Richard Leonard For Scottish Labour Leader Campaign

Munguin would like to point out that he doesn’t give a twopenny damn what football team Richard Leonard supports.

Admittedly, if Leonard were Scottish First Minister it might be rather embarrassing for him to attend an international and support the away side, but, let’s be honest, he’s pretty unlikely to ever be in that situation…and he can cross that bridge when (or rather if) he comes to it.


None of us at Munguin Towers can understand why Kezia Dugdale decided to join the   H-list celebrities in the jungle. It seems a really weird thing to do, and she’s likely to make a fool of herself..but it’s a matter for her and the Labour Party to sort out (and they seem to have agreed to do what London said, which was ‘no suspension’).

She’s a list MSP so other people can cover her duties, and as long as she isn’t being paid, I really don’t care, although I’m intrigued to know what would happen to the average public employee who just took time off to play. I imagine that she won’t stand again for parliament or at least she will not be selected for the list. I don’t know what future she has planned for herself, but whatever it is, I hope it will make her happier than she has been as a politician.


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At present under EU law, animals are considered to be sentient beings. It is acknowledged that they can feel pain, experience fear, discomfort…and joy.

During the transfer of EU law into the various legal systems in the UK countries, all being overseen by the “capable” hands of Westminster, the clause recognising this fact seems to have been left out.

It appears that there will be no obligation in our new Britain, once we have taken back control, to treat animals as sentient beings. Of course, many people will, but it may not be illegal NOT to.

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I’ve signed this petition to try to get the government to reconsider, but they have little in the way of feelings for other humans, so I’m not holding out much hope. It’s a pity Scotland couldn’t make its own laws on these matters.


a lion

Robert Mugabe has resigned, at long last. Let’s hope his successor is less inclined to let people shoot all the Zimbabwean wildlife while there still is some!


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Bruce Crawford criticised the tweet. He tweeted back: “This being done for political purposes is beneath you, John – only hope a staffer posted this.”

Lamont later deleted the offending tweet and said that he acknowledged that PoppyScotland was not a political organisation. However, it is interesting that Poppy Scotland’s Chief Exec, who also absolutely denies that he is political, is also a Director of Scotland in Union.

Odd that!

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Late to the party, Aberdeen South MP, Ross Thomson, posted “UK government will be supporting the Lady Haig Poppy Factory with £2.5m which not only makes poppies but provides employment to our veterans. A clear example of Scottish Conservative MPs delivering for Scotland at the heart of government.. and showing how positive and constructive engagement with the UK government gets better results than nationalist grievance.”