A Survation Poll for the Sunday Post* has shown that among the age group 16-34 (clearly those most affected by Brexit, on the basis they have the longest time to live with it) are nearly 82% Remain.

The 35-54 group are now 66% pro remain, and even in the 55+ group, only 43% of those questioned were pro-Leave.

With a sample size of 880 out of a voting population of  3.9 million, I’m not sure how accurate that might be. If anyone knows, please inform us.

Even at +/- 10%, it would put every group in the Remain camp.

It is ridiculous that Scotland is leaving the EU

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(*For non-Scottish readers, the Sunday Post is a largely Tory-supporting Scottish Sunday tabloid newspaper which, at one point, had almost blanket circulation within the country. Circulation in recent years has fallen and is currently around 125,000 per week. It is the home of “Oor Wullie” and “The Broons” and is published by DC Thomson, Dundee.)

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OH look, ordinary people…



Taken from Owen Jones’ Twitter timeline.

I never tire of saying it, and so, one last time:

Please use your vote today. How you use it is up to you, although of course if you are in Scotland I’m sure you know what Munguin would advise you to do.

During the Blair and Brown years it was reasonable to say, nothing changes, voting doesn’t make any difference. They are all the same.  It was untrue but totally understandable.  Blair and Thatcher were only distinguishable by the lack of handbag in Blair’s wardrobe.



But today there is a choice. There’s a choice for the UK… it’s Corbyn or May. And they ARE different. And there is a choice for Scotland too.  The SNP has made a difference in Westminster. OK, they can be, and often are, outvoted by the English, en masse. But you can count on 56 votes for decency. Can you imagine if there were Scottish MPs (apart from Muddle, who barely counts because he says what is programmed into him by whoever his boss is at the time) who were voting for rape clauses, and taking money away from disabled people, voting against pensioners’ rights and, as Ruth so clearly put it in her tweet of today:

Massive thanks to all candidates, activists & helpers for such a happy, energetic & disciplined campaign. Let’s smash tomorrow.x

(bold type is mine)

So younger voters, it’s up to you.

If you are happy for your parents and grandparents to decide on how life is gonna be for the next 5 years of your life, and a great deal longer, given the momentous decisions that will be taken… and the ramifications of the great repeal bill… then don’t bother about this voting malarky today.


Leave it to your mum and dad, grandad and Auntie Gloria. They usually know best about most things, don’t they? Remember that sweater they bought you for Christmas?