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A Tory MP, who says that Britain will be more global after Brexit, is kicking off this new Globalness by banning French and German wine from his Brexit party.

THAT global? I hear you say! Goodness, that is VERY global.

Only drinks from “the British Isles” will be permitted, says Andrew Rosindell, who seems not to know that the British Isles includes the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands (none of which were never in the EU) and, of course, the Republic of Ireland, which remains in the EU (not to mention Northern Ireland which is half in and half out).

He then spoils the utter Britishness of it (sorry Ireland) by saying that wine from the Commonwealth will be permitted…like any of them give a damn.

Only British food and music, though, will be allowed.

“We’ve got music from around the British Isles and singing and dancing from all parts of the UK and we’ve got a great British buffet with food from around the UK and English sparkling wine – nothing French or German but everything British and Commonwealth.

“We’re going to be celebrating in style and at 11 o’clock when it’s all done we’re going to be singing God Save the Queen and Rule Britannia. I think huge numbers will come. Everyone’s welcome.”

I hope that “everyone” includes all the homeless people because I dare say they’d be happy to eat anything that’s going and probably appreciate a nice glass of English wine.

He continues:

“This is a turning point in our history, whatever people’s views. We are going to have a bit of party but it’s a serious decision that the country’s made.

“We are evolving as a nation. We are going to be more global, we are going to be out there in the world again – Britain’s back.”

I can understand that Joe/Jo McBloggs might not understand that Britain never went away and was never NOT in the world, given that he or she may read the Express, the Mail or the Sun.

But you would think an MP might know that that was rubbish and that Britain, because of its size, was one of the leading countries in the EU and as such, because of the EU’s size and wealth, had a considerable amount of influence in Brussels and therefore also in the world.


It is unclear what Britain will become after it leaves the EU (which, in reality, will not be on Friday night, rather on 31 December this year) but it will certainly not be in the top ranks of the world’s nations. The UK will simply not have the economic clout.

As this article points out, Rosindell is really out of touch, even about something as British as the BBC.

In 2016 he put forward a motion in parliament to have the BBC play the national anthem at the end of every day, seemingly unaware that the BBC doesn’t end broadcasts at the end of the day, but shows repeats all night.