J is for Janus

Prepare to meet your end, all you nationalists!
As that lad said on the day after the referendum… “embrace it”.
!!!Proper Charlie
Lord save us. He’s had 70 years’ training for the job, and he still can’t do up his own buttons.
Well, if Mr Lavatory (above) doesn’t kill me off, I expect this fellow will.
Does it, aye?
bell ends
Bell Ends? British Whisky or Whiskey or whiskie or drain cleaner or something.
Richard Braine
UKIP’s new leader, Dick Braine…no really!


Hmmm… yep, that’s about it. Seeing as you want to defend England, mate, you can trot out to the gulf with that wee boat the Brits are sending.


He’s been back this week with another Browntervention.  Does anyone listen any more?


Whit? Oh yeah, so it has! You were right there. Pity about the £350 million a week. Still, think about the Blue Passports, eh!

Random Thoughts



And the unionists (in particular Alex Cole-Hamthingy) are in a fankle about there being some snagging work on our bridge? Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if secretly they are hoping that it falls down so they can blame the ensuing mess on the SNP. Poor excuses for opposition.


Well, Lavery, I’d not use rat poison to get rid of us, if I were you. If we poison all the rats what you Britnats eat post Brexit?
Sounds like the Brits on Europe.

Good Lord, Jeremy Hunt, May’s Foreign Secretary, has been talking about our “shared values” with Saudi Arabia, a mediaeval dictatorship that stones people to death for minor infractions of their legal code, which is entirely based on their rather weird interpretation of the Qur’an.

Image result for jeremy hunt looking daft

I know he was stupid and unsuitable for the job, but for heaven’s sake.




!dominic rabb brex
And he’s a bloody Cabinet Minister. He’s the Brexit Secretary that doesn’t have responsibility for Brexit, presumably because he’s too thick.


Edward the arse

I see the Saxe Coburgs are in the news today wasting another few million of our money on a personal affair (some minor princess who’s never done a hand’s turn for the country in her puff is hardly a state occasion)

So, just to reassure them that we are thinking of them, here’s a picture of the supremely useless tosser, Edward, beating a dog. Presumably because it’s about the level of his capabilities.

We should remember when we are spending so much money on their family weddings, just how enduring most of them are… Margaret, Charlie, Andy, Anne…  then maybe we could get the dosh paid back when they split up?