Boris got a rousing welcome from Mancunians.

And the faithful were clearly agog to hear what drivel they were being fed.


At some fringe meeting, Bojo was talking about a climate change summit he’s holding in Glasgow, if you please, where he wants there to be a big union flag at the back of the stage. And…

Well, I suspect she doesn’t want to be anywhere near your flag. But you do realise that being stupid enough to mention all that, does mean that Glasgow, very much a YES city will be teaming with Saltires, inside and outside of your summit. (Incidentally, does your boss… you know, your old bro with the orange skin… know that you are into climate change stuff???)

And in the meantime, they carried on sleeping.


The “scandal” of Boris’s wandering hands won’t go away. I’m not one to comment on whether it is right to bring something like this up after years, or whether they should have dealt with it at the time.  He was their boss. It’s not always easy to deal with your boss in that kind of situation and unless you know all the circumstances it is best to stay out of it. But not dear old Tobe. He seems to have just gone and made it worse.

tory con1

Ho hum… And then there is the ever charmless Hopkins person:


Has anyone ever come across a more stupid or repugnant character than Hopkins?

Ooops, maybe I spoke too soon.

I dunno. Can anyone point me in the direction of something sensible said by someone…anyone… at the Tory Conference?

I wonder if this is what passes for sense in today’s England.




All terrorism is repulsive.

It is, after all, the random killing of totally innocent people to make a political, religious or other point; to hold a gun to a government’s head.

The randomness of it revolts. The terrorists’ bomb takes dads, mums, grannies, kids, dogs… people with lives, with futures, with plans. People with no power to change what the terrorists want to be changed. Sometimes even people who would sympathise with the terrorists’ cause.

Just random people. In this case random young people.

Who amongst us have more future, more dreams, more plans than kids? Teenagers out for a night with mates at a pop concert. Lives ahead of them.

What kind of people could even conceive such an attack even in their wildest imaginings?

Rightly, political campaigning has been universally stopped for today out of respect. The SNP manifesto launch has been postponed. Politicians in office will have more to do today than make party points, you would hope.

Nothing anyone can say can make this better for the friends and families of the dead and injured, but I guess all over the world people are reflecting on how these folk must be feeling. It’s hard to imagine, but I think it’s important to try to do so. What would it be like if this was your town, you kids?

The people of Manchester have shown their metal by opening their homes, giving blood, and pulling together in so many ways to do what they can for each other, for the victims and those whose job puts them in the centre of this.  It’s a fact that whenever this kind of thing (the very worst of human behaviour) happens, it brings out the best in humans.

So ignore the comments of people like Farage, Robinson and Hopkins, concentrate on the what the good guys are doing and let’s get behind them.

Across the world today we are all Mancunians.