A union flag between two dustbins and tweeted by a “UKIP influencer” (whatever that is). Presumably that’s someone who “influences” Paul Nut-Tall. (Not something I’m keen to investigate further.) Munguin prefers the two dustbins sans drapeau.


Good article in the Guardian:


Of course, if you read some “papers” (we won’t pretend that they are “NEWSpapers”), this is a day to rejoice, for Britain will no longer be shackled to the biggest, richest trading block in the world. Soon it will be free to do trade deals with Trump, Erdogan, Netanyahu and their likes.

And, of course, these trustworthy gentlemen all have the interests of Britain very firmly uppermost in mind. So stand by to be royally stuffed.

Even more frightening, as I may have mentioned before, this whole catastrophe is in the monumentally incapable hands of Mssrs (and I mean that literally) May, Johnson, Davis and Fox.

Scotland’s future can hardly look bright with these people in charge.