The path I set out here is the path to deliver the Brexit people voted for. I will need your help and support to get there. And in return my pledge to you is simple: I will not let you down.

It’s probably worth noting first of all that 3 of the 5 constituent countries didn’t vote for it at all. But we’ll let that pass because we accept that if we are part of the UK, we must accept a UK wide (or English) vote. (But while we are on, can you imagine what would ahve happened it England had voted even more marginally for Brexit and the Scottish Irish, Gibraltar vote had overturned the will of the English people?)


So do you mean what the English and Welsh voted VERY narrowly for?

So, what is this Brexit that people voted for? What does it consist of and where did the people who voted for it get the information that THAT was what they were voting for? 

Was it the £350 million a week for the health service? I mean that would be good, but it’s hardly likely to happen. Otherwise, why would Hunt be talking about a dedicated tax for the health service?

 Was it sending all the foreign people back home? Because, if we do that, you do know that we would have enough people to run our services and staff our companies? Don’t you? 

Was it taking back control? Control of what? Taxes? Education? Social Security? Pensions? Roads? Wage levels? The colour of the pound? Ah no… It was the colour of the passport, wasn’t it?

We can now have a blue passport. An iconic one, by Jove. (Except it won’t be because the UN says that all have to be the same so they can be read anywhere from Nuuk to Northampton. Still, we could leave the UN too, I suppose, and have an iconic one.

It wouldn’t be any use for travel but heavens, wouldn’t we be proud as we sat looking at it in the not quite departure lounge?

Of course, as the Croatian passport shows, we could have done that already… and saved all this hassle… and money.


Seriously, if you had any idea of what people felt, you would have known that appealing to the public to trust you was a fairly pointless exercise… unless what you were going for was comedic effect.

Most of us wouldn’t trust you to run a bath.


As for helping you… or even worse, supporting you????… Seriously woman, get a grip. That really IS comedy.


And a last word of advice… the word “pledge” is a tad dicey in politics since your partners in crime ditched theirs for a few red boxes and the odd title. Sod you lot… how does £9000 a year grab you?


Note from Munguin to Tris: