Twitter buddy, “WG Saraband”, or Miguel, as he is actually called, (give him a follow) tweeted an election communication he had received from the Liberal Democrats.

Well, that’s nice, I thought!

Then it got interesting…

It seems that the Liberal Democrats were so busy preparing to be the next prime minister that they neglected to bother filling in the name of the constituency they were targetting.

Busy, busy, busy… Bless.


Also, I’d be interested to know what the word “chaose” means.


I’m not sure that being the next prime minister gives you the right to invent new words although with Jo’s daily-changing accent it’s possible her scribe misheard.

Miguel, who is a Portuguese Scot, pointed out: “And run a spell checker too -I’m not a native English speaker and even I find the mistakes in the leaflet embarrassing”.

But it’s not only in Edinburgh that the spellchecker or proofreader seems to have gone on holiday. Oh no…


Firstly, of course, Lochaber residents may interested to read of the revised name in the Swinson-run UK.

But I’m more interested in the claims the Liberal Democrats make here:

I haven’t seen polls for this constituency for this election, but at the last election (which was only 2.5 years ago) the Liberal Democrats lost 15% of their vote. The SNP (who also lost votes) were first, and their nearest challengers were the Tories whose vote dramatically increased.

So, unless things have changed dramatically, I can’t see that there is a great deal of truth in the first of the above statements.

Scottish National Party

Ian Blackford Votes 15,480  40.3% Net percentage change in seats-7.9


Robert Mackenzie Votes 9,561  24.9% Net percentage change in seats+18.6

Liberal Democrat

Jean Davis Votes 8,042 20.9% Net percentage change in seats-15.0


Peter O’Donnghaile Votes 4,695 12.2% Net percentage change in seats+7.3


Ronnie the Crofter Campbell Votes 499 1.3% Net percentage change in seats+0.8

On the second point, I suppose if Swinson were to become the next prime minister, it is possible that the Lib Dems could stop another independence referendum (although it’s a moot point), but as that is marginally less likely than Japan joining the EU next Tuesday afternoon at a quarter to four, I think we can safely rule it out.

“Stopping independence”, mentioned in the third point, is a bit of an exaggeration.

The SNP is not demanding independence. It is demanding (as it is mandated by the Scottish people to so do) the right for Scots to vote again in a second independence referendum (in light of the changes which have occurred since the last referendum, most specifically but not exclusively, being dragged from the EU despite having voted to remain).

That’s not quite the same thing.

Also how stopping the right to vote on our future will allow there to be a reduction in hospital waiting times is far from made clear.

My understanding is that, as a result of the Conservatives’ and Liberals’ joint policy of austerity, there has been a reduction in monies allocated for public spending, including on the four health services of the UK… and that this has had a negative impact on waiting times (although Scotland has fared better than the other three countries, because of prudent SNP government).

Image result for jo swinson for prime minister

I also understand that as a result of Brexit and the policies of the British Home Office regarding Europeans’ rights of residency, many doctors, nurses and other health personnel from the EU have opted to leave the UK (including Scotland) and head home to where they will be treated with a little more dignity than Smirky Patel could ever muster.

The same can be said about tackling crime.

Of course, there is too much crime all over the UK, but again, Scotland has done better than other countries in tackling it. And not following the English preference for privatising prisons and probation services nor cutting vast numbers of police has hardly been of hindrance in this.

Finally, if there is a Liberal Democrat reading, maybe they can be a little bit more specific about how they intend to create more jobs by denying Scots the right to decide their future.

View image on Twitter

If anyone comes across any more blunders on Liberal Democrats’ (or others’) leaflets, please send them in.

PS: Panda Paws is Munguin’s highly remunerated Proof Reader for whom we are more than grateful. Maybe she could moonlight for the LubDoms…?

PPS: I bet someone finds a mistake on this post…eeeek.


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If you want Brexit cancelled, they said…vote Liberal Democrats, they said.

We will simply cancel it.

No second referendum, no ifs, no buts, die in a ditc… oh no, wait, that was… this melon!

Related image

I always thought,  much though I’d like to remain in the EU, that as a policy, it was not particularly ‘liberal’ nor was it even slightly ‘democratic’ to reverse, without consultation, that which a narrow majority of the British people had voted for in a referendum (even one which had involved a certain amount of dubious online activity and shed loads of “dark money”.

And it seems that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t think much of the policy, because the LibDems have been tanking in the polls, falling in YouGov from 23% to 13% in 6 weeks.

Image result for Layla Moran

So today, they sent out Layla Moran (me neither… and surely a policy change this important deserved Swinson herself to be publicly eating crow) to tell BBC Breakfast that the party had reverted to Plan A and that Plan B was only in operation as long as Jo Swinson won the party a majority and the Liberal Democrats formed the next government… She appeared to agree that that was (now) highly unlikely! (Personally, I thought it was always highly unlikely to the point of being farcical.)

Now, it seems, this week’s policy is to have a second referendum.

It brings to mind the pledge in their 2010 manifesto to maintain university student fees at £3,000 pa in England and Wales and to fight for a fairer alternative.

Image result for Liberal democrats tuition fees

(You may recall that the “fairer alternative” turned out to be increasing the fees to £9,000!)



The Liberal Democrats took the SNP to court today to stop them distributing a leaflet that pointed out that Swinson had accepted money (£14,000) from a guy who runs a company that fracks. The Liberal Democrats are supposed to be against fracking (except when they are not…ie when they are being told what to vote for by The Tories!)

The complaint was upheld, despite the fact that they had, in fact, accepted money from a fracking company boss.

According to Philip Sim on Twitter, Jo Swinson’s QC, Roddy Dunlop argued that the SNP leaflet was defamatory and “peddling a lie”, saying the donation was made to her constituency office, not her, it was from a director of Warwick Energy in a personal capacity, and that the company “does not engage in fracking”…

And apparently, the judge backed that up.

I wonder what her constituency office did with it.

Perhaps they bought a lot of tea and coffee, or perchance it was spent on stationery or new carpets…

Or, and this is just a wild guess, maybe they donated it to her election campaign, eh?

I suppose it’s not hypocritical to take money from your constituency office, is it?



One knows Trump said he wasn’t coming, Pheeleep. After all, one has done one’s best to ensure that one leads a “sheet-hole” country, but best to keep safe than sorry. So, if we see anything orange we make for the helicopter, right? It will either be him or that dreadful Arlene person. Either way, being at Windsor will be preferable, even with all these beggars.
Erm… sometimes you have to wonder if the flash limos and hundreds of servants are worth the anguish of working under President Pinhead.
Arise, Sir Pledge.  Oh and please take £115,000 a year to run your post-prime ministerial office, even if you were never the prime minister. And the Queen may not have seen fit to honour the fire, police and ambulance people, the porters, doctors, nurses and all others involved, but seriously, ask yourselves who the public value more. And remember, their baubles mean absolutely NOTHING.
Eugh… how revolting, in every way.
Ah, the worst pensions in the world are only safe with the  broad shoulders of our beloved benighted kingdom! Just as well we stayed, isn’t it?
a labour
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jeremy Corbyn. You’re not half a disappointment. Do you know anything about anything?
a oil
You might think that that was odd, but then, when you consider the other daft stuff the UK has pulled, it all seems quite logical.
a nuclear
Ooops, Philip. Bit of an old gaff there.
a rbs
The closure of hundreds of branches of RBS in England, Scotland and Wales seems to have evoked very little interest in the House of Commons.
Ah, the good old democracy of the Benighted Kingdom.



babs2I’ve been reading a few articles in papers today and it appears that, in addition to reducing the amount paid to sick people (by £30 a week!) from April next year, MPs, who recently received a massive pay increase, also appear to be contemplating charging people for using the health service. (I know that this is an English story, but it will have repercussions here.) I mean, I suppose I wouldn’t mind paying for a visit to the doctor if I could get an 11% boost to my pay, but, of course, for some it will be another case of having to make choices between essentials!

The Financial Times reports that there is a Brexit Black Hole of £100 billion in Hammond’s budget, so I doubt we can expect any relief in the upcoming Autumn Statement. meanwhile, the UK’s debt is heading towards £1.8 trillion at a staggering £5,170 per second.

The UK has just passed a massive expansion in surveillance powers, which critics have called “terrifying” and “dangerous”.  It is said to be the most draconian snoopers’ law passed in a democracy.

babs3And pensioners’ triple lock could be under threat in 2020, because they reckon it will be unsustainable, given how poor the country will be and how many pensioners will require pensions. pensioners used to get rises in accordance with pay increases, but in 1980 Mrs Thatcher decided  that the pension was a “benefit” like Unemployment Benefit, and decided therefore  that pensions should rise in line with inflation. So, over a period of 30 years between then and 2010, pensions lost value, and the British state pension is now one of the lowest in the developed world when compared with the average wage.

babsTo his eternal discredit, and despite lobbying from Barbara Castle, Tony Blair refused to do anything about it, as did Gordon Brown. However, the Liberals in the coalition government introduced the triple lock system, where pensions increased by inflation, wage inflation or 2%, whichever was highest. It remains a mystery to me that the Uk can afford palaces and bombs, but not decency for pensioners. (Yes, don’t judge all Liberal Democrats by the bunch of useless tossers in the Scottish parliament, or the liar in chief, Carmichael. One of two of them may be OK decent people, it seems.)

All in all it does seem to be a depressing country that we live in, and it’s hard to see exactly how Better Together can justify their name…