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So the day got off badly for Labour with their deputy leader, Tom Watson, resigning. Despite the pleasant exchange of letters between Jeremy Corbyn and him, there was definitely an undertone. It was an odd time for Watson to choose to resign, right at the beginning of the campaign.

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Then things went downhill, fast. Ian Austin, an ex-Labour minister, urged people to vote Tory. Then his ex-colleague John Woodcock joined in, saying that Corbyn must never be allowed to get his hands on power. Good day’s work. (NB It is fair to say that Ian Austin left the Labour Party some months ago to become an Independent and, since leaving Labour, the Tory Party have appointed him as an Envoy to Israel.


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In Scotland, Labour sacked their candidate for Edinburgh South West, Frances Carmel, Hoole. Her sacking appears to be related to a Twitter comment (which I have not seen and which is no longer extant, but it involved spraying bleach, for heaven’s sake) about the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, QC.

Hoole apologised and put up this tweet:

I’ve removed the meme, I didn’t think when I posted it. I apologise to her. I’m lucky to have never had threats like her and didn’t consider it properly. I’ve removed threads so people don’t have to read the transphobic hate attached. 

It doesn’t sound overly apologetic to me, and she has been complaining about the backlash. Just how uncivilised has politics become?


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Meanwhile, elsewhere in Scotland, Johnson turned up at the back door and gave an absolute pledge that he would never allow a second referendum in Scotland. You remember he’s awfully good at giving absolute pledges. Do or die, come what may, no ifs and no buts, die in a ditch, blah, blah, blah

So let’s get prepared.

Incidentally, I’m not certain he met any ordinary members of the public. Tory leaders tend to come to Scotland and be welcomed in large unionist companies where the plebians are told to treat them with the utmost respect… or else.

Paul Brand, of ITV told us that he’d been “whiskey tasting”.

Oh well!

He’s gone off to Northern Ireland now, taking the odour of death in a ditch with him.

As Nicola said in parliament today… Haste ye back!





Gavin Williamson, the idiot’s idiot.


Absolutely loved this

Sarah Ludford 

Jeremy Hunt on #Peston excuses Johnson’s inflammatory language because ‘that’s Boris’. Why on earth should this charlatan get a free pass just because he’s a spoiled brat?




Mrs May’s red lines have left the only two possibilities open to the UK, the so-called Canada style agreement or no deal.

Other options, the Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein option; the Swiss option; the Ukraine option; the Turkey option are seen to involve too many intrusions into the Tory/DUP (and to be fair Labour) view of what an independent UK should look like.

Hang on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Let’s hope that the train stops at Independence Station before the whatsit hits the fan.


Ah, to live in a country that cares about its population.


Does anyone know why AUOB has been denied the use of Holyrood Park next Saturday? And who it was that issued the order?

A general view of Arthur’s Seat, at Holyrood Park.

It’s owned by Historic Environment Scotland and as far as I can see it is a public space.

Can they stop us going there?


Aye Ross. It’s like the evil SNP are doing it on purpose. You know, the will of the Scottish people thing? Oh sorry, of course, you don’t.



It has just crossed my mind that DUP with 10 MPs will be in Brexit negotiations but SNP with 35 won’t. Slow clap Scots.



As you may have noticed, I’ve never really been a fan of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The events of the last few months have hardly served to make any fonder of the place.

John Major always refused to rely on DUP as he realised the consequences for Ireland. Tories today put their career before peace in Ireland.



First the UK voted to leave the EU. A mistake, in my opinion, and handled incredibly badly by the UK government, given the narrowness of the overall result and the massive variations between the constituent countries.
Part of that was a chronic quality of leadership up for offer and the terrible choice that the Tories made in “Strong and Stable”.

Says much about the London commentariat that they are now shocked at what appalling knuckle-draggers the DUP are, not having noticed before.



If there were a time to hold an election, it would have been when the Tories chose a new leader, and with her, a new direction. Certainly before the notification to the EU that Article 50 had been invoked and the ticking of the clock had commenced.
However, Strong and Stable kept telling us that she had no intention of calling an election… until, that is, we were on borrowed time.

Tory/ DUP? No deal better than a bad deal.



