So there was a football match today and the queen will not be pleased with the result. Eh, Murdo?


But before the match, some people wanted to have a wee march…

The logo suggests that someone is going to be kicking someone else (wearing and green and white top) in the face. Why is dark coloured clothing preferred? Wear Black Shirts?



I think they were trying to get red white and blue smoke, but well, FAIL.
He looks a happy wee old mannie who obviously didn’t have anything in fashionable black…
Oh, they found the blue canister, and they’ve managed to get some orange in there too.ย  (Arlene will be pleased.) And the guy with the red hoodie, either can’t read or he’s a wee rebel… Red, the new black?
I’m sure all that smoke is doing wonders for their lungs. Like we cared.


I wonder who the red card was for… I just saw a tweet from Stuart Campbell:

Swear to God I’ve never seen a linesman do that before. They have a quiet word in the ref’s ear, they don’t howl “RED CARD!” repeatedly.


So, at a guess, it was for aย Celtic player.


What that you’re saying, mate? Can’t quite make it out.
The younger ones have more extensive wardrobes. They can lay their hands on a little black number with ease.
What a lot of black balaclavas. It’s almost as if someone provided them, so they’d all look the same. And what’s that salute?


What an utter insult to BEARS. And what’s 10 years? Prison?


In the end, the match resulted in a 3-2 defeat for the queen’s eleven, despite Celtic being down a man. Oh well… Clearly, you can’t win them all.



This week we’ll find out if the have tipped Scotland into recession. Time to take off the table and start listening.


So it seems that the Scottish economy grew at 0.8%. Hardly a startling figure, it has to be admitted, but it compares very favourably with the UK figure of 0.2%.

Of course, as always with these figures, it has to be remembered that both Scottish and English governments have input. In fact, that majority of levers for controlling the economy are held at Westminster. But the unfortunate tweeter, Jamie, was happy enough to blame an expected (by the Tories) downturn on the SNP, so it’s not unreasonable to expect him to now praise them for a performance from which his Tory counterparts in Westminster might well learn something.


And, just in the passing, we note from the illustration that the Scottish National health service has done so well that even the BBC had to admit that the rest of the UK could learn from it. Take a bow, Shona Robison. I’m not sure that Jeremy Hunt can share in that praise.

And since we are commenting on the news, it would be remiss of Munguin not to mention that the so-called (by Murdo Fraser, tweeter of this parish) her majesty’s Eleven has been found guilty (by her majesty’s supreme court) of trying to stuff her majesty’s treasury for rather a lot of tax. She must be particularly hurt by that, Murdo, with them being almost family!

It’s not been Rangers’ finest 24 hours. They lost 2-0 to Progresย Niederkorn, a small team in the Luxembourg league. Part-timers, Niederkorn had never won a match in European competition before.

Maybe it’s retribution for stealing all that money from their most important supporter and Granny, Liz.