Charles Walker MP, OBE, YUK


Here is a letter sent by Charles Walker OBE (remember the OBE bit, it seems important to him given that he signs his letter with it), to a nurse who wanted him, as her MP, to support Labour’s motion that the public sector pay cap be lifted.

But Mr Walker, OBE, whilst seemingly sympathetic to the nurse’s plight, felt unable to support what is a reasonable measure because he thinks that Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell are Marxists, traitors and anti-British.

I wonder if Mr OBE (let’s just cut out the unimportant bit of his name) really knows what a Marxist is. Maybe he’s just been watching too many Cold War movies?


Just for fun, we checked out the OBE’s Wiki page. It seems that in December 2013 he was the only MP to confirm he would accept an 11% pay increase. Obviously, he was happy to go against the public sector pay freeze at that point. (Of course, Joe Stalin’s mate wasn’t the leader of the opposition then and hadn’t proposed it… and he personally was going to get a bit wodge of dosh.) His championship of the pay rise and membership of the Speaker’s Committee led to him being described by the Daily Telegraph as being in with an outside chance of becoming speaker when Bercow stands down. (Heaven help us!) He was awarded his OBE for services to politics. I thought most Tories got knighthoods for that. Maybe Mr OBE’s  services weren’t that special.


Good to know though, that our overpaid and overpampered MPs are there to represent OUR interests, as long as our interests aren’t proposed by a traitor and Marxist.

What a complete Roaster!