A dining room in the Commons.

If they can take school dinners from kids. They can do without too. Petition: Abolish the subsidy on food and drink in the Palace of Westminster restaurants.

If they try very very hard, they CAN eat ordinary peasant food, almost in the way we do.


It seems to me that if we are so hard up that the government can’t afford to pay for free school meals for kids from extremely poor families, we must surely also be too poor to subsidise MPs’ and Lords’ restaurants and bars. (Maybe if we didn’t sell them cheap booze they wouldn’t be completely incompetent?)

fat bastards
The House of Lords Menu for the Opening of Parliament.


This petition demands:

In 2016, the food subsidy in Parliament cost taxpayers around £3.7 million. This use of taxpayers’ money must stop and the funds diverted to public services where it is needed. MPs earn significant wages and citizens who themselves struggle to buy food should not be forced to help feed MPs as well.

Their Lordships’ dining room.


It’s ironic that people earning £8,000 a year in England, will now not qualify for free school lunches for their kids. Of course, they won’t be paying income tax on that income, but they do pay VAT and duty. And so they are actually subsidising cheap food for MPs and Lords.

It’s almost unbelievable.

Let’s do our best to make them take some of the hardship they inflict on the rest of us. Let’s stop their subsidies.



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Nope, mate. You hold all the cards.
Well, you and Arlene, of course.
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Proud of punching above our weight in a lot of things, but clearly not kids’ poverty. Ex-communist countries like the Czech Republic, Estonia and  Slovakia are doing better!
I see these Britain First people speak really good British.
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Not sure there are a lot of people who are fit to walk in the footsteps of Mr Mandela.  But Trump’s not fit to walk in the footsteps of Atilla the Hun!
Oooops. Forgot, huh?
What with that and apprenticeships pensioners won’t need a pension to live on…
…which is just as well, given that you couldn’t live on it…
…however, fortunately,  important people don’t have to.
Ring any bells as to which country they are talking about?
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And that’s serious stuff…
Unlike this tube with his kilt on backside fore. What a wally.