Ais this true
From the Sunday Times


So we have known for years that Westminster is crawling with people who would cheat on their expenses at the drop of the proverbial top hat, be they Honourable or Right Honourable, or even Noble.

We also know for a fact that the place is full of egotistical guys (and a few women) who think they are god’s gift, even if most people wouldn’t look twice at them.

It seems that Stephen Crabb is, for all his deep Christain beliefs, a bit of a sex pest. He was involved with one of his female staff when he was Welsh Secretary, then he sent sexual messages to a young woman during the EU referendum campaign which led to his resignation from the government last year. Despite having a wife and family he sent flirtatious messages to a teen and met with her at the Tory conference in Manchester this  year

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And now we know that Mark Garnier, some sort of junior Brexit minister reporting to Mr Fox, calls his assistant “sugar tits” and sends her (on a salary that we pay) to buy sex toys from a Soho store, while he stands outside. Is this, I ask Mrs May, a good use of ministerial time and our money (particularly given the god awful mess that his department appears to be in)?

(Incidentally, his assistant [a Ms Edmonson], said the minister told her one of the sex toys was for his wife while the other was purchased for a female assistant in his Wyre Forest constituency office. Another of his employees paid from the public purse.) 

I’m pretty sure his wife will be thrilled that we are all party to her little secret not to mention his office staff!

Of course what MPs of either sex do with consenting adults of either sex is a matter for them, the aforementioned consenting adults and their respective partners. It is not our business. Mr Crabb’s marital arrangements are nothing to do with us and nor are those of the Garniers.

But sexually harassing employees is not like having an affair. It IS our business. And using the position of power that we allow them to have to send staff, on our payroll, to buy sex toys (or any other personal items) IS our business.

Regardless of party, it needs rooting out.

I rather suspect that, just as when the Times and the Telegraph got their teeth into the thieving that was going on in Westminster a few years ago, now that the press has smelled a rat they won’t be happy till they have maximised sales by finding out as much as they possibly can.

Mrs May, if she knows about these cases (and there are more) MUST, no matter how weak she is, deal with it.

Just when you thought Britain couldn’t sink any lower in the esteem of the world…