories, surely?

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  11. I find myself in reluctant agreement with May over the Skripals, and now the Glushkov case – and God, how I hate that! I’ve been a Russia-watcher for over 40 years now. There have been far too many suspicious deaths among Russian émigrés, and it’s not a recent phenomenon either. Just looking at the post-Yeltsin period, remember Berezovsky? Berezovsky and Glyshkov were linked, as it happens, including in a legal action against Putin.

    Incidentally, I don’t believe our SNP MPs are stupid or gullible, neither is the Scottish Government, and none of them trusts Theresa May or her regime or MI5 or MI6 even as far as they could throw them, which is exactly as it should be.

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      1. It makes me want to spit feathers, actually.

        I find it worrying, though, when left-of-centre, civic-minded, rationalist Scottish social-democratic independentistas end up agreeing with rabid right-wing, Bible-thumpin, gun-totin, school-shootin, devout social-Darwinist Trump supporters in the States that good ole’ Vlad – the supreme kleptocrat, the imperial oligarch of all the Russias, a murderer and poisoner of opposition figures at home and abroad, who treats his people’s human rights as beneath contempt – particularly if they’re not straight – seizes bits of neighbouring countries by force and foments armed conflict – must be innocent of any wrongdoing, all charges against him trumped up by the Liberal Elite / the Deep State / the British Establishment / the Tory Regime.

        Don’t get me started on the May regime’s sales of guns and bombs and fighter planes from dear old Blighty to evil regimes for them to use to kill children and other non-combatants, maybe destroy a world heritage site or two while they’re at it, because then I’d have to grind my teeth and spew as well.

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          1. The orangs have already done their sterling life-affirming duty, Tris, and we do feel that life is vaguely worth living as a result.

            On the other subject – well, time will tell. I just wish I had a bit more oomph and va-va-voom and whatnot to go after it to my own satisfaction, but I don’t have the energy and no longer have the contacts I could use to pump and delve.

            On the subject of Vladimir Putin, the mini-Beast from the East is currently wuthering around the corbels, crenellations and machicolations of Schloß Freeman, bringing the taste of Siberian winter to bonnie Dundee, including Claverhouse, of course, but also the Hilltown. This – the witherin wund an the blawin snaw – inevitably causes the mind to stray to Petersburg around the time of the Revolution, and equally inevitably to the poetry of Aleksandr Blok. OK, point taken, maybe only if you’re a poncy git like me. So here’s a spot of kultura, in the form of some Russian silver age Symbolist verse, to keep you warm and toasty: https://goo.gl/TY4cpd. (Ackshly, it’s amazing stuff – read out loud, properly, the original Russian is electrifying.)


            1. Why such a huge scrap of cloth
              For such a placard?
              It would make so many footwraps for the boys,
              So many are without clothes or shoes . . .

              Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


        1. I’m not at all sure it matters whether Mays right. I think the whole game of who did what to whom is all part of the smoke and mirrors. These shady covert types have been bumping each other off all over the world in a variety of unsavoury ways since the notion of sovereignty began and I don’t believe any major country to be exempt. One might even say it’s an occupational hazard. The newsworthy and questionable bit in this instance quite obviously being the murder weapon.

          The victim here is not the first and he certainly won’t be the last to be killed by security services and although I don’t condone any of it, especially the use of chemical weapons, there is little the ordinary person can do about any of it. I know that sounds harsh but it’s just the reality of it. The awful bloody truth.

          What concerns me is how the incident will be/is being used, and what the agenda is. Who will become the collateral damage from the political fallout as the situation is exploited to the hilt?

          All the players are without a doubt and to varying degrees bastards, it’s what our bastards are going to do to us as a result that’s the scary bit.

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          1. Absolutely.

            I think if you get into that game, you know there is a chance you will end up in an early grave…well, unless you’re 007!

            It’s the possibility that they are using it as a distraction from the terrible mess they are making of everything, that is most irksome.

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  12. N

    “Londongrad” is the nickname, not entirely affectionate, that wealthy Russians have bestowed upon Britain’s capital. The term doesn’t just designate a physical place, though many Russians do indeed live here. Londongrad is more properly a state of mind — encompassing not only the nonresident owners of large houses in Kensington, but also the British institutions, banks, law firms, accountants, private schools, art galleries, and even the Conservative Party fundraisers that have gone out of their way to accommodate them.

