…None of it has gone away. We’ve just been distracted by the antics of Mrs May, Alistair Carmichael’s apprentice in the lying department. Whether the photographs are from Iraq or Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya or wherever, the people are still suffering, in many cases as a direct result of us poking our know-all noses into things we know sod all about.

Of course, it makes the British “leadership” (?!?!? I use the word sooooo very loosely) look important and generates a good deal of profit for arms manufacturers, so I suppose you can see why they do it.

Not that it bothers people who live in palaces, mansions and taxpayer-funded homes but THIS is the side effect of them wanting to look big. In my opinion, it makes them look microscopically small. Invisible really, like a poisonous spider bite. Only nastier.

Don’t look if you have a weak stomach or are readily inclined to tears. David sent us some great photos from his holiday in Portugal, and Daniel sent some from his 2-month Masters’ project in Rwanda so there will be a great deal happier things to look at tomorrow.


Real people living these terrible lives. Real children not getting any kind of childhood.

And the supposedly 5th largest country in the world won;t even take some unaccompanied children or disabled people.

Grate Britain.