Then, assuming that the polls were correct and that she could get herself a whopping majority, she decided to shake the illusive ‘magic money tree’ and fund an election. (Cabinet Office minister Mark Harper estimated that the 2010 election cost the public purse £113,255,271. This was broken down to £28,655,271 for distributing candidates’ mailings and £84.6million for carrying out the vote.)

Sinn Fein says the Tories are breaching the Good Friday Agreement for favouring one side over the other, they’re playing with fire.



In common with everything else the woman does, it was a misjudgement. And in addition to wasting over a hundred million of our money, she put us through weeks of misery listening to her pathetic wailing, cost our political parties (that don’t have a magic money tree of off-shorers to donate), hundreds of thousands. And in the end, she lost her majority, made a fool of herself and her united kingdom, and delayed the start of the Brexit talks by a further 6 weeks.

Strange that she’s apparently so exercised about DUPs execrable LGBTI stance but was happy to defend the Rape Clause



It’s quite difficult to credit that one woman could be quite so incompetent and could have caused quite so much inconvenience to so many people. But she was and she has.

And now she has decided to compound it by teaming up with some neanderthal party from Northern Ireland, who won’t work on Sunday, believe that the whole of life is descended from Noah and his Mrs, consider gay people to be worse than paedophiles (remember Mrs Robinson), and have police check women’s homes to ensure that they haven’t bought any abortion pills over the net.


Just seen someone describe the DUP manifesto as “basically just the bible, with fortnightly bin collections” Too real


Never mind that it will put the Good Friday Agreement at risk by showing favouritism to the Protestant side over the Catholics. Never mind that it makes the EU talks much more complex. Never mind that it may even be illegal.

And will she go? No, she will not.

She says she’s here (to be laughed at?) for 5 years.

Of course, her party says the opposite. And she’ll be gone by the end of the summer.

And we may have to shake the money tree again for another £113 million.

Oh, what it is to be British and have all that money to waste on her vanity.



OH look, ordinary people…



Taken from Owen Jones’ Twitter timeline.

I never tire of saying it, and so, one last time:

Please use your vote today. How you use it is up to you, although of course if you are in Scotland I’m sure you know what Munguin would advise you to do.

During the Blair and Brown years it was reasonable to say, nothing changes, voting doesn’t make any difference. They are all the same.  It was untrue but totally understandable.  Blair and Thatcher were only distinguishable by the lack of handbag in Blair’s wardrobe.



But today there is a choice. There’s a choice for the UK… it’s Corbyn or May. And they ARE different. And there is a choice for Scotland too.  The SNP has made a difference in Westminster. OK, they can be, and often are, outvoted by the English, en masse. But you can count on 56 votes for decency. Can you imagine if there were Scottish MPs (apart from Muddle, who barely counts because he says what is programmed into him by whoever his boss is at the time) who were voting for rape clauses, and taking money away from disabled people, voting against pensioners’ rights and, as Ruth so clearly put it in her tweet of today:

Massive thanks to all candidates, activists & helpers for such a happy, energetic & disciplined campaign. Let’s smash tomorrow.x

(bold type is mine)

So younger voters, it’s up to you.

If you are happy for your parents and grandparents to decide on how life is gonna be for the next 5 years of your life, and a great deal longer, given the momentous decisions that will be taken… and the ramifications of the great repeal bill… then don’t bother about this voting malarky today.


Leave it to your mum and dad, grandad and Auntie Gloria. They usually know best about most things, don’t they? Remember that sweater they bought you for Christmas?





I just saw this on Twitter. A Conservative supporter is sent a begging letter by Conservative Campaign Headquarters (remember, we used to get them under the name Peregrine).  Anyway, the line before the sign off reads: “We are finalising our election plans now, David…”

But, wait. It was only today that the Conservatives had their debate in parliament and only yesterday that the Cabinet agreed to put it to parliament, or so we are told.

So, how can they possibly be finalising their plans? Surely they couldn’t have planned a general election since yesterday’s announcement and be putting the final touches to it within 24 hours?

Oh, and on the subject of the Tory election campaign, it seems that those being questioned by the police over their involvement in the election fraud from two years ago will be allowed to stand as candidates this time.

I suppose the Tory press will have very little to say about that. Imagine if some other party had tried to pull that stunt?

I love it when the Mail talks dirty.

A riddle rolled up in a mystery inside an enigma: that’s Tess (as opposed to Tass!!!).