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  13. Something stinks.

    Its interesting that so many of us don’t believe anything the Truth Ministry tells us any more. Are we becoming ungovernable?

    I caught some woman on the radio the other day – although I find I have a better radio experience listening to Celtic Music Radio 95 FM nowadays ( no News broadcasts ) – telling us all how we had to unquestioningly accept what the guv’ment was telling us. I shouted that was the road to dictatorship at the thing and changed back to CM95FM. If I did not have my bullshit detector on 100% it would be easy to just be a model citizen. This Indyref aftermath makes a Winston Smith of so many of us.

    What interests me most is the economics of this. Russia has a GDP of $1560 Tn and 145 million people. The UK has a GDP of $2565 Tn and 65 million people ( allegedly). So how is it that they are supposedly such a military superpower? They are not anywhere in population terms in a world of 7 1/2 billion – neither are the UK – and they are economic minnows against say the US which has a GDP over twelve times theirs. Maybe we are all pretending its still the 19th Century.

    On the murder front, these unusual methods are unnecessary. Unless you are advertising to others you are on to them. If you want to murder someone I was told a few years ago by a man now deceased himself ( natural causes ), that the gangsters use car accidents. A person gets killed say by being knocked down by a truck. The driver is from say Manchester, and there is no reason to link the victim or perpetrator. Nothing but tragedy. No expulsion of diplomats. Case closed.

    Here’s an interesting chart. Poisoning ( accidental…. ) is not that uncommon either it seems. https://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2011/10/28/Factfile_deaths_large.png

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    1. I think we are still working on 1948 figures, David.

      Russia (helped win the war, representing communism)

      China (previously Taiwan, representing Asia… I have no idea why, but now, of course, PRC, the 2nd largest economy in the world.)

      USA. Largest economy in the world. and representing the Americas.

      and then:

      Britain, representing the Empire, and France, representing the French empire and Europe.

      It’s hideously out of date.

      The money is in the Middle East. Jap[an and Germany have been rehabilitated int eh eyes of the world. India is a massive economy.

      But Russia still have nukes…

      Search me.

      It’s time the UN security council was reconfigured to represent the world as it is today, not as it was 70 years ago.

      Britain and France most certainly need to be ditched… and told to get rid of their nukes.

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    2. Guns or butter. Also, as Russia is an achingly corrupt kleptocracy with vast natural resources, certain individuals have succeeded in bleeding the place dry and amassing vast personal fortunes. They wield enormous individual power. And yes, it’s all a matter of degree. The British ruling classes have historically been less offensively in-your-face with their corruption and parasitism. You might say that they’re classier about the whole exploitation business, but that would mean only that they are a bit less likely to rub your face in it with tasteless and conspicuous displays of wealth and consumption.

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  14. Spin And Weasel words
    Currently, a transitional policy is in place, which means that all families receiving Universal Credit are eligible for free school meals. The Tories have now changed the eligibility. From April 2018, any new family will need to be earning less than £7,400 in order to qualify for free school meals.
    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Esther McVey MP: “No child who currently receives meals [will] lose their entitlement”
    The Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds MP claim that there will be around 50,000 more children who will benefit from a free school meal.
    The fundamental point remains: the Conservatives aren’t doing enough to support children living in poverty to access free school meals and it is a downright lie for them to suggest otherwise.
    I look forward to hearing Mother Theresa stand up in the mother of parliaments and apologise to the Malay people for losing control of VX nerve agent.
    Read her words on anything, smoke and mirrors, the act of saying words that can mean whatever we want it to mean.
    We now have professional politicians of all colours who will use the language to spin to their party advantage.
    My view on the school meals would be that a progressive society would require that there would be no need to qualify for a free meal, we should be rewarding our countrymen with the ability to fund the basic requirements of life, food, shelter and warmth, and to enable them to have a long and happy life, including a comfortable retirement, medical requirements and security.
    We don’t have a society when we have Tory, Conservative and unionists, purveying the same product and the same pestilence to our people
    The revolution is in our hands, vote SNP for freedom to chose

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    1. We keep on telling people that we are the 5th largest economy in the world.

      Of course it’s not true, but we tell them that anyway.

      And of course many countries have far smaller economies and are many many times richer… Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, all the Scandinavian countries… the list goes on and on.

      But it is worrying, that a country that brags about how important and rich it is says that someone who earns £7,500, about half the level at which severe poverty kicks in, can’t have free school meals for their kids.

      Here’s a proposal for the Windsors.

      Pay for Buckingham Palace repairs yourselves out of the billions you have screwed out of people over the centuries, and direct May to spend the half a billion it was going to cost, to the provision of food for kids who are hungry.

      You brag your backsides off about what good Christians you are… well, do something good for a bloody change.

      And Harry… have a small wedding with a few intimate friends and spend what you would have spent on the marriage to boost that fund so that the kids can have the odd treat. God knows, most of their lives are miserable.

      Do something decent for a change.

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  15. There has been a lot written about this , over at https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/ , he has a lot to say , as has grousebeater , https://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.co.uk/ , https://informscotland.com/ , we could go on . So what do we know ….. Brexit is a mess , the Tories take lots of money from Russians , there is an election in Russia soon , the BBC tell lots of mis-truths , England has a chemical weapons facility very near Salisbury , UK sell radioactive material to Russia ( a lot actually ) and you can never trust a Tory .
    What it means ……..oh look a squirrel !
    The Great Distraction .

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  16. The Katyn massacre – Stalin murdered the whole officer corps of the Polish army, basically.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not and have never been a spook or involved with any intelligence services anywhere. I hope that an independent Scotland will dispense with all the covert stuff completely, and will gladly give up the stupidity and venality and evil of throwing its weight around, threatening other people with nuclear annihilation, bombing, shooting and killing them, and otherwise pissing them off, flogging weapons of mass destruction to disgusting regimes, getting blood on its hands and then denying even refuge to the victims of the carnage when it was quite likely the UK’s aircraft, weaponry and ordinance that destroyed their friends’ and relatives’ homes, livelihoods and lives. They are owed compensation from the UK’s profits on its more and less murky arms deals, not an indeterminate length of time spent in prisons such as Dungavel. Which should be instantly shut down by the Scottish Government, reserved powers or no reserved powers.

    The guys sent back to Russia included the Cossacks – still fighting the Russian civil war, really – and the Vlasov army, which was encircled by the Nazi forces, was forced to surrender, and to fight alongside them or be killed immediately. I expect many of them thought of the Nazis as the lesser evil anyway; that was certainly the point of view of one guy I met in Germany, oh, a good 40 years ago now. He was one of the lucky ones who was allowed to remain – there was no way he would dare set foot in the old Sov Union, even anywhere behind the Iron Curtain. I doubt he lived long enough to be able to go back, or even if he would have wanted to.

    The story, you see, was not that the Vlasov army had been forced to surrender and told “fight or die”, the Soviet line was that they had deserted, traitors to the Motherland… Add to them all the Russian soldiers who were captured by the Nazis at whatever point in the proceedings – when they were repatriated, they were sent into the Gulag at best. Even the ones who believed in the Soviet philosophy and ethos, the good communists, even old Bolsheviks, some of them – the ones who didn’t beg not to be sent back.

    Stalin killed millions, more than Hitler, I believe. Those Soviet citizens (not all of them Russians, of course) that I am talking about here, having survived Hitler’s best efforts, were then put to death by Stalin, to call the whole enterprise after the personality leading the cult. That was also the fate of the lone survivor of my Polish uncle’s family in Poland: only one survived the death camps – a cousin, a dentist, actually – the Home Office refused to let him come to the UK in 1947 / 48 (key phrase from the letter they received: “… you should know by now that England is not a country of immigration”), and he disappeared not long after in a Stalinist purge and was never heard of again. So I don’t like the Home Office much either, because I can’t see that they’ve improved any since then.

    Part of the story about the guys who were repatriated was that anyone who had spent any time in the West was thought to be ideologically unreliable as they might have realized that the Soviet propaganda wasn’t necessarily all true, so they were all called traitors as well. The Russian word for traitor – one of them, anyway – is предатель (predatyel’), and that is what Skripal was called on Russian State TV just recently. I haven’t verified that – if by any chance someone has seen it, please let me have a link to it.

    It was a shameful episode when those people were sent back to Soviet Russia after WWII – because the commanders who ordered it, from Eisenhower and Churchill on down, knew very well that the men they were sending back, who by that time were unarmed POWs, were being sent to their deaths. It was also, as I understand it, a war crime.

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