…there are a couple of very deserving causes that caught Munguin’s eye and persuaded him to open his wallet (we found the key in the vaults of Munguin Towers), allowing a multitude of moths to escape.

The first is from Munguin reader and blogger, The Rambling Junketeers, who, currently living in Mexico, has been touched by the plight of the hundreds of stray dogs that are left to starve on the streets in that country.


He’s fundraising for a kennel that he volunteers with. His story is heartwarming and tear-jerking at the same time. It’s worth a read if you’re an animal lover.

So, if you’re a dog person, and flush with cash, you might like to help him out. Money goes a good deal further in Mexico so even a little would make a difference.

The second cause is an old favourite of this site and of Munguin’s, so it will need no other introduction than… Mark Frankland. We all know what Mark does, and Munguin and I have the deepest respect for him. Homebase needs funds for the winter and this is important work, given the terrible hardships imposed on people by this heartless Westminster government of incompetents.

In addition to the Just Giving page, Mark has written another novel, always a seriously good and exciting read, and is selling it on Amazon Kindle. If you fancy buying it for your Kindle you can do so here. All the money goes to the fund. I think you’ll like the plot.


If you don’t have a Kindle you can read the book on his blog (see sidebar) or here, and make a contribution (or not) on the Just Giving page.

OK, that’s Munguin’s begging bowl going back in the cupboard until the next time. At least, to the little fella’s credit, he never asks anything for himself. (Of course, neither does Rupert!)


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I’ve just read Mark Frankland’s blog about Donald. As ever I leave Mark’s blog with tears of sadness and anger in my eyes. I am truly ashamed to be a part of a country that treats people like this but at the same time I’m  proud to be a part of a country that has people like Mark Frankland in it.

Mark has more than met his target to keep Donald warm until the mean-minded bastards at the DWP see fit to give the guy some money to keep warm, and Mark and his team will feed him from First Base until February.

But we all know that Mark will have to face more Donalds before long.

If you can give here’s the link.

Y’know, they talk big about Great British Values and how we are a Christian country and how their every step is guided by the gospels. But how in the name of hell can they be when they do this to people. Maybe they just had different gospels from the ones we read at school.