Let’s all go down the beach…

… and forget all this virusy stuff…


As for social distancing…It’s for the mugs, eh lads?


But see all this litter?  Well, we’ll leave that for someone else to clear up… That will be a nice and healthy wee job!

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Oh, and that goes for bodily wastes too!


Here’s the laugh for today:


In the 21st century, in a supposedly first-world country, this is how, having demanded a return to traditional parliament, they are going to vote… and we are going to be paying them to do it?

Needless to say, the MP for the 17th century has organised it… I wonder if they will have to wear morning dress…


I hope Scottish MPs won’t be there.


“The kilties”? Well, yes, there were quite a few guys in kilts (it is, after all, our national dress) and some in trousers and shorts… and a few in relatively outlandish costumes. Nothing, however, quite so ridiculous as a catsuit.
Image result for galloway in cat suit
Ya tosspot.
A typical load of rubbish.

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Oh gee, this new Empire where we hold all the cards and can have our cake and eat it is shaping up to be great fun.  I can hardly wait…second hand cake anyone? Still, I’ve always believed in leading by example. I, therefore, suggest that from now on, MPs should be forced to furnish their second homes from rubbish dumps, so saving the taxpayer millions on microwaves, bedding, rugs, sofas, widescreen tellies, central heating systems and duck houses. I’m not sure if there is a moat cleaning service available at the dump though.
That seems a little unfair given that UKIP got 24 seats, Labour 20, Tories 19, Greens 3, SNP 2, and Plaid and Liberals got 1 each. Maybe the BBC just REALLY like UKIP? After all Hannan, the only Tory invited, might as well be UKIP.