They can do up the Westminster parliament at a cost of between £3.5 bn and £5.6 bn and rising; they can do up Buckingham Palace at a cost of £370 million and rising; they can renew a nuclear defence capacity that they don’t even control and can’t use independently, at a cost of £170 bn and rising… but apparently, they can’t keep the lights on at night.

What an utter joke the government is.


david-lammyDavid Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, has said that he will vote against Article 50 in the forthcoming debate in the UK parliament.

He gives the following reason:

“75% of my constituents voted to Remain. We have a parliamentary system and this is a parliamentary vote. Shouldn’t I represent my constituents? My constituents voted overwhelmingly to Remain, so I will represent my constituents in Parliament, not someone else’s constituents.”

Makes sense to me. i hope that all MPs decide to represent their constituents.


Suzanne Evans, Ukip wants democratic control of judges.

If you listen to political programming then you’re going to hear a lot of stuff you consider to be stupid. Let’s be honest, many politicians (from all parties) talk rubbish.  But this takes the biscuit. Not only is she stupid, but she is dangerously stupid. Controls on the judges, other than those imposed by the law? I think not.

The legal system is far from perfect, in Scotland or in England, but the last thing we need is politicians interfering with it. Just where would it end?

Judges are controlled by the law. The law is controlled by parliaments. Parliaments are democratically elected (under whichever system the people accept).  That’s close enough for me.


Eight military bases in Scotland are to close according to the UK defence secretary (or maybe his press person, because he appears to be auditioning for a part in “The Thick of It”). Remembering that we were told scornfully that the Scottish military would be tiny partly because we’d be too small and too poor to actually have much of a military, and partly because no one would want to serve in it because it would never go to war. Make of that what you will.

. “if Scotland had voted for independence it wouldn’t have had a military footprint at all”

(Apparently, as you can see, Mundell is still selling us the line that an independent Scotland wouldn’t have a military footprint. If that means not going around the world causing strife, death, famine, destruction and general misery, then I’m all for it.  Jeez, can’t these people see that there is more to a country than being a big military power and having bloody clout?)

Anyway, I digress. I’m also reminded here of the tax offices that would move to England were we to be independent (and did anyway but this time NOT being replaced with Scottish tax offices).

And there’s an expert talking…

I was wondering, given Jackie Baille’s love of quoting exaggerated figures on Faslane, if she’d like to give us her estimate of the number of jobs that will be lost to the Scottish economy because the UK seems to believe that the only military capacity it needs is American-controlled Trident submarines?

It’s all about taking back control, huh?