Erm, I think he said, “send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance”, but who can tell. He lies to us, you know.
Bring your kid to work day. Andrew got left behind lest there should be temptation put in his way.
Zac Goldsmith
It seems that losing your seat is no bar to being a Minister. Amazing!
Pretty hard to believe in this day and age.

So… what a jolly day as loads of stuff that was promised is dropped…

Workers’ right? What workers’ rights?  MPs, ministers and lords? Oh yeah, we’ll doubtless keep them. It’s the lower orders that can go fiddle.

Let’s get rid of this silly ban on GM crops, eh, even though we said we’d keep EU standards?

Lone child refugees? Nah, they have no rights.

Wanna borrow a comb?

I read that, having got the working-class vote they are to scrap the increase in the minimum wage… anyone else hear that?

No matter what happens we leave the EU on January 31… so if you want to get in a quick visit to somewhere half civilised, best do so now. And they write into law leaving the implementation phase on Dec 31 2020, so that will be us looking at a no-deal Brexit, which is exactly what Mr Trump wants.

In any case, we don’t want to be squabbling over EU rules v US rules. This taking back control is such a jolly jape… eh?


Maybe we should take into consideration that this will probably be reciprocal.

Imagine if they dropped it… eh?


Charlie looks awfully red in the face, wonder why.

If anyone has any more u-turns to share, please feel free.

Aye, well, I can see a lot of that in the tactics of Dominic and his wee scruffy puppet.