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Rule Britannia… Her Majesty’s finest.

Today was to be the day of the big empty gesture.

The MP from the 18th century, Jacob Rees Mogg, was going to protest at the UK government’s capitulation over fishing, by throwing a load of dead fish into the Thames.

That would have shown them. Well, it would have if it had been even half organised. (No, OK, it wouldn’t. Barnier would still have been laughing at the cheap comedy Jeeves and Wooster show.) 

But, of course, like everything else they do, it wasn’t organised at all.


Hi ho, hi ho, it off to walk we go…


They had failed to obtain permission from “Transport for London” to dock and pick up Mr Rees Mogg, and, without permission, Mogg was unable to board… so he had to walk to parliament for a committee meeting instead.

However, docking permission was finally sorted out, and Nigel Farage was allowed to board and make the empty gesture in his stead. (Never let it be said that Nigel turned down the opportunity for a bit of publicity.)

Nigel, on the other hand, is grand gesturing all over the place. It’s what he does best. I wonder if they are ‘kippers’ he’s throwing.

But what is surprising is that Nigel cares about fishing so much.

Well, it’s much more fun than meetings and stuff.

Except, of course, where there is some publicity to be had. When it’s just boring old meetings, pffff…who cares?

So, in conclusion, it occurs to me that we live in a union of countries where well over a million people every year use food banks, and where others go hungry and cold.

And some very rich playboys with vast fortunes (and shares in Russian Banks) think that it is appropriate to throw perfectly good dead fish into the Thames instead of giving them to a food bank or soup kitchen drop-in centre where they just might alleviate that gnawing feeling of hunger that some kids live with day in day out.






May even ignores Scottish Tories.


It seems to me that Colonel Davidson’s glory days were short lived. When the Tories became the opposition in Scotland and then won seats in the UK elections, Ruth was the all conquering hero; the golden girl. She could do no wrong.

Then came the deal with Foster. 

Who knows if buoyed by all her successes (and I know that not only didn’t she win anything, in fact, she trailed a dismal second to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in both Edinburgh and London, but it was, without doubt, considerable progress), perhaps she became a bit cheeky with May. It’s hard not to get above yourself when you’ve been relatively successful and your smart ass boss has just made a monumental idiot of hersel;f.


The difference between someone who got £1b and someone who was told to make the tea.


When May had to bribe Foster to the tune of between £1 billion and £1.5 billion to keep herself in power, after her disastrous attempt to show Europe just how strong, stable and red, white and blue she was, there is no doubt that Colonel Davidson was not best pleased.

Davidson made the clear to May, quite rightly, that she wouldn’t tolerate any of the DUP’s loonie right wing, orange, religious claptrap bigotry, and she did it very publicly. Although to be fair there has yet to be any stoning of gays, or beheading those who have had abortions since the DUP have been keeping the Tories in power (so Ruth may have been heeded) it seems that her star has been somewhat diminished.

And now  May’s stuttering, stumbling toady second in command has made it clear that he (read May) doesn’t give a fig what the rt honourable and gallant lady  thinks about desperately needed immigration to Scotland, the UK government is going to press ahead with what England wants.

In the meantime, Mundell made it clear that he wouldn’t allow Northern Ireland to get a shedload of dosh while Scotland got nothing, shortly after which he appeared to suffer from some sort of amnesia on the subject. Arlene got loads of money and an RAF flight home to Belfast, while Nicola Sturgeon was told to use the tradesman’s entrance when she called, and speak to the parlour maid.


Viking Gove


I suppose it would be fair to say that a number of the Tory MPs elected in Scotland were thus chosen because of the Tory hard line on the EU. North East Fishing communities have long considered that the EU quota system to have been responsible for a decline in their living standards. Leaving the EU and getting them their fishing rights back was Tory policy.

Note the tense of the verb.



Conservative Party Conference 2014
I know, there is absolutely no need for a second picture of Gove, but who knows, you’re maybe bothered with mice in the house, and printing out one of these pictures should rid you of them pretty much instantaneously. No, it’s fine… Don’t thank me.


Because, a couple of weeks ago, Wee Govey took himself off to Denmark to reassure the Danes that, of course, they would be able to fish in Scottish waters after the UK left Europe. (Having your cod and eating it?) There was some notion that we actually couldn’t cope with all these fish on our own. Too wee, too poor and too stupid again, I guess

So, yes, the Tories are certainly fighting hard… it’s just that it’s with each other, and not for Scotland.