Are there any other countries out there that would be willing to supply Scotland with PPE, because it seems our dear friends and partners don’t give a stuff about us.

Panda Paws provided a document that lays out clearly that this was not (as whatever the Scottish Office now calls itself ) a misunderstanding.

Supplying PPE to NHS Trusts
1.31 NHS Supply Chain and Clipper Logistics supported by the Armed Forces, are
working to regularly push critical PPE supplies to every single NHS Trust in
England. Since 25 February 2020, at least 654 million items of PPE have been
supplied in this way. From today, these deliveries will take place every day, and
we are working to ensure hospitals have sufficient advance notice of what will
arrive to make sure they can make the most of this service.
1.32 The new system has started by operating a ‘push’ model, with essential equipment
being issued to NHS Trusts based on the expected number of Covid-19 patients.
Once the flow of PPE stabilises, we anticipate returning to a more systematic
approach based on the demand signals from each Trust.
Supplying PPE to primary care providers and pharmacies
1.33 For primary care providers in the community we have organised emergency drops
of PPE. These were delivered to individual GP surgeries, community pharmacies,
dentists, urgent dental centres and hospices across England. We have also
released PPE to wholesalers for onward sale to these providers. In total, 22
million items of PPE have been made available in these ways.
1.34 We have also written to all Local Authorities to ask them to communicate directly
with local care providers with details of how to contact and escalate service
continuity issues.
Supplying PPE to social care providers
1.35 We are working around the clock to ensure those working in social care are
receiving the PPE they need. This is a sector where we have seen a significant
spike in demand for PPE to ensure some of the most vulnerable in our
communities are protected.
1.36 As an initial step, social care providers across England received an emergency
drop of 7 million items of PPE, so that every CQC registered care home and
social care provider received at least 300 face masks to meet immediate needs.
Starting in the week beginning 6th April 2020, we have authorised the release of a
further 34 million items of PPE across 38 local resilience forums (LRFs), including
8 million aprons, 4 million masks and 20 million pairs of gloves.
1.37 The additional PPE stocks distributed to LRFs will be managed and distributed via
Local Authorities and should primarily to be distributed to health and social care
Personal Protective Equipment Strategy
settings. If necessary, this equipment can also be used for wider public services
where LRFs identify need and in line with the clinical need as advised by PHE
clinical guidance on PPE.
1.38 We recognise that the social care sector operates differently to the NHS, and we
need to take different steps to ensure that providers can continue to access PPE.
23 million items of PPE have been released to designated wholesalers for onward
sale to social care providers. We have made arrangements with seven
wholesalers to supply PPE to the social care sector. Careshop, Blueleaf,
Delivernet, Countrywide Healthcare, Nexon Group, Wightman and Parrish and
Gompels will all provide supplies to care providers registered with the Care Quality
1.39 We have taken further steps to make it easier to get PPE. DHSC, NHSE&I, NHS
Supply Chain, Clipper logistics and the Armed Forces are working together to
develop a Parallel Supply Chain (PSC) to support the normal supply chain. This is
a dedicated channel for critical PPE, and core PPE products for Covid-19 are
flowing through this.
1.40 The PSC is supporting improved speed and reliability of delivery for these items,
whilst relieving pressure on the established supply chain so that it can deliver
‘business as usual’ products. The PSC is intended to service social care providers,
as well as others across the health and care system.
1.41 This is in addition to a new website for ordering PPE, described in more detail
below, which we aim to expand to service social care providers.


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