If that last line is true, I suspect that Fascism may find the UK a relatively easy place to get a foothold. 

So, what May is saying is that, no matter what cackhanded mess she comes up with and no matter the cost to the people, the British parliament, to which I believed we were supposed to be “taking back control” (well you would think that if you believe that we have, or had, a “parliamentary democracy”), will be allowed to vote, but unless it votes the way Mrs May wants it to, it might as well watch the football because it will not be listened to.

Sorry, that was a long and rambling sentence, but I couldn’t find another way of putting it.

I’m really perplexed about all this taking back control malarky.

Y’see we were told we would be taking back control from the European courts.

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I have to say they don’t stint themselves when it comes to pretty dresses. But I am struck by the lack of gender balance.

No longer would judges from Bulgaria or Portugal be able to pass down rulings on EU law affecting decent British people.

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With wigs like that, what else could they be, but enemies of the people?

But then, when the English High Court and then The British Supreme Court ruled that Westminster and not Royal Prerogative should decide upon Article 50, the judges, Decent British Justices, sworn to serve their British Queen, I would add, possibly even with Union Jacks in their hearts, became enemies of the people.

So we didn’t really want to take back control to English or Great British courts at all. Is that it?

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Taking back democratic control from those unelected people in the Brussels parliament.

And now if that Parliament,  the Great British Parliament, opened by Her Majesty the British Queen, and operating under her benevolent grace, to which we were going to return power, having wrested it from the unruly mob of foreigners in Brussels and Strasbourg, tries to tell the government to try again with the EU and negotiate something a little less damaging, Mrs May is saying that they might as well stay at home for all the good it will do them.

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I’m beginning to wonder if this Bexit malarky isn’t just a pile of cobblers.