I always say there’s nothing like a hug on a Sunday morning.
n bun
I know it’s not Easter yet, but Panda Paws has been asking for me, I hear, so here I am…
n killer whale
I’m having a whale of a time being in Munguin’s Soppy Sunday.
n penguinbs sg
What are we queueing for again?
n danny
Hubble Ultra Deep Field (from Danny). cw ESA/Hubble.
n klevan ukraine
Klevan, Ukraine.
n kangaroos
No, you can’t pick any. This is our garden and these are OUR flowers.
n kangaroo island
I wouldn’t mind some of what that guy was drinking when he came up with this road on Kangaroo Island.

n happy dog

I’m ready to go for my walk when you are…

n jaisalmer India

Jaisalmer, India

n hello

Now, look me in the eyes and say that…

n sudan white rhino

This was Sudan, the last white rhino in the world…

n bye bye, white rhino

He died this week of old age. This is his keeper, and friend, saying goodbye.

n bergen

Bergen, Norway. They are right hard these Norwegians. This one didn’t clear the snow off the bench before sitting on it.

n abu dabhi

Abu Dhabi.

n bee

Good find here… lots of lovely pollen.

n Ban Gioc, Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Ban Gioc, Vietnam.

n baby or9

OK… now DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOU CLOCKS TO SCOTTISH SUMMERTIME (as long as you live in Scotland). Remember it’s spring forward and fall back. See you next week.