Britain is supposedly one of the richest nations in the world. So a few questions.

1/ Why do people have to sleep in shop doorways?

2/ Why was there a rush of Tory MPs being photographed at food banks yesterday, making a donation and then tweeting it with a standardised message, presumably so we would all think how compassionate they are? And why has foodbank use increased so much?

3/ Why, when clearly there are many problems to be sorted, do they insist on rolling out Universal Credit?

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4/ Why do they need volunteers for the health service when we are about to get £350 million a week Brexit bonus?

5/ Why is Crossrail overdue and over budget?

6/ Why is HS2 late and over budget already?

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7/ Why are the roads such a mess of potholes?

8/ Why are the trains the most expensive and among the least efficient in Europe?

9/ Why are retirement pensions the worst in Europe and indeed the developed world?

10/ Why, at least in England and Wales, is there a dire shortage of police?

11/ Why are the Prisons in England in chaos?

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12/ Why is the probation service in England broken?

13/ Why can my friend in London not get an appointment with his GP?

14/ Why did it take around 3 months for another friend (yes, I have some) to get his grandad buried in Coventry?

15/ Why are Tory councils in England going bankrupt?

16/ Why are we spending billions on doing up the Houses of Parliament in London?

17/ Why do Vince Cable and his Scottish tea boy think there should be a second British referendum, but not a second Scottish referendum. It couldn’t be that they liked the result of the Scottish one but not the EU one, could it?

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If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to ask them. No one will have much of an answer, but hey, you’ll have done your bit by asking it.



Yep, right enough, Mr Cole-Hamilton, we wouldn’t want ex-leaders going on Russia Today. But then, at least he isn’t the current leader. That would be seriously bad.ach1

Alex Salmond no longer works for the state.

He is not a First Minister. He is not an MSP. He is not an MP.

What he does is his business.

Unlike previous First Ministers or indeed Deputy First Ministers, he isn’t likely at anytime soon to accept a seat in the House of Lords and claim his £300 a day plus expenses. And he’s a bit young and energetic to retire.

The BBC wouldn’t let him near a programme.

So why would he not do one for Russia Today?

People accuse the station of being Russian State Propaganda. Alex has said that he has been given complete editorial control.

So let’s see what he does with the show before we judge if he is being used to spread Putin’s word, shall we?


In the meantime, ask Vince if he was encouraged to say anything like:

Я думаю, что российское правительство делает замечательную работу. Я только хочу, чтобы у меня было тело господина Путина! Я тоже снял бы рубашку!

(I think that the Russian government is doing a wonderful job. I just want to have Mr. Putin’s body then I, too, would take off my shirt